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Do my what is a high school capstone

Do my what is a high school capstone write for me leadership capstone questions rob ager film analysis essay ´╗┐Ariel so what you think I thought I was good ya can't hear you I thought it was good right I believe I really worked as like a bonding experience for all of us good yeah we really thought you were giving us some hanging out dealer yeah bonding it was fun freestyling a couple oh yeah it was fun literally taking my shoes off and desert ya know how many people were just videotaping us and I felt like we were just having fun I like doing it in multiple different places I was yep and then we get to eat haha Jason Spezza I'm not dancing she's eating such danger dance I am home uh yeah me too please uh were you guys nervous o.o games like oh my gosh what if I forget what if I do this but it was like you give that guy a great show dinner he knew Jeff test engine is the first songs on yeah yeah I got it yeah once you do it for song you're actually performing you feel so much better yeah you get it done like a million times and then the pressure is off of having to do like one perfect one yeah um how did you feel about the actual setup like what we chose in terms of the songs and everything do you think that work not work change something what work I like to know and then like they're like a breakdown part and be like if you got you a spot you could like freestyle to like everyone thought you're done but then he come back with the name oh my god no so you got the pieces were like the right size and everything you don't think we should do what would you change I wish we did so you think they should be longer just like the Jan how's everything as I do it like the one two three ones like 45 or I felt in general like I could tell that i like to move it was a live performance piece because it looked more like a live performance piece and the other ones not that they're not exciting but they felt a little bit more like this was for a video except for I cry I cry looked like that was bad a lot of energy and it was getting a lot of its anything that I didn't like is that we got kicked out how do you know how would you know it's a funk boat outing if we didn't get kicked out hashtag there's no ice skating tag hashtag opens in four days somebody falls whoa laughs yeah and then get kicked out opens in four days um so whoa you're busy it's moving there's any ins oh I would have had more free time so food between so you think that the song choices were right you think it should be a little bit longer why do you think what I feel yeah I think I should I think we should got out food somewhere like sauce the last one we're kind of dragging on yeah it was like yeah agreed and then we hit it with like these songs now you've not stay still rolling all right near the bezel yes we understand No you answer questions no tazi box okay what did you think about how did you feel when we got kicked out over there that like a rebel knows well fry's faced the minimum anybody got a car here all right keep going away anyway okay how did you feel when Scott hang on my garden give me much box box no I wonder how did you feel um I thought we did good but that was not cool I think not cool it's a loose they're just jealous of our awesome talent and it's like why can't we just like that guy was like a lot of fun with performances we don't come down oh is that better yeah we kicked out an ice skating look instead of almost everything haha until makes it a filled out it hey what's next question next question what other city would you think this would be that this would work in San Francisco oh yeah no we're gonna here to talk my hobo la ok this is around the reality no you cannot eat the fly Oh Santa Cruz I'm get boardwalk at a rate that be a great I did you would only be we should go send crews please do a little harsh gonna knock you out future 90s so watch what you should imagine there's easy Jeezy look creeper camera all right there's strangers okay naturally next question you name yeah you eaten bread bread I think we're all eating a french rack what other song do you think would be fun to do this way hold up not your turn it's always louder I don't know then you're wrong why were you thinking jumping dope that's what your problem is I feel real job it's like yeah we all know we should I don't know i don't like we didn't finish it yeah alright next question if you were crew but for it will you be my most running late i want a mixture of a strawberry and a raspberry and you come in a banana who's your name try nananana na yo Shanna Marie raspberry strawberry grunion run an imaginary yeah because your name dramatic through NATO like zucchini right so how do you guys think all are like our first performance did I pretty good actually than guy we didn't even though when we are kicked out we still pulled together and it in the offing guys are asking us like these are like are you guys really handsome over like yeah like yeah her parents really worked and helping us advertise we then go around and our current okay javi stopping us like up to your parents okay hey jazzy you want to tell them the joke that I told you after our first performance Bernardo me with how did you rate this experience one to ten do I have to say what I said exactly so box said that our performances three points sexy mmm what do you think our guys right in three points on taxi very much sexy okay three-point awesomesauce duty three-point cutie why do you think three points up soon I think we're out of 5 point sexy oh my god we got a five okay we're running a bench fries hey hey no savage fire back let's be solved all you need an ax to be loved hi you're on camera oh that's chance camera shy all right next I got them on camera to fail fail you oh there's an unnerving in there all right so Fox yeah hey ocean watch how did you think it went I think I also three-point sexy all right okay um what was your favorite dance my favorite dance I cry what's your favorite color um favorite animal Oh red and black what kind of case um um brown what's your favorite type of way wait what to buy for okay for aa 2 x 4 x 6 okay how was your mentorship going my mentorship um good we've already planned for london speed out the pug boathouse with what you should say um i love hip-hop okay miss na komm besides the first verse of vanilla ice ice ice baby I said the first verse um we all that stop cover light and listen I sit back with a brand new bitch and something good to hold me tightly flow into her from daily now you whoops oh it's eagle no is it the first bridge is Eagle first you didn't finish this question ok bunk no comment no comment wait I suppose be only the camera that's leadership selfie thank you and I guess myself its box then on super back to me hanging now I wash my hand off oh my god you got grease on the camera didn't awesome I didn't get to your greasy thumb' brent and outs dr. fur alright so next question you don't have a favorite color you look guys standing up tez l 0 2 squared 1 2 squared sorry what do they sell in the container store you don't don't you care what are you fellows in I'm not saying I don't think they sell anything in the casino store I don't make sure that really sell containers on the container store this was one time okay one time given up I've been two weeks ghost one time one time two weeks ago what happened tell me okay so what happened is I am a no no honey you okay so what happened to ease I'm a very gullible person with a box and so my own I was like you please famous doors and my mom like they sell container ah and so I go in there now Danner's everywhere containers everywhere very bad we're out of french fries how long is it doing we've been filming for 11 minutes and 2 3 4 5 seconds we should I still haven't got my drink really good yeah thank you all right okay we're gonna take a break do my android based capstone project ASA College.

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