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Do my what is a capstone project in graduate school order

Do my what is a capstone project in graduate school order do my arduino one wire analog pin type dissertation conclusion on high school students due soon ´╗┐welcome to civil net our guest today is Chris boeuf Jolyon a novelist from the United States a novelist who with both well-known and well read a novel that is just published in July 2012 called the Sandcastle girls we have a extra special early copy here in our hands and it was a pleasure to read the book for many many reasons Chris welcome to civil net thank you for talking with us such a pleasure to speak with you thanks for having me on thank you we should tell our listeners that Chris is in Vermont wearing the Ottoman and before he heads out on a cross-country a book tour book promotion tour he's very generously agreed to give us some time to talk to us about a book that's really very unusual I think that this is something new in the Armenian world that we have these beautifully done artistic representations of what has heretofore been a really difficult historic and political topic were you not worried about risking something like this I never met arch the Sandcastle girls is the most important book I'll ever write this isn't the first time that I tried to write about the Armenian Genocide I first tried to write about it between my novels water witches and midwives back in 1993-1994 and that book was an absolute train wreck I wish I could say it was merely apprentice work but it was use amateurish that book only exists in the archives of my colleges alma mater in 2010 however I revisited the story and I did for a couple of reasons first of all because of its profound importance there's a direct line between the Armenian Genocide and the Holocaust the Cambodian killing fields Bosnia Serbia Rwanda Darfur you get the point because it's a story that once upon a time 95 years ago people knitted between 1915 and 1919 the New York Times alone ran 145 stories about the Armenian Genocide it's amazing isn't it every time everybody comes across that you look at yourself and you have a great line in the book you say it a couple of times you say how do you kill a million and a half people and nobody knows and then you have a great answer for it kill them in the desert or nobody's watching and yes my narrator does refer to the the genocide as the slaughter you know next to nothing about it's a great cause now in 2012 in America it's so tragically and terrifically unknown I was really fascinated by the obviously you have to two narratives going the present in the past and in one of them the first person is a woman and you speak in the voice of a woman was this fun it was fun I love writing across gender and Laura Petrosyan is a female version of me I simply switched around a lot of my childhood moments to the opposite gender so just as I had a Turkish girlfriend when I was a teenager in Miami Florida Laura Petrosyan as a Turkish boyfriend when she's a teenager in Miami Florida that house the grandparents house and figures so prominently in the novel is my grandparents house the home of Leo at highway buck shelygin and I think I did that switching genders creating a female version of me because pure and simple women are a lot more interesting than guys well you know we'll debate that later oh it's also interesting that that you allow all of the very complicated human stories to come out and I have to tell you reading this book I thought of a leaf chef Fox book the bastard of Istanbul which in some ways obviously very different in waise is kind of the turkish parallel of this very complex human relationships that are both the consequence of that horrible event event of 1915 and also the mirror of it in some ways huh is am i am i reaching too far I'm gonna have to put that book on my summer reading list for what you're saying the parallels sound really really interesting to me and I'm going to have to read the book but I've not read it so I can't see if you're going out on a limb or not the the point that I was trying to make is that the complex human relationships that you draw out that you characterized in some ways seem to reflect all of the complex relationships that were lost right it wasn't just people died no you know that's absolutely true so for example my Armenian grandmother highway buck jellien her father was killed her mother survived my Armenian grandfather LaVon Nazareth book jellien he had his three brothers made it from Turkey to Egypt but then he seems to have lost all contact with them so by the time he arrived in the United States he had no relationship to speak of with those brothers and my aunt who is the only one of his children who's still alive knows virtually nothing about that side of the family I think that one of the contributions of this book and other artistic projects like this whether you intended it or not is that you provide a very living answer to the question you know it happened 100 years ago why are you guys still bothering with this because what you're saying is it didn't stop a hundred years ago no you're absolutely right and there is that incredibly horrific direct line William Faulkner is a great line about the past is never past the past is always the present that's a bad paraphrase but but you get the point it's such a fundamental part of our history and our Diaspora of the ten million Armenians on this great spinning gumball' earth only three million two day live in Armenia well you thought there must have been arming in what do you think you know I think yeah I think it would have been honored to have been an Armenian given his fascination with history and with family Oh Chris let me ask you one more question before we say thank you and goodbye do you think that your generation has something to do with the existence of this book in other words are you far enough removed that you can risk tackling these awfully personal topics that's a brilliant question and an absolutely brilliant sociological observation and I think the short answer is yes for example my father first-generation American son of Armenian immigrants he grew up first five years of his life in a suburb of New York City speaking only Armenian and Turkish so that when he started public school outside of New York City he couldn't speak enough English to even ask where the boys room was and so like many children of immigrants he reinvented himself he became American he became the archetypal American executive of the 1950s 1960s and 1970s in admin an ad guy the only time I ever heard my father speaking Armenian was when he was teasing his parents or bickering with his parents now a generation removed I think you're spot-on accurate we are able to explore these issues and examine these issues with hopefully some distance and some insight but here's how we're handicapped here's that we're handicapped I didn't start writing this book until 2010 when when our good friend Hutchins what audience who is the godfather this book urged me to try again but by that point my father's health had deteriorated so badly that I'm not sure I was able to ask him or learn the things that I might have learned had I asked him these questions thirty years ago thank you Chris I think at the end of the day in the run-up to the hundred years of a hundred years later from the genocide remembering the genocide 100 years ago that it's the artistic works such as yours that are going to absolutely be the topics of discussion a hundred years later because really history is history and it's all there and politics well politics is politics and people will play it the way they do but what you're doing is presenting truth in such an accessible way thank you I'm so flattered thank you for having me on thank you now the rest is up to us to make sure that the book gets out as broadly as possible Chris boeuf Jolley on the Sandcastle girls thank you Chris thank you for watching civil men bsn capstone project order New York State School of Industrial and Labor Relations (ILR).

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