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Do my what is a capstone project ideas

Do my what is a capstone project ideas write for me best research topics about technology literature review on class size and academic performance ´╗┐all right today's little mission is to break out my RTA and work on the fine-tuning of the system not just for SPL purposes but you know to clean it up a little bit you know obviously it's loud but we want everything to sound good too so what I've got here is a term lab you might recognize this but also I've got RTA which is really nice got this little adapter it's called an icicle let's me plug my XLR mic into USB all right so I'm gonna do so I'm going to go on the truck I'm gonna play some pink noise hit start and obviously you know you can hear me talking hello all right so what I'm gonna do with this put this mic in the car at the headrest and I'm just going to check for any peaks and valleys and the response and do a little bit of cleanup from their term lab are ta put up a little link right here so you can see where I got it from a man Wayne Harris alright so check this out I don't have a mic stand because I'm kind of generic like that okay I got the mic at the headrest got a pair of Rockford 360 point twos there's two of them they run everything and I will be connecting to those bluetooth from the computer okay what we're gonna do is to go over here to this laptop go over here to this Rockford logo double-click that and since I know the first Rockford which runs my eight my fours and right woofers is on comm for hit start there you go now I'm ready to take control of it notice up one of the 360 point2 has a blue light that means that I am connected to it alright so now this whole EQ is communicating with that processor so everything I do everything I see on this screen right here I'll be able to adjust the Tahoe on this screen right here and he collides it out a little bit so let's get started well look someone someone just draw a box laughing look you can see the ripple after somebody just drove by my building bumping that's pretty cool alright so I'm going to go ahead and go right over here does the DB drag CD it's got some pink noise on it all the way to the bottom [Music] [Music] since I set this up and I really haven't adjusted since the first day other than just a couple little things on the deck but now that I'm getting in here I could see what I actually did when I first started all right now the first one you can see I named it tweet and force because 360 point to number one operates my tweeters and my 4-inch mids front would represent the tweeters and rear is the force as you can see the fours pick up at 150 Hertz drop back off at 2750 and they're a band past I go over here to the tweets tweets are 3000 Hertz enough okay so now if I want to go check out my eight and my six and a half and my woofers alright so now what I've got here is 360 number two okay I just named that 360 for what it really does hit update and that's what it's called from now on all right so now I'm trying to figure out what's going on in here I know that the front is my six and a half's they're bad pass from 70 to 2000 so let me go ahead and do this this way I know and then I'll go over here I know that the 8-inch midbass is on the rear so they're picking up at 50 and dropping back off at 400 and of course we've got the woofers which we can go right down here I don't know how that got on 200 we're gonna go ahead and adjust that out that's going to be 80 Hertz there we go all right so the woofers are 80 and down cool now I'm gonna go ahead and throw the pink noise in the truck and I can start adjusting all the levels until it sounds a little bit better now remember the goal isn't to make it extremely flat because it's then its gonna start something like a ham radio the goal is just to clean it up a little bit if you have too big of a dip too big of a peak you know you wanted to smooth that out just a little bit then there's also all kinds of stuff that I'm not even really that great at to achieve like ultra sound quality but these are just the little things that you can do to help out some now I can easily see by playing pink noise where my system is suffering so I think there's a couple extra modes in here that'll help me see it even better that got these different displays I can make that do that and they could do that be the same thing over here all right so looking at this I can see I got some dips that need to be brought up and I got a couple of hardcore Peaks that need to be brought down no problem so I could pretty easily see that I got a huge peak around 300 Hertz to around 400 got a couple little ones right around 6,000 Hertz and a really hard day here I'll go ahead and mute the six-and-a-half now only the eights are playing right now so I just shut off the six and a half from out here and Ike if I unclick Global Link I can meet them individually that means that I can tune my left eight my right eight my left for my right for my left six and it has my right six-and-a-half and so on I could tune them all separately so as I pull up what each one does I can adjust it down a little bit or adjust it up whatever it needs so right now I got the tweeters in the forest front the tweeters in the Ford ya tweeters and the fours we're playing able to go in there and shut those off so I can get started so anybody that's the basic idea of what this does alright so the first thing I want to do is flatten this thing back out again a little flat neat cue button right here click that all right now my unchecked level linked because I want to do each one of these individually all right clicking this you can see nothing's on the screen all right now that right there is my left tweeter the left door tweeters so now I can individually all right and where I'm sitting it looks like 4k and 2.5 k it's higher than everybody else and 8k and twelve and a half K is the lowest so we'll go ahead and adjust that right here look over here to the 4k we're to lower that down son and then when we do that look at that 4k comes down now it's a little bit more even with the other ones okay so now we're going to be the same at 2.5 k lower it down just a little bit all right which we've done now we're gonna raise 8k it just a little bit a cane starts coming up he's a little closer to his buddies let's go 12.5 K looks like we got to raise a couple these up 12 will do 16 and 20 six unit just like that there we go I got a hint of 16 and a hint of 20 where I didn't have them before at all so I don't want to raise these through the roof I just want to make small adjustments all right as you can see I'm on the fours and I've got a whole bunch of stuff going on at 3:15 see how the yellow line is all the way up there so I'm gonna go to this EQ I'm gonna I'm going to move this down move that down a little bit now 315 doesn't go up this far so that's basically the idea of what I got going on I'll go through each and every individual one of those and just adjust them a little bit so it starts to even out so you sort of get the point you take this here you can see what's too high and what's too low you're just it out a little bit on the EQ and since I'm communicating via bluetooth to this truck right now inside of the 360 point to is like I was showing you earlier I mean I'm just basically sitting out here adjusting my truck from out in the open it's one of the greatest things I've ever witnessed you know I can't even describe how dope this is so it's going to take me all day but I see they're going to show you every little thing it's going to take all day so I'm gonna go ahead I'm gonna tune this up and after I'm done I'll jump in and see how it sounds so in the meantime check out the Rockford Fosgate 360 point two and see for yourself what it does you know if you're not too scared capstone logistics bedford ohio Union Theological Seminary, Morningside Heights (Columbia University area).

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