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Do my what is a capstone or cornerstone

Do my what is a capstone or cornerstone write for me capstone review pharmacology sicilian clan review of literature ´╗┐when the United States arrived at the second decade of the 19th century tensions had begun to rise between the northern and southern parts of the country due to disagreements regarding the institution of slavery the country was divided up equally into slave states and free states with western frontier territories and dispute over the issue the Missouri Compromise March 3rd 1820 at this time the US was comprised of only 22 total states these states were equally divided between free and slave states after the Louisiana Purchase Missouri wanted to become part of the Union as a slave state making the previously equal distribution unbalanced the idea of Missouri becoming a slave state created a tension between both the Congress and the nation as a whole there was a major debate on whether the Congress should hold the power of deciding the future slave states or popular serenity should be in place as the compromise Missouri was kept as a slave state and northern Maine was considered a free state helping to ensure equal tation when discussing this topic in addition of and was placed north of latitude 36:30 on slave slavery preventing it from spreading the Missouri Compromise did not positively impact the ongoing issue of slavery but instead maintained its status the Nullification Crisis November 24th 1832 the farmers of South Carolina were angered by the high federal tariff on imported goods this tariff made trade between the southern cotton farms in their largest client Europe very difficult therefore reducing trade and income for them vice-president John Calhoun brought up the idea of nullifying the tax completely believing the President Jackson will support this argument due to him being from the south and owning a farm of his own morality Jackson thought of Calhoun his arrival and really from about any political sympathy the president threatened tell him to for saying that he will raise an army go to South Carolina to have him hanged due to Calhoun being scared for his life South Carolina back down and Congress modified the term creating a greater divide between the north and southern states the Wilmot Proviso August 4th 1846 on August 4th 1846 David Wilmot a representative of Pennsylvania introduced a declaration that slavery should be outlawed and lands won by the mexican-american war David Wilmot was not against slavery as an institution but he did disagree with President Polk in the cabinet though he believed were southern dominated and gave the South priority over the north he believed that it would strengthen south power if the next territory became a slave state making the north even less influential his proposal passed through the House of Representatives as the north held more power in that house of Congress to do their higher population but did not pass through Senate as it was equally divided between slave states and free states it did however deepen the divide between north and south compromise of 1850 as the idea of manifest destiny began to move the US population westward it created disruption within the political environment in relation to the ongoing issue of slavery the Constitution lacked guidance on this topic causing the Congress to quickly develop methods in an attempt to find the country back together as sectionalism led to national degradation the Missouri Compromise had created peace between the North and South temporarily this was often till the state of California came into the picture California was an extremely large territory being viewed as unfair for the south as a reward the Fugitive Slave Law was developed allowing slave hunters to enter the north and capture what they claimed to be their escaped property this act was extremely controversial leading to the development of popular sovereignty which meant that the citizens of each state were given the opportunity to vote whether they became a free or slave state major territory that was claimed as a result of the compromise was Texas Texas was offered ten million dollars in exchange for the land fronting west of the 3630 by the publication of Uncle Tom's Cabin in 1852 Uncle Tom's Cabin was published and was written by Harriet Beecher Stowe there was a total number of 300,000 copies sold within three months this book would change the world it was highly controversial as it discussed immoral issues revolving around the institution of slavery Stowe encountered fugitive slaves and the Underground Railroad she wrote Uncle Tom's Cabin in reaction to recently tightened Fugitive Slave laws book had a major influence on the way the public viewed slavery the book itself was inspired by the memoir of a real person Josiah Henson the kansas-nebraska act in Bleeding Kansas the kansas-nebraska act was a law passed in 1854 it undid several previous agreements such as the legislation that limited the expansion of slavery the Missouri Compromise of 1820 and the compromise of 1850 due to this at Kansas became open to the rule of Popular's for any page stephen douglas bill with this act political argument spurred between the two political parties Kansas was known as Bleeding Kansas due to the fighting going on President James Bond Shannon wanted the citizens to adopt a constitution and apply for statehood many citizens boycotted the Constitution convention voters then had to choose between allowing slavery and not allowing slavery the kansas-nebraska act sparked the creation of the Republican Party the Dred Scott Supreme Court case the Dred Scott supreme court case was an issue escalated from the Dred Scott vs. Sanford Court case involving the rights of a slave to American citizenship this case was started as a claim by a slave named Dred Scott who made the argument that he was entitled to becoming free due to time he spent living in a free state with his slave owner the court answered this in March of 1857 by deciding that no blacks could claim citizenship therefore he could not pension for his own freedom the decision of this court case caused outrage and controversy among the northerners adding to the ever-increasing tension between the northern and southern state the lincoln-douglas debates the lincoln-douglas debates were a series of seven debates each three hours long where the Democratic Party led by Stephen Douglas was against the Republican Party led by Abraham Lincoln this occurred in 1858 during the Illinois senatorial campaign it concerned the issue of slavery expansion into the territories throughout the debate Douglass repeatedly tried to that brand Lincoln as a dangerous radical where Layton focused on the moral injustice of slavery and attacked popular sovereignty for the bloody results that had produced in Kansas John Brown's raid on October 16 1859 John Brown and 18 other men entered the town of Harpers Ferry Virginia the blameless caused a slave uprising by arming and freeing slaves and calling them to their help and moving down the Appalachians from there causing a massive slave revolt the entered the town with no rations and no escape route and took the federal complex which included an armory and Arsenal mostly its ham to help their rebellion at all he became sort of surrounded by southern troops and was defeated the plan failed but it caused the north-south split of the us to deepen further the election of 1860 the United States presidential election of 1860 was held on November 6 1860 in which Republican Abraham Lincoln defeated southern Democrat Chauncey Beng courage Democrat Stephen a Douglas and constitutional Union candidate John bel the electoral split between northern and southern states with a symbolic of the severe sectional divide of the United States particularly over slavery following the election of seven southern states led by South Carolina seceded setting the stage for the American Civil War enterprise risk management software wiki for money School of Humanities and Sciences.

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