Do My What Does Cherlin Mean When He Describes Marriage As A Capstone Experience
Do My What Does Cherlin Mean When He Describes Marriage As A Capstone Experience 1st Avenue zip 10010
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Do my what does cherlin mean when he describes marriage as a capstone experience

Do my what does cherlin mean when he describes marriage as a capstone experience write for me caprock canyon state park camping 1000 words essay on environmental pollution good morning Marcus Conte investigative journalists reporting here on YouTube hot as hell still in New York it seems like it's getting a little cooler it's like like 77 degrees right now it's July 3rd day before Independence Day just want to do a shout out you guys deserve this I mean this is uh yeah it's my site it's got my name on it but just the people that participate in the comments I just want to let you know that you are I read I read all the comments every day and I don't always have time to just scan the real news or whatever that means but I I lean on your guys opinions for my opinion you know I read the comments I comment so I want to thank you sterling price Judy cup Pat hacker Matt Dario Matt daddario thank you James Gomes Kurt Elliot Susie Elgon Susie algún I'm sorry mr. nerim Susie Elgon vote green and new guy thank you very much political political coming in with some heavy heavy research I love it love it you're doing the hundred days so I want to talk about um I want to talk about the latest distraction I have only I've I have only spoofed on ice that the left is I got a bottle of shine she got get rid of I but I've only said that but the fact is ice was a timely distraction I wrote some notes the timely distraction to take people away from the 700 billion dollar military spending that the Senate and Congress just passed right while Senate and Congress was passing a 700 billion dollar you know how did the Senators turn around a congressman turn around say abolish ice when they're funding these these federal logging these federal police organizations but anyway and then the mass election fraud that's going on in this country is being covered up by this latest ice issue right it's it's it's just a timely distraction because Trump is is is pro-pro border and the the lunatic left has been convinced that borders are the are Satan or are trying to you know keep people from immigrating they want to destroy families it's fucking not that at all so I just want to talk about ice for a second and I'll let it die right so ice Immigration and Customs Enforcement what is that's what ice is right and it's a federal program DC it's are you gonna research us I'm reading from the good book of Wikipedia 20,000 employees in 400 offices it's not that big 20,000 across the country it's not it's not that big of a force and what are they what are they doing responsibilities identifying and eliminating border economic transportation infrastructure security vulnerabilities I don't know it sounds like something we need right see now I'm I'm a fan of demilitarizing all police forces not just fucking ice right so so that's their responsibility right now we live in a we live in a police state NYPD has 45 right 45,000 officers alone they employ 75,000 people in the city of New York that's just one city in New York what about Chicago what about LA what about you know cities in Texas what about the the big metropolis is all over the country how many militarized police forces do we have in this country harassing arresting ticketing illegal ticket quotas illegal arrest quotas militarized police driving around and fucking bulletproof cars or you know tackling people and filling up the prisons with petty crime right and you're talking about fucking ice you're talking about a federal who's technically outside of the border enforcement agency that prevents born early and that's what you want to focus on what about all they separate the kids from the families are separating the kids Oh fucking kids what about what about going to going to the fucking go to Rikers Island and see how many how many fathers the NYPD separated from their children for fucking petty larceny or or or jumping over the turnstile or smoking on the subway it's bullshit get your fucking head out of your ass you left so anyway ice is a giant distraction that's all I wanted to say about it it said you have to take care of your own you have to take care of America what about you know ten hundreds of thousands of militarized police in the United States need to be abolished need to be incredibly downsized if not abolish you don't abolish abolish the police we need police but you need reform in terms of law enforcement reform where I mean like you know you take the Eric garner situation here in New York where there's a 400-pound guy and the two too tough cops tackled him overly aggressive that was uncalled for unnecessary you have to restructure the way you have to re-educate the way police execute that execute their arrest they could have thrown a net over that guy they could have they could have been a million ways to to apprehend him rather than jump on his hedge choke him until he falls down and then handcuff him right for example right but let's talk I like when when people talk about that right I know sure that is most people want to make it a racial issue but I don't see that I didn't see the Eric Gardner situation as a racial issue at all I saw it as a as an issue of bad policing but as far as ice doing some sort of law enforcement function where they separate and detain I don't have any opinion of that all I know is that it is a giant distraction if you really really care about this country stop talking about some some very very microscopic issue at the border designed to keep you know immigration intact right because we don't really have a we don't have a set policy whatever building the wall is not a solution but certainly the solution is economic of course if you want to stop illegal immigration it's that's fairly easy all you have to do is enforce the employment laws for example in New York City when you go into a restaurant most of the kitchen staff they speak Spanish it's a Mexican Dominican I also put on the record that Alejandro Acacio Cortes is not a migrant right her mother wasn't some poor migrant from Puerto Rico Puerto Rico is a Commonwealth they don't need a green car they don't need state this citizens but throughout New York you have these um you you have illegals working in the kitchens because nobody else wants to do the job nobody wants to scrub the pots right so if you want to solve immigration that's how you solve it it's always an economic problem but you can't believe the you know the companies that hire Mexicans they see them here even in construction you see you know people illegals gathering on the corner and a truck comes by ain't paying $40 a day to do slave labor right that's the way you eliminate you don't know what you're talking about that's the best of them that the goofy stupid part of the whole ice hype is that most of the people hyping it are lunatics on the left that hate Trump no matter what Trump does it's Trump's fault that this fucking dodge so that's that's all I wanted to say about that it's it's um eliminate all militarized police in the United States let's go back to let's go back to nice nice let's go back to you know the 1970s 1980s where police were human beings they were they were they they did now number citizens they didn't drive around beating people up and writing fake tickets and all that shit my name is Markus Conte investigative journalist reporter here on YouTube and candidate for the United States Senate some day please capstone course was one of the most gruesome Mandl College of Allied Health.

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