Do My Str 581 Week 6 Capstone Final Exam Part 3
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Do my str 581 week 6 capstone final exam part 3

Do my str 581 week 6 capstone final exam part 3 do my capstone ideas for management legitimate essay writing websites ´╗┐you slide what would you the Clinton campaign is responding after the father of the Orlando nightclub shooter was spotted at an event this week Sadiq mateen was seen by our affiliate WPTV sitting almost directly behind Secretary Clinton during a rally in florida on monday the Clinton campaign later released a statement saying the rally was a three thousand person open door event for the public this individual was not invited as a guest and the campaign was unaware of his attendance until after the event but the Trump campaign zeroed in on mateen yesterday she did not disavow and if that were me this would be a headline all over the world about Trump but she did not as i understand it disavow this man and he's got some pretty harsh views so I think it's look it's a whole double standard but we're punching through it and I think the people understand so late last night after that interview a spokesperson for the Clinton campaign released another statement about mr. mateen saying quote Hillary Clinton disagrees with his views and disavows his support okay joining us now for more democratic presidential candidate martin O'Malley joined the table good to have you on board this morning good to beep what doesn't kill you makes you stronger okay okay yeah there we go this is a hard time right now it's your residential politics and on both sides there's deep flaws is it fair to say well I think there's I think what's fair to say is that there's deep anger and there's a lot of alienation in our country both in the democratic party Republican Party independent but I think what we've seen lately with Donald Trump's across Italy veiled threat yeah i was listening to part of the program earlier and it it really actually I've never dreamed that during my time and running for president right I would feel compelled to have to call out the fascist appeals on another human being running for president in the United States heartbreaking but this notion that we're all victims in America the scapegoating of minority groups this calling people to it to violence right in the course of and that that actually that is the one thing that has been missing from this formulation of what is fascism where he has talked about punching people in the face and it's been so they can carry the person sort of in the rallies taking away exactly that's one thing but but fascism calls for the violent overthrow of the existing order and that I believe is a line that Donald Trump cross yesterday clearly when he said basically if she gets elected president united states and starts a point well the Second Amendment people can take care of her right Joe could you have imagined a year ago at this time that people like Michael Chertoff from our homeland security director under President Bush Tom Ridge his predecessor under President Bush would be endorsing Hillary coolin general Hayden coming out saying there's no way he could ever vote for those we're here I really truly believe it's because important people in leadership positions in publishing and in politics did not think he could win and they underestimated the tower and the potential of his candidacy and the power of people who feel victimized screwed over and left behind yes dude it's let me ask you this you ran how would you have tailored your message differently knowing now what you didn't know then about just a level of disaffection from Republicans and Democrats yeah I think that it should be humbling experience for all of us as Americans just the deep deep level of this sense that i am not recognized in my struggles i'm not seen by my own country my country is not working in retrospect I think probably I should have spent a lot more time connecting to the anger acknowledging the anger I thought Joe that we'd get through a period of in our discernment and decision-making when we would leave sort of the anger and fear stage behind and move ahead to prescriptions and prose and crimes and better choices during my time on the stage I don't feel like we've really gotten there although we might be getting there now look I have a theory before in the wake of Michael Phelps from Baltimore and Katie ledecky from Maryland when gold and the women's gymnastics team now unbelievable I think that the reason why Donald Trump is tanking has a lot to do with the hope the optimism the discipline that the diversity that we see in the young men and women from the United States of America competing on an international stage winning embracing one another yeah and they're not talking about scapegoating one another there about to there a better I don't got to ask you about the New York Times this morning the Justice Department will issue according to The Times a scathing new review of the Baltimore police force that comes later today accusing that department of racial bias part of the problem according to the report is attributed to the zero tolerance approach Baltimore Police instituted in the late 1990s that was back when you were mayor how did it get to this point and did you see this problem back in the 90s with zero tolerance yeah look I've read large portions of that report and they the report looked at the time period from 2010 forward I wish that they would look at the period before that because you cannot improve the effectiveness of policing in the United States of America without also taking actions to improve the policing of our police the discipline of our police the training and the recruitment those were all things that we did during my time as you might imagine in 1999 Baltimore was majority african-american city and I was also white then as I am now there was not a day that went by when we did not talk about how we would save lives and our poorest neighborhoods which by the way people were being victimized and dying in record numbers right at the same time that we improve the diversity of our force better supervision raising the pay for palapa why is it though zero-tolerance your zero tolerance policy caused such controversy even in the middle of your presidential campaign when you went back you would have protesters complaining about that because was it worth it because of Freddie Gray's tragic death and and the unprecedented numbers of police-involved shootings and killings that we're now seeing the technology in our country what's the prescription for for this process which either the prosecutor made a horrific mistake in charging all these police officers that could not be convicted or the system is broken on the other end what's the answer there look the answer is actually larger than that Joe we have to find a way to actually improve the effectiveness of policing and also improve the discipline of our police the training of our police I mean there are certain things that every department should do five percent of your force should be dedicated to internal affairs you should have a civilian review board they should have their own detectives you should do reverse integrity stings these were all things that cities that were successful in reducing crime and building up trust did in my own time is mayor we drove down police involved shootings in fact fatal police involved shootings to three of their four Louis years in modern times every year we work to reduce this courtesy and excessive force it's not an either/or you have to do bailiwick we have more time come back governor loved it thank you so much for being on the show thank you so much I'm up one morning and when we come back Sam steins no special combo we'll be right back hey there I'm Chris Hayes from MSNBC thanks for watching MSNBC on youtube if you want to keep up to date with the videos we're putting out you can click Subscribe just below me or click over on this list to see lots of other great videos write for me capstone vancouver bc College of Dental Medicine.

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