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Do my social work capstone course syllabus

Do my social work capstone course syllabus write for me change page tab color onenote 2018 english paper essays ´╗┐all right back with the finale break of the night oh if you watch one of the very first video we roll the die to see which case went where this is museum baseball this is group break numba to this video I'm hoping will be up by three in the morning right now it's like eight o'clock but the videos are going to take a while to upload as I was telling the people on Vaughn here my video converter is broken that can shrink the size of these videos down to a smaller size so they upload quicker upload pacity which is taking a long time all right just like in a keep the video at a relatively decent length we're going to do that section back there after this section will cut them into 2 2013 museum baseball these here first one had some cool card to add some Ryan Braun oversized card and everything else but there was the patches are not like they were amusing on one last year last year seemed like there was two or three per case that were just really insane with the toughest plus we were pretty jumbled guys definitely in here that think they just made them a little harder to cool hopefully they're in some of these you grab these pull them up running out of room all right actually move these around I think there should be one museum piece I want his head ecard per case at least one all right there's the first half here we go this one's like extra thick I think we have a book card in this one I think there is a book in this one are they put us an extra base card we're about to find out yep it's a book card it wasn't one in the first case but I don't know how hard they are to get in this well there is one in there so here we go we have Ryu in number 2 99 Ryan Sandberg Tulowitzki Gonzalez all right let's just look together yeah get situated oh it's just bats I also going to be something crazy there's the last card Carlos Gonzalez is number three of only five Eddie Murray three of five right there jumbo bet and Wade Boggs I'll be red sox and Orioles randomized that okay I was sucking that will be some kind of logo shoe or something logo man round two we have Starlin Castro Gonzalez Murray canvas of RA dickey and you know let me bring this up there we go think that's better yeah see how quick it focus in on these cards last ones it doesn't like do that and Wally Joyner no number on that canvas either Wally Joyner autograph number 2 3 99 Eddie Murray 424 well as weird Eddie Murray and Boggs back to back and they're on the book bench Braun and Nolan Ryan 14 I'm sorry 04 up 25 patch triple jersey it's the Rangers get that Ryan all know if they have various players in their in their different teams that was the Ranger I checked that Tom Seaver alerting it was we met Adrian Beltre 424 Jeter holiday Willie Mays canvas card no numbering and I can see and Cecil filter number 2 199 autograph Matt Kemp 199 marine King Felix Koufax pull holes David Ortiz number 3 of 25 patch Jersey autograph three of only 25 patch on the left with a little stitching the rights just Jersey all right Ryu in green Jackie Gary Jurickson and dual jersey autographed number 2 2 99 Alex Cobb Alex Cobb number 24 24 Bob Fowler or 24 there we go Shh Joe Morgan I okie Adams jumbo Jersey David Price number 250 David Price Jimbo Jersey keep that tape down to a minimum all right moving on we have adam jones 1 99 green Reyes Clark vato catch triple jersey number 2 99 Ryan Zimmerman triple Zusi match Starlin Castro 199 Manny Billy bill catch double jersey number 2 99 Starling Marte dude really touch autograph moving on Aroldis Chapman blue 299 I put it here David wrong Robin Yount Johnny Cueto just a jumbo jerk Jersey JP Arencibia number 250 all right Giancarlo Stanton 424 parallel Justin Upton Pablo Sandoval Johnny Bench no numbering that I can see Johnny Bench canvas and there we go and an autograph of Wade Miley 399 will Middlebrooks 424 Chase Headley Clayton Kershaw Justin that's just bats Mike Stanton bats number 2 99 quad piece oh here we go Andrew McCutchen 424 let me go one David patch triple jersey up drew stubbs number 2 75 there we go come on big patches ted williams number 24 24 Verlander Mike Trout Felix Hernandez not numbered canvas and bill buckner and that one's out 399 old Bill Buckner had a rough life I think they finally forgave him a year or two ago for 24 Robin yell you me know just live Bob Clemente duel autograph Dylan Bundy and Manny Manny Machado Dylan Bundy man even try to duel first duel autograph first book and first do autograph oh here's a awaited 10 it's another book that's weird this case has two books in it this is a sideways book ok number 2 199 Brooks Robinson there we go Cole Matt we'll look together hopefully something crazy it doesn't look crazy danq starlet Marty's killing it he's got a lot of hits Cal Ripken was the other base 6 of 10 let that focus there we go starling marte and quad jerseys there we go I thought that was going to be a one of those jumbo patches on the right and I autograph on the left I saw it on the socially but dis jerseys get them next time all right we have Pablo Sandoval I think I came in to quit there we go Pablo Sandoval for 24 Cespedes Sheffield Ernie and Maury that was not numbered on the Ernie Maury wills 399 auditor run out of room over here for all this monster all right we have Tony Gwen for 24 of 424 I'll put up here oh that goes here Jose Carlos Willy and King Felix number 250 jumbo jersey number 24 24 00 4 of 4 24 stand let that focus well seeing how well it did with these cards you know it doesn't want to grip Stan oh well you can see it Stan Stan Musial Adrian geo RA all right we have an old Dodgers quad here Steve Garvey let it grab it so irritating all right there we go Steve Garvey Andre Ethier Matt Kemp Sandy Koufax jersey on him jerseys early bat on Steve Garvey not ones number 59 of 99 got 99 problems and jay-z's one Bob Gibson 199 come on now it doesn't want to focus I'm gonna have to find the switch to take the autofocus off there it goes 199 Bob Gibson Andrew Dustin Clayton Kershaw think we pulled that one in the first case Clayton Kershaw dual relic autograph base card base autograph Green goes there all right we have joe mauer for 24 in smoltz Smith won the hex on this thing number 2 75 I'm not sure exactly what that is on Jared Weaver's catch card that's something they put a tag inside I don't know nursing mothers I don't know Mike Trout Mark Trumbo Jered Weaver CJ Wilson there we go we have joe mauer 299 blue Middlebrooks Schmidt Stanton and David Justice my brother one of 20 be funny if we were related to her down the line David Justice one of 20 and number 2 99 two packs left on the first half and I'm gonna get this video going like I say the videos i'll probably be uploading to about three in the morning yu Darvish 199 especially when you have to make the camera focus every time you dervish 199 green Hank Aaron Reggie Willie patch jersey autographed number 2 2 99 Billy Butler and the last one of this half the sort of fellow museum piece I think there's one for taste she'll be the other half although they look to folks on the sides who knows Robin Yount 299 come on there we go Robin Yount 299 blue Jared beaver Chris Sale Lou Gehrig and shaun marcum jumbo jersey number 235 there we go shaun marcum just a jungle jersey alright guys that's it for this will be right back and we'll do round number to see you take my capstone library username and password order Sage Colleges.

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