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Do my sample dnp capstone papers online

Do my sample dnp capstone papers online capstone eye clinic wasilla alaska how to buy case study on cloning please ´╗┐morning everyone module should click on the Seattle on touhy I back to mom at harlot hello I'm very happy to be with all of you lish and I also want to say how delighted I am to be following on Kate's presentation because I think much of what I'm going to be saying is what Kate said but part 2 and with a slightly different angle I have a slide that's my slide and this a lot of what I'm going to say today is inspired by the French historian mark blush who had a vision for a more humane and accessible history at a time when the focus was on political history and so I've just excerpt exited from one of his writings which I've used those real inspiration for the talk today and for a lot of the work that I do as a historian I want to make two points and then cram in as many suggestions as I can before my seven minutes are up and I'm not wearing a watch so I warn you again and my first point has to do with the change in canadian population so in 2012 the national household survey for all its flaws did reveal that 20 point six percent of the people in the country were foreign-born this is 6.8 million people in canada who are not born in Canada and who may not be here permanently who might be here as temporary citizens or temporary residents I mentioned this number because it's significant a lot of these people are coming from Asia and Africa and that means that they're not represented in the archival holdings of Canadian institutions currently there are a number of collections that pertain to Japanese Canadians Chinese Canadians but the history of these communities go so much beyond internment and redress and head tax and redress and so thinking about the changing canadian population means that we have to think very differently i think about the role of archives and how our kive czar used my second point and this has come up a number of times today is that democracies around the world are under stress precisely because information and the way it's being used is is changing their relationship between citizens and their work as governments and so Edward Snowden was mentioned previously WikiLeaks all of these have put all these events I think i put governments on guard in terms of how accessible information is and what purposes it's being used for citizens by contrast are producing more information about themselves than ever before and they might not necessarily be aware of the value of that information you have a lot of privacy advocates worried about things like identity fraud and just the amount of information that's being produced about people by themselves and being distributed without necessarily and awareness about what the implications are of that information and so I mentioned these two points because I think they actually dovetail and speak to the heart of what it means to live in a democracy that is just and inclusive and actually just a functioning democracy I think that archivists more than perhaps any other professional community have a sense of the value of information the rule that it can play both in terms of a functioning government but inter but as well as validating the experiences of citizens making sure that people who don't necessarily feel like they belong at the present do so in the future and so echoing the idea of being an archive so than now I think archivists and our and archives generally need to pay really close attention to the kinds of people who are moving in and out of the country on a daily and yearly basis so let me say I'm imagine comes out of this this intersection between changing global population and a changing value around information one thing is that archives can't do it all themselves and historians have certainly started to bike paths archives in many ways when they haven't seen collections that speak to their research interests they've gone and created oral histories with communities that aren't necessarily represented this is something that I think archivists and historians can work on together to provide communities with tools and knowledge about how to preserve their information make it accessible not necessarily for archives not the archives aren't I don't think she'd be responsible for collecting everything under the Sun but I do think that they have a tremendously important rule in terms of educating communities for their own purposes for their own sense of being valued citizens about the value of the records that they're producing whether they be digital or non digital and so what I would love to see is a series of public outreach programs at the local national provincial levels that are interested in users knowing more about information on that very principle not necessarily to have more users come into the archives I recognize that's good for statistics and good for resources but I think archives has the role to play in fostering a more functioning just democracy and I think that has everything to do with educating users about the value of the information that they are producing themselves as citizens regardless of what happens to that information afterwards in terms of thinking about a more global and migratory population in Canada I think we need to recognize that the stories and the information that people produce aren't necessarily being born here in Canada that people mayn't I maintain ties across oceans in all kinds of ways and I think it'd be fascinating if we could foster more awareness and more appreciation for the stories and the experiences that people bring not only because they're here in Canada because of their previous histories and if i were thinking really strategically i would say this would be a fantastic way of building alliances across national borders and i have in terms of having information advocates who can speak to information issues not just here in canada not in north america but on a much more global level and so i would love to see something along those lines where there's a much boulder vision in terms of how information is circulating and who is who is responsible and engaged with it and I think I'm doing okay for timing okay great and last I'll be very quick about this the last thing I want to say is that I think and this has been mentioned previously in terms of being more bold and visionary I would love to see a manifesto about the value of information in our current society who should be responsible for it how it can be used I think archivists again have an extraordinary role to play in terms of raising awareness about information raising awareness about how everyone is involved with it is using it whether we realize it or not and I think this one has to come not only in terms of ensuring that people are aware and supportive of archivist but that they're taking those those experiences for themselves I think what we saw in the past couple of years and I'm extremely appreciative of all the lobbying that went on around the national household survey and the cuts to la see but I think that much of the lobbying was reactive we didn't anticipate the fact that there were going to be these cuts and I think if we can raise awareness and appreciation for information for the role that archives play in Canadian society and more broadly than we don't have to sort of start from a reactionary position and actually can be much bold much bolder and what we do and so with that I think that we can take the sort of the great strides that that mark blocked was talking about 70 years ago in terms of thinking about information as an exchange not just what we can provide or what archives can provide to users but what Canadians of all stripes types and varieties can bring to archives and to really have a free exchange of ideas and and pool resources that way so I will leave it on that note thank you very much capstone dental assisting birmingham al Cornell University.

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