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Do my sam 2019 projects access 2019 capstone project b

Do my sam 2019 projects access 2019 capstone project b do my capstone us navy purchase dissertation hypothesis on love now ´╗┐what's up guys I don't want to brag or boast but it's me your favorite TPS host and today we present every NBA teams record for the 2017 and 18th season as always we need you to like this video and subscribe to our Channel so following arguably the biggest and most shocking offseason in NBA history the 2017 and 18 campaign should be a miracle so many good teams but there's only room for one champion the Atlanta Hawks 40 and 42 the Hawks have lost many of their key players this offseason starting with Paul Millsap a rebuild is on the horizon but there's barely enough talent here to fight for a playoff spot we'll see if that postseason streak hits 11 years the Boston Celtics 53 and 29 many think the Kyrie Irving trade puts Boston over the top as the team to beat in the East but not quite they lost a little too much roster depth and will struggle to improve their win total from last season 53 wins in the second seed in least the Brooklyn Nets 20 and 62 it's the Brooklyn Nets come on because they gave away all their draft picks the Nets continue to plunge to the bottom of the standings nothing changes this year even with the addition of D'Angelo Russell the Charlotte Hornets 43 and 39 consider 2017 a down year the Hornets are absolutely better than 36 wins they posted with Kemba Walker and newcomer Dwight Howard the Warner's are primed for a bounce-back here and a trip to the playoffs the Chicago Bulls 18 and 64 the Bulls are fully prepared to be arguably the worst team as they begin a rebuilding project the Cleveland Cavaliers 57 to 25 the Cavs made a plethora of big moves in the offseason to address their roster depth it's business as usual for LeBron James but newcomers Jae Crowder and Dwyane Wade will also play huge roles and helping Cleveland reclaim the top seed in the east the Dallas Mavericks 1352 Dirk's career winds down as the Mavericks are in rebuilding mode the ultra-competitive Western Conference also makes things more brutal for Mark Cuban squad the Denver Nuggets 42 and 40 day missed the playoffs by here in 2017 no problem the addition of Paul Millsap will do wonders for the Nuggets who have great scoring depth they'll post a winning record answer taken one of the final playoff spots in the West the Detroit Pistons 31 and 51 Andre Drummond will keep the Pistons in the playoff race but with a trade inevitable look for Detroit to plunge to the bottom of the standings once again the Golden State Warriors 72 and 10 should the doves core for stay healthy seven new plus wins is going to be easiest pie Steph Curry and Kevin Durant just that good the Houston Rockets 60 and 20 to James Harden was good enough to single-handedly lead the Rockets to 55 wins in 2017 this guy is now the limit with world-class point guard Chris Paul accompanied Houston owns two of the league's top 10 players the Rockets hit the 61 mark the indiana pacers 35 and 47 losing franchise superstar Paul George and a trade then same Jeff Teague leaving free agency the Pacers won't be horrible but another lengthy period of mediocrity begins in 2018 the Los Angeles Clippers 45 and 37 Blake Griffin is good enough to take the Clippers to the playoffs again but without Chris Paul the Clippers are not a championship contender nor a top five team in the West a noticeable drop-off takes place here the Los Angeles Lakers 28:54 despite one of our ball says his son will not take the Lakers to the playoffs in his first year we love the way LA is rebuilding though but this team isn't gonna be competitive anytime soon don't just wait for Paul George on LeBron James next year the Memphis Grizzlies 39 to 43 the Western Conference got a lot better while the Grizzlies lost veteran Zach Randolph and Vince Carter a free agency they'll barely hang around in the playoff race and this will be a declining year for the prisoners Miami Heat 46 and 36 the heat will be back in 2018 will start rebounder Hassan Whiteside being complimented by talents like dion Waiters everything's in place for a return to the playoffs especially when you consider how much weaker the east guy the Milwaukee Bucks 47 and 35 thanks to the Greek freak giannis hops into kupo the Bucks will continue to be among the few relevant teams in the East Chris Middleton should continue to get better as well with only a handful of quality teams in their conference the Bucks pushed for 50 wins and locked down the top five spot nice the Minnesota Timberwolves 50 and 32 there's everything to love about this team it all began with a dynamic young duo of karl-anthony towns and canadian sensation Andrew Wiggins then the tee was traded for superstar Jimmy Butler they also have jeff Teague to leak the backcourt yeah the t-wolves will be restored to relevancy as they hit the 50 win mark and punch a playoff team the New Orleans pelicans forty-three and thirty-nine a full year of Anthony Davis and DeMarcus Cousins should bode well for the pelicans but with their conference being tougher than ever before they won't quite win as many games as you may think 43 wins it's pretty good in our books the New York Knicks 21 and 61 things are gonna be bad Carmelo Anthony was finally traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder and Derrick Rose left to join the Cavaliers wait this is now getting bad the Knicks rebuild has been a painful one and it's far from finished at least I'll contend in the draft lottery the Oklahoma City Thunder 61 and 21 this is gonna be a lot of fun Russell Westbrook will try to defend his NBA MVP this time was Paul George the Carmelo Anthony by side get ready for some thunder the Orlando Magic 29 and 53 not much love about the magic here they'll probably win more games than they deserve to the Philadelphia 76ers 3547 just a little too soon but the arrival of Ben Simmons and the 2017 first overall pick marquel folks are reasons for optimism but the 76ers are right too young they think the process is done the Phoenix Suns 27 and 55 unless 2017 first rounder Josh Jackson is ready to make an impact immediately it's not gonna be a fun year for the Suns Devin Booker should continue to take strides but this team is still a while away from contending for the playoffs the Portland Trail Blazers 37 and 45 that's enough of nabbing the a seed now the Trail Blazers haven't given Damian Lillard much of a supporting cast we've seen a handful of Western teams get way better the Blazers weren't one of them the Sacramento Kings 28 and 54 the Kings added a handful of veterans to make the roster a bit better George Hill will fix in anemic offense as well veteran newcomer Zach Randolph nonetheless the Kings finished poorly once again the San Antonio Spurs 55 to 27 55 wins is a step back for the Spurs but it's still pretty good overall the Toronto Raptors 51 and 31 the Raptors front off is extended franchise point guard Kyle Lowry and big man serge ibaka they'll continue to be one of the top four teams in the Eastern Conference obviously they won't get through the bronze Cavs but 50 wins is nothing to laugh at but Utah Jazz 36 and 46 good by superstar Gordon Hayward but by George Hill goodbye to the playoffs Utah Jazz there's just no replacing your two best players that guy to do 51 wins in 2017 the Washington Wizards 4933 the Wizards will continue to live and die by the tendon of John Wall and Bradley Beal like 2017 they'll be one of the few great teams in these they're simply playing for the role of who gets to lose to the Cavs in round three but hey it's nothing wrong with that what record do you think your NBA team will have it 2017 and 18 join us in the comments below and as always thanks for watching and we'll see you guys next time write for me ieee paper on internet of things 2019 Cooper Union, East Village, Manhattan.

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