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Do my sam 2010 projects access 2010 capstone project b

Do my sam 2010 projects access 2010 capstone project b write for me us army capstone program cubivore survival of the fittest review literature 11 most expensive Foods in the world number 11 omelet known by its fancy-pants name the zillion dollar lobster frittata let's not beat around the bush here it's an omelet and thankfully it won't cost you a zillion dollars just a mere grand created by the mad scientist at Norma's restaurant lip Parker Meridien Hotel New York this omelet is stuffed with ten opulent ounces of caviar and a pound of lavish lobster mixed with six eggs and chives this idea started out as a joke apparently and the restaurant offers a smaller scale down version of the dish for $100 what is still only twelve people ordered this audacious omelet a year enormous doesn't make a red cent off the sales as they sell it for about cost price they say number 10 ramen not the traditional home of ramen exactly but New York's Cowell restaurant claims to serve the world's most expensive bowl of ramen noodles and it's got get this gold flakes on it great a combination of pork chicken dried shrimp dried scallop kombu seaweed in a shanton broth with green and white asparagus and binchotan charcoal grilled Japanese Kobe Wagyu steak black truffles and the ubiquitous gold leaf it's all served in a homemade Bowl with homemade chopsticks that you get to take home as a souvenir which is nice after paying one hundred and eighty dollars for a fancy version of every dorm living students favorite snack and besides every piece of cutlery at a restaurant is a souvenir if you're canny enough number nine sushi just five pieces of this cold raw dish will cost you one thousand nine hundred and seventy-eight dollars Filipino chef angelito Araneta jr. created this lavish nigiri that's garnished with Mikimoto pearls and of course wrapped in 24 karat gold leaf this is the dumbest thing on the list and it's more jewelry than dinner number eight bagel you call these bagels where else would you find the world's most expensive bagel but the spiritual home of the bagel the Big Apple itself New York City chef Frank to jog at the Westin Hotel is a culinary Imagineer behind this visionary piece of pastry it's a bagel topped with white truffle cream cheese and Riesling jelly and goji berries with a ever-present gold leaf to rock that price right up and how much would you fork out for this bumped up brunch $1000 of course number seven curry the concept behind this exorbitant entree comes from head chef for hauled heck who says the idea is a very simple recipe from his grandmother while only using the very finest ingredients in the world the sanguine dari khazana curry which means seafood treasure can only be found at London's flashy Bombay brazier and was developed to coincide with the release of the hit Oscar winning film Slumdog Millionaire on DVD the dish features Devon crab blue Ghia caviar gold coated Scottish lobster white truffles gold leaf four sea snails called a Bologna's and four quails eggs this posh nosh will set you back some $3,200 if you ever really got a hankering for a briny Bombay bite number six soup seriously if there's gold in the soup I'm gonna quit this pricey broth can be found in KY Mayfair in London and it's called Buddha jumps over the wall as Buddha was a vegetarian who would have to jump over the monastery wall in order to partake in this decadent dish the soup contains ginseng Quan ham pork dried scallops a Japanese flower mushroom abalone and a shark's fin retailing for a tasty $190 it's one of the most manageable items on our list number five pizza this Italian dish is a staggering 60 times more expensive than the previous record-holder at Gordon Ramsay's maze restaurant for $12,000 the louis xiii italy I did not - viola creation isn't something you can buy at a restaurant it's like Domino's delivery if Domino delivered three trained specialist chefs including a sommelier to come to your house with a shopping bag full of hideously expensive ingredients and baked it right in front of you composed of mozzarella de Buffalo made from domestic Italian buffalo milk silento and Norwegian lobster three types of caviar Scylla mantis Mediterranean shrimp and pink salt from the Murray River in Australia to top it off there are seven types of cheese and the pizza dough is specially prepared for up to 72 hours before baking it all sounds like a lot of fuss but it's certainly not delivery number for hot dog you can't beat a good hot dog it's an American institution but New York's 230 v restaurant raised the bar with their 2300 wiener made from 60-day dry aged Wagyu a breed of cow lavished with Dom Perignon caramelized onions sauerkraut brazen crystal champagne caviar infused with cognac oh and gold more gold the Beast has to be ordered 48 hours in advance and as nearly as long as a baseball bat number 3 burger the classic American culinary favorite and where else would you expect to find the single most lavish and expensive burger in the world but at the heart of the opulent indulgence Vegas though within the city alone there are a number of competing burgers that all claim the title of world's most expensive burger none can come close to the flitter burger 5,000 a decadent delicacy that will set you back a tidy five thousand dollars sold exclusively at the restaurant fluid in Las Vegas is Mandalay Bay the meal consists of a Japanese Wagyu Kobe beef patty which is cow that's fed beer and massage daily so it's treated better than you James Montgomery cheddar cheese black truffles voix gras and a fried quail egg all served on a gold dusted roll white truffle butter creme fraiche and caviar certainly a mouthful the food is paired with a 1995 vintage bottle of Chateau Petrus which typically sells for about $2,500 so that's racking up the price of it once all that grub is down your gullet you can pick your teeth clean with a solid gold diamond tip toothpick the only serious competition comes from the world's most expensive burger combo down at the Palms from Carl's jr. which is literally just a normal Carl's jr. burger paired with an overpriced bottle of Bordeaux number two pi this Guinness world record holding pi is another classic that's been rejuvenated by throwing all the most expensive things into the kitchen into it customers at the fence gate in Lancashire UK can expect to shell out a whopping four thousand two hundred and sixty dollars for this beef and mushroom pie typical English pub grub which works out as an insane one thousand seven hundred and eighty one dollars for a single slice the pie contains eight hundred and seventy dollars worth of Wagyu Kobe beef Chinese matsutake mushrooms which are apparently so valuable they are harvested under armed guard French blue foot mushrooms winter black truffles with gravy made with two entire balls of vintage 1982 Chateau Mouton Rothschild and pastry laminated with gold leaf Kevin Birkins owner of the fence gate in said it started as a bit of silliness and quickly got out of control you've got that right keV number one dessert and fittingly will end on dessert the serendipity 3 restaurant in New York topped its previous record of the world's most expensive dessert a humble $1000 sundae with a ridiculously opulent $25,000 frozen oats chocolate made from a blend of over 28 Coca's including 14 of the world's most expensive and it wouldn't be so pointlessly overpriced rich people food if it isn't come with the edible 23-karat gold served in a gold lined goblet and once you get to the bottom of the glass you'll find an 18 karat gold bracelet with one carat of diamonds presumably covered in chocolate as a treat even the spoon you eat it with is covered in gold and diamonds and is yours for keepsies after all of that I'm really hungry what do you think what's your favorite dish which do you think would be worth parting with a year's worth of salary for capstone bank jackson al State University of New York.

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