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Do my researchable health topics

Do my researchable health topics logistics capstone project sql report builder 3 0 sharepoint templates ´╗┐Harry Reid told me just last week tea party's dead you're done for he says it's over he says you have no influence and then we will be beaten and that there's no future for the tea party Harry tell us which one is it speaking in this Texas heat i'm reminded of castro he used to give these hate our speeches in the Cuban son it was given one of these interminable speeches and from the crowd came a boy saying peanuts popcorn Cracker Jacks Castro got mad but he went on five minutes later or maybe five hours later he heard it again peanuts popcorn Cracker Jacks and he says I hear that again I'm gonna kick your butt all the way to Miami all the sudden the entire crowd said peanuts I did have a problem with those light bulbs I've got a problem with my children I mean I want the government out of my bedroom but I also want them out of my bathroom tell me what light bulb I could use well I've gotta join a baker for goodness sakes these Hollywood celebrities want to tell you how much is that the nanny state or what I tell you what kind of showerheads you can have you know the light bulbs cost four dollars I asked the Department of Energy woman are you against choice she's an unknown for choice in light bulb I said that your precisely not for choice in light bulbs you won't let us make a decision by the way do you hate poor people how are regular people going to afford for dollar light bulbs so President Obama gave a prize recently 10 million dollar prize to Phillips electric to developed a energy efficient cost-effective light bulb you have much the light bulb cost fifty dollars how much did we give Phillips electric 10 million dollars to develop a fifty-dollar life on it's insane we live in an end of state there are 38 federal agencies that are armed now you may say we need to handle police we need to have an army but does the Department of Agriculture Nina SWAT team no recently the Department of Agriculture showed up with automatic weapons and with the Gestapo salva swat team to close down a company that was doing the horrendous crime of selling milk directly from very special i showed up at gibson guitar once again with armed agents you know with their crime laws they're accused of breaking an Indian not a u.s. an Indian labor law that says their product needs to be finished in India it's a labor protection of their being persecuted and prosecuted for breaking law that's not even a US law we put a US citizen of Florida citizen in jail for the crime of breaking a Honduran fishing regulation he got eight years in prison one of the regulations was that the fish needed to be imported in cardboard boxes not plastic that's a criminal offence under the Lacey Act we've let our government get away from us but we're at a point where we need a new generation of leaders we need leaders who believe in the Constitution we need to know who will be the next generation who will be our leaders Roger Waters asked he said did you trade your heroes for ghosts did you exchange a walk-on part in a war for a lead role in a cage recently I met an Egyptian woman when they're put on trial in Egypt they're put in a cage she's look she's accused of promoting secular democracy in Egypt and yet what are the people in Congress do to support her they say let's send two billion of your dollars to Egypt and maybe they'll be hey better if we give a more money the Barry Goldwater in that book the conscious of the conservative I think succinctly wrapped up with a lot of us are about when he said I have little interest in streamlining government or making more efficient for I mean to reducing za's welfare rather I propose to extend freedom my my aim is not to inaugurate new program my name is not to pass by bills particular my name is not to inaugurate new programs but to cancel old ones that do violence to the Constitution I will not attempt to discover whether legislation is needed before I have discovered whether it is constitutional and if I am neglected if I'm accused of neglecting my constituents interest I will reply that I was told that my constituents chief interest was liberty and in that cause I am doing the best that I can I can't think of a more succinct way of talking about liberty and freedom and what we're about we have to fight it I do believe we are a precipice we have a constitutional republic but we've been losing it from decades and decades and decades Jefferson recognized this Jefferson said that a pure democracy would be nothing more than mob rule we had to have rules there are certain things the majority can't take away from us they can't take away the First Amendment the Second Amendment the Fourth Amendment any of the Bill of Rights the majority has no right those rights were given to us by our Creator and they pre-exists government we have a government we now have a president who fundamentally misunderstands it it amazes me that people say that he actually taught constitutional law he said recently that because Obamacare had passed by a majority to him a significant majority that the Supreme Court had no right to rule on its constitutionality we stand at a precipice in our country where we must make decisions and I don't think we have a lot of time left phil gramm used to talk about there's getting too many people in the wagon and not enough people pulling the wagon the wagons getting heavy less and less people are working less and less people are paying the taxes we have to do something before there's so many people in the receiving end and so few people on the working end that it becomes you know we slide into western socialism and i'm afraid we're in that going in that direction we are at a point where we're borrowing $50,000 a second we have to do something about it but in doing so we need to recognize that we do have choices it's not all bad news we have a great country I tell people it's not that we are inherently exceptional but our ideas were exceptional the ideas and heritage of our Constitution ourselves once again if we will believe in the system of capitalism that made us great if we will know and understand that if you want to help your fellow man if you want to society in a civilization that can create wealth to help your fellow man and to be humanitarian it's capitalism it creates wealth like no other country ever has but we have to believe in ourselves again we cannot believe that because your neighbor has three cars and you have a moped that we're going to send the president to take one of their cars and get you a corner we have to believe that we want to increase that pie at pie of jobs and well can't increase if we believe in freedom if we do we will thrive again I hope to be at the forefront of that and to continue to fight for you and I thank you very much sick of the global issue genesis control freaks adding poison to your water and laughing as you get sick and die start purifying your water with pro pure my friends I've done a lot of research and the best gravity filter out there bar none is pro pure and it's available discounted at it's filters are silver impregnated to prevent bacterial growth there's no priming required it's NSF 42 certified optional fluoride filters can reduce fluoride up to ninety five percent easy to set up and use doesn't require electricity purify water from lakes streams ponds and wells this filter system leaves in beneficial minerals which is key save money by not buying bottled water and avoid BPA that leeches from the plastic probe here is the best gravity-fed filter out there it's what my family uses infowars com already has the lowest price on pro pure but if you add the promo code water at checkout you get an additional ten percent off and infowars com you can also call to order 888 2533 139 do my capstone nursing students Sackler Institute of Graduate Biomedical Sciences.

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