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Do my research proposal topics human resource management

Do my research proposal topics human resource management capstone financial okc group 5 cations analysis report ´╗┐the great fun of what I do for a living is figuring out ways to measure things that people previously considered intangible is there any way to get it all down to a single number absolutely not they I mean you can you can make one number of it but but you think the key is get it all you don't get it all you just get what you get you just get what you get and as you've as you've progressed through dealing with this you'll excuse the expression in the abstract to applying these these theories in real life now as an advisor to the Red Sox have you found areas where you saying whoops I got that wrong there are a lot of things that I am that I see differently than I did 12 years ago or 20 years ago for example years ago I used to think that the game that the the max optimal strategy was to push the defensive limits of a player to give as much offense on the field as you can I no longer think that's true I think that the that the cost of trying to stretch a player's defensive skills probably outweigh the benefits of doing that I was just totally wrong on that issue years ago in other words if you could teach somebody to play for a space in if he wasn't such a great first baseman so what well the if you have a player who can hit who can play third base pretty good or second base not very well are you better off playing him at third or second I used to argue you're better off playing him at second because he's a better hitter there compared to the other guys but I realized now that that's probably because you you're not dealing with though the entirety of the players contribution with the marginal contributions and making comparisons that that's probably the wrong answer we're talking with Bill James the father of sabermetrics and now a senior adviser to the Boston Red Sox is ladies book is popular crime reflections on the celebration of violence you're listening to Talk of the Nation which is coming to you from NPR news and how much of the year do you spend in Boston I travel to Boston about six to eight times a year use some tea for a week or two weeks so you know I spent a lot of time there the we lived there for a couple of years just my wife is getting her master's degree and so you moved back to Kansas we are back in Kansas and I it is true you were the night watchman I wasn't I watchman at the there's a picture of me in the movie which I you know I think they did good research to find the silliest looking picture they could find via that I suppose everybody thinks that way about their driver's license photo the I wasn't I watchman at that time I haven't done that since 1979 and I still hear about it but I used to be a delivery boy at one point but nobody mentions that we're talking with Bill James let's see we get Greg on the line Greg's with us from Swansboro North Carolina hi I saw the movie yesterday and it was wonderful I haven't read the book yet but now I want to read the book I am a Red Sox fan so I I don't really understand statistics I teach kindergarten but I certainly did appreciate that and never really thought about baseball in the term that look even didn't in a movie so now I really look forward to reading the book it is a very good book Michael Lewis is a wonderful writer and I've read almost everything he's read except Moneyball but I'd I would rather see my own world with my own eyes but I rest of his books are wonderful well I look forward to reading it and I I've enjoyed listening to you I just got out of school and turned it on it but all I need to call because the book the movie was fantastic thanks Greg thanks very much with the call thank you what would you agree that the movie is fantastic it's a very good movie it's extremely entertaining the there are a lot of scenes in the movie that seemed to be setting up a story line and then just totally disappear and in an odd way this works because you're constantly being set up for cliches that never mature so you're always a little bit off guard yeah it works very well as a movie my friend Rob Neyer says he's seen it twice and both times at the end of the move of the audience was applauding mm-hmm did they really have a soda machine and Oakland where the players had to spend a dollar for it they didn't matter that the the depths of minor league ball where I worked because they're I do not know whether that's true or inveterate honestly this is an email from Michael who emails and bunts especially squeeze plays and stolen bases at a great deal of excitement to what is often a pretty slow game the baseball does become slow sometimes it's totally unnecessary the you can you can play baseball fast you can play it slow and for some reason we have chosen to play it slow the which is unfortunate but that's you knew about there is also the question of statistical anomalies things that were outliers I think that they're called in the film the Oakland Athletics proceeded to win 20 games in a row which was the American League record they broke that your club you work for the Boston Red Sox is in the process perhaps of an historic swoon well the Red Sox Tola are a game ahead in the wild-card hunt and I have a lot of confidence in the team I'm sure you do but as you look at these how how do you justify them as statistically just anomalies well the Oakland A's who were very very good team and we're in the playoffs regularly in in at the time the movie is set would wipe out every fall in the playoffs and usually in three straight games and it's painful but there's not very much you can do about it because in a short series anything can happen you know and anomalies are are that not that anomalous in a short series in a short series anything anything is as likely to happen as anything else just about the so that that is something that we deal with constantly in baseball does their failure to win the World Series the last game of the season as Billy Beane puts it in the movie does that call into question the theories well you'll have to decide that on your own the if something is true it's true we got us who wins the last series of the year and as far as you're concerned it's true oh well no I don't claim to be right about everything I think we were right about some things if there was one contribution that you look back on and say this was what open people's eyes what do you think it was one thing they got a lot of attention was the Pythagorean theorem of baseball which is that there's a predictable relationship between the number of runs you score and the number of runs you allow and your one loss record at the time that it was first advocating that idea people were really skeptical about it but it's one of those things you can easily check it out and turns out to be true so I think that played a key role it's reflected in the movie played a key role in opening people's eyes to the fact that these kind of theories actually did connect to the real game so observable reality did change people's minds I hope so bill James thanks very much and congratulations thank you bill James is a senior adviser for the Boston Red Sox and he joined us today from a studio at Kansas Public Radio in Lawrence he's a senior adviser to the Red Sox his latest book is popular crime reflections on the celebrations of violence tomorrow as more Americans die from prescription drug overdoses than in car accidents we'll talk about what can be done to reduce prescription overdoses join us for that conversation you can find us now and like us if you'd like to on facebook just go to slash NPR talk all one word this is talk of the nation from NPR news I'm Neal Conan in Washington research topics on international human resource management order The Debbie Friedman School of Sacred Music.

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