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Do my research proposal on internal auditing pdf

Do my research proposal on internal auditing pdf write for me hbrs 10 must reads on emotional intelligence amazon roadhouse gallarate prezi presentation the SD card that I've been using for 5 years has finally died the video I made on the OPPO Sonica DAC was lost along with this card recovered only a little bit finally, the Sonica is back again this time not just Sonica is back but, with his big brother too the HA-1 headphone amp we can compare the two together Hello everyone I'm Kok-yan welcome to before the actual review on May 26 - 28 is the Hong Kong Audio Visual & Portable Hi-Fi Expo presented by at Regal Kowloon Hotel (2-3/F) & The Royal Garden Hotel (2/F) in Tsim Sha Tsui there'll be many "head-fi" gears at "Down- to-Earth" prices Hi-End Audio, CDs, LPs, portables, everything... Blu-ray, 4K video, Home Theatre..... so much to see and hear, see you there today we are going to review the Oppo latest DAC, the Sonica DAC @ HKD $6,999 very reasonably prices considering it's using the latest ESS 9038 PRO chip doesn't it look a bit like their BD player? but its standard of finish is very high the width is only 10" wide so it will not take up too much room on the desk IEC power socket, GND connection you can add a "grounding" box to it "USB Host" for connecting hard disks or memory sticks for direct play network connection analogue outputs, in both balance and RCA on top of that are 3 digital inputs coax, optical and the USB of course which supports up to 256MHz DSD (4x) very high level spec if you have a turntable, you can use the analogue input it's a DAC/ preamp in one simply remove the 2 screws on the back the top cover can be easily removed it's made of aluminium let's also take a look what's inside the two sides are plastic this side is the wifi module to reduce interference inside, the back of the module is actually made of metal to shield the wifi signals leaking into the chassis so the wifi has no problems going out the side without affecting the circuitries inside this is for keeping the wifi as far away from the audio circuitry as possible keeping the interference as low as possible Toroidal transformer Toroidal transformers have lower noise also a switching power supply looking at the circuit design, it seems the linear (Toroidal transformer) power supply is directed to the audio amplification section the DSP section here should be powered by the switching PS this is the DAC chip (ESS ES9038PRO SABRE DAC) here are the 4 sets of amp stages, a true balanced design all 3 power supply capacitors are ELNA premium audio grade caps the digital input board is mounted back here (upside down) there are six mounting screws here you can see it when I turn it upright as you can see at the heart of the digital inputs is a XMOS chip the standard setup power, network, USB & analogue outputs switching on pictograms for each inputs oh, not a touch-screen? have to use the dial with my system the volume at -23dB seems to be loud enough you can select various output modes if you are using the Sonica DAC as a preamp like me, you should set to "variable volume" it has multi-language display Japanese, Korean, Traditional or simplified Chinese no problems how to use the Sonica DAC from the remote? it doesn't come with a remote you have to use its app on your phone or tablette search for its app using "Sonica" after you launch the app select "connect new device" on the unit the network will connect to the device automatically you can rename your device here or add different groups as you needed when you select "about" you can see the status and check if the firmware is up-to-date you can update the firmware at this section on the lower left of the screen you'll see "♫" (music) if you select "♫" you can see the music from your sources such as your iPhone or iPad "USB storage", when you have a memory stick or HD connected "Aux in" for what's connected at the Aux inputs such as your analogue source "Bluetooth", there's no BT device connected yet "TIDAL" & "Network playback" are probably the most important inputs let's first take a look at "Network playback" "Network playback" which means UPnP, DLNA playback this is how My MinimServer is connected if you've used OPPO before you would know that it doesn't support cover art at this point you can't see the cover arts to find the album here but you can use their search engine for example, you can search by the singer which is very helpful here's all the Jacky Cheung's music immediately of course, if you ask me I would like to have cover art to search with but the search engine is also very useful too as you can see, each title will show their cover art now let's play there are functions such as playlists, random play.... full size view of the cover art with this view, you can see both the cover art and the list of what songs are on the playback queue I think that's very useful portrait in portrait mode the cover art is even bigger I think you should use this app in portrait mode then TIDAL, after you login the display looks very similar to the TIDAL app let's play something from Beauty and the Beast good no problem let return to the main page that's about all about this app Dear viewers, please note the following recording is only for demonstration. Please remember you're actually listening to your own speakers. Dear viewers, please note the following recording is only for demonstration. Please remember you're actually listening to your own speakers. let talk about the sound on Sonica ESS ES9038PRO is even more detailed than 9018 very solid, seamless and smooth seldom heard on DAC at this price range such high definition sound the sound also has OPPO's very neutral sound signature for their 2-ch stereo components I think this is a good compromise if you use it well, it's like "Icing on the cake" if you don't take advantage of this, then you'll end up "neither here nor there" OPPO, they're already very established in the video market they are already very well known for the high quality products for their stereo products by keeping a more neutral voicing on their products bringing a more faithful rendition to the playback for Sonica with such depth of detail and smoothness you don't even have to do much it can easily compare very well with some other DAC that may cost over 10K HKD with no problems What HA-1 has that Sonica don't? balanced analogue input AES/EBU digital input balanced headphone output and a full functions remote also, HA-1 has a gain stage in the preamp section Sonica on the other hand only has a volume control so if you want to get the most out of the Sonica DAC you can add a preamp the layering and dynamics will improve if you are serious, you still need a good preamp of course Sonica can't do everything but as a DAC you can't really beat it on how refine and "playable" it is, even compared to the HA-1 for the money, from all the latest DACs to find a true balanced output Sonica should have it in the bag as 1st or 2nd place for "best buy" right now so if this is what you're looking for, I hope you can go take a closer look actually, the first shipment was sold out so quickly totally shadow Oppo's other new products that's all for now on my review of the Oppo Sonica DAC please subscribe if you haven't already and if you enjoyed this video please give me a 👍🏻 (like) please watch my other videos and don't forget to come join us on May 26 - 28 Hong Kong Audio Visual & Portable Hi-Fi Expo presented by bye bye do my capstone investment advisors interview Plaza College.

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