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Do my research paper on international business

Do my research paper on international business capstone turbine japan guidelines for an argumentative essay ´╗┐what's up everybody this is whisky the 6:00 I'm Rob so I posted a poll on Twitter and I asked the people that follow me who cared to vote which of the Glenfiddich tsai should do first the options were project Glenfiddich project x x when fitting IPA and of course Glenfiddich twenty-six-year-old these were the samples sent to me from the glymphatic ambassador of canada i bet i'll pour the rest of this out and give you guys a look so Project X 1 Project X X now the X X stands for 20 in Roman numerals because there's 20 different castes selected for prophetic project X X 17 bourbon casks - sherry casks and one port pipe each of the casks was chosen by one of the ambassadors in the various countries that they are located our beloved ambassador Beth picked the one port plank which is really cool it gives this expression a very very unique taste I had an opportunity because these are pretty big samples to taste it write down some notes on it see how it was before I decided to go ahead and give it a review this is gonna be released in the new year okay so keep your eyes out for it it's part of the experimental series that Glenfiddich is doing or they just recently introduced it's been released in some parts of the UK and some parts of the United States but not everywhere just yet like I said this will be released in the new year look towards April I believe or May the IPA is also part of the experimental series that Glenfiddich introduced in my last video I said that Glenfiddich 26 year old is above $500 it's actually $1300 at the LCBO so I know that's like drastically higher than most places in in the North America in the UK $1300 is a lot of money but from everything I've read everything I've heard about I haven't given it a taste yet I will do a taste before I do the actual review because I have enough to do so but $1,300 so it's pretty interesting in my opinion how the hell CBO chooses their prices I know I've spoken to the ambassador and a few other people and various other companies that represent various other Scotch brands and they're all kind of upset about the way the LCBO picks their prices there's not much they can do about it it's completely government-run LCBO dictates what the price of each Scotch is in Ontario other whiskeys as well so they're kind of at the mercy of the LCBO and to add a little bit of fuel to the fire for those of you that don't know the LCBO is the second largest purchase purchaser of spirits in the world so they're buying at such a huge velocity at such a huge rate that they're getting most of this stuff for cheaper than anybody else can get it and yet their prices are astronomical sometimes up to 300% higher than anywhere else in the world so I don't know what you guys think about that but it doesn't make me very happy and I'm glad that I have people like better me stuff where I'm able to try beautiful whiskeys like this and also you know by buying from the United States whenever I get the opportunity or from the UK when I had the opportunity back in the day anyway I digress I want to go back to this beautiful whiskey that's gonna be coming out in the new year Glenfiddich project xx bottle that 47% which is also very different for most Glenfiddich brands most them fit ik bottles right so 47% seventeen bourbon casks - sherry one port I gotta say when I knows this yesterday I got a lot of that port that that bread that sweet bread type port smell it was very reminiscent of other poor castes that other port whiskeys that I've had so the pork comes out quite a bit even though it's it's this the only one compared to you know seventeen bourbon and - sherry but it actually for me stand out stands out quite a bit okay get a lot of that sweet bread like I said you get a lot of like vanilla custard and strawberries my mom makes these really good cookies there they're basically a sugar lemon glaze cookie that this smells a lot like that it has that citrusy sweet honey like knowing that the cookies have as you can tell this is a very sweet nose the nose is absolutely beautiful on the Glenfiddich project xx there I say it's actually it the nose is so good that your expectations are really high when you take the first sip so we're gonna get to the taste now so like I said strawberries sweet bread cookies lemon cookies in particular and vanilla custard on the nose on the palate it's got a weighty viscosity to it pretty creamy very sweet dessert like sweetness to it you get the vanilla like a touch of banana from those bourbon casks but you also what's really raining through is like I said very surprising is that sweet bread that I the sweet bread note that I often pick up when I'm tasting or smelling a pork whiskey honey vanilla a little less strawberry on the palate really really good stuff I personally can't wait till this bottle comes out I've been dying to try it from when I first heard about it and I first heard of what was going to be involved in this particular dram I'm definitely gonna pick up a bottle I think I said that already but I just it's not very often you get an opportunity to have a 47% Glenfiddich and usually one fig doesn't disappoint so this definitely doesn't disappoint it's surprisingly balanced considering that there's only one poor cast there's two sherry casks and there's seventeen bourbon casks you get a little bit of all of it okay on the finish you get that cinnamon very random reminiscent of a sherry cask you get a lot of oak here I would suggest that this is probably a little younger it's probably closer to about 12 years old on average if I had to guess I could be wrong that's just my take but then again it's it's higher it's it's a higher abbreviation than the most pathetic so I could be wrong it could be closer to like a 15 on average or 16 on average really really good stuff that's an 8 for me okay yesterday I had marked down that it was an a-minus but it's better today than it was yesterday possibly because it had a little bit more time to open up when I poured out the first jam in here possibly also because the way my palate is right now but that's an age really really good stuff okay I highly recommend it I'm very nervous to try the Glenfiddich IPA because my personal confession is I'm not a huge IPA beer drinker so we'll see what happens when I try that I've heard that the two contrast very well and make a very good spirit so we'll find out but like I said that's an a for me mic channel for whatever reason lately I've been getting a lot of subscribers and I have you guys to thank thank you very much for the support you can also follow me on Instagram and Twitter at whisking the six on instagram at whiskey on the scorpion underscore the underscore six on twitter thank you once again to all my subscribers I would like to the next little while release a whiskey of the year and hopefully I the one that I choose I'll have a little bit left of the bottle so I can share Jem as I'm talking about why it's my whiskey of the year that'll come closer to the end of the year as this has been close to the end of my first full year on YouTube I started last new year so just around the new year time which is perfect because at the end of this year I'll choose my whiskey of the year and then we can make that a tradition okay so look for that towards the end of December alright like I said I'm closing in on 12 months I'm around 11 months just now I just hit around 11 months okay so I'll be hitting twelve months which is a full year and then I'll do my whiskey of the year and we'll make that a tradition from now on subscribe below if you guys like this video I have several other videos that might pique your interest if the if you're new to this channel have a look through my profile alright thank you very much guys I appreciate all the support Cheers capstone course fe order Guttman Community College, Midtown Manhattan.

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