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Do my recent research paper on nanotechnology

Do my recent research paper on nanotechnology write for me capstone project for multimedia phillipsburg custom writing ´╗┐getting unstuck continues with session to the habit of distraction with Pema Chodron it's a kind of ordinary situation that sentient beings have almost in the DNA this habituation to moving away from the present moment probably the most basic level is we think about things all the time and it takes us away and Trumper mache used to talk about the difference between fantasy and reality meaning being present was some kind of contact with the immediacy of our experience and he called that reality and then fantasy which is we're just lost in thought a great deal of the time a great deal of the time all those people driving on the freeways at 85 miles an hour most of them are distracted it's a little scary to think about it there's a some kind of automatic pilot that keeps you on the road and everything but the norm is to be habituated in this pattern of leaving not being fully present not contacting the immediacy of our experience and then the Buddhist teachings talked about many lifetimes and karma they say you know it's like that because for lifetime after lifetime you've been strengthening that habit of distraction well if you don't buy multiple lifetimes just this lifetime is enough to know we all strengthen that habit so we get to whatever age we are and our habituation has been to strengthen the habit of leaving always distracted and actually unfortunately we get a lot of comfort from leaving lost in thought fantasies plans it gives us a lot of security and ground so we're very habituated to it pretty much we like it and we get stronger so the definition of habituation which is a very down-home way of really talking about Kharma the definition of habituation is that whatever you do you're strengthening that habit that if you say a mean word you're strengthening the habit of meanness suppose you're angry and the instruction with meditation would be that you would stay with the underlying feeling but you wouldn't feed it with your discursive mind about how wrong somebody was or how wrong you were but generally speaking were often running with our thoughts usually then with our speech and our actions we keep habituating ourselves and making the pattern stronger so the definition of a vich ooh a ssin is getting better at it we kind of get to choose what we want to get better at and mindlessly we get better at things that we don't like about ourselves interestingly enough like our out-of-control anger or low self esteem or our self-pity or our fearfulness and then the more we strengthen it the more we do it so it's circular and it just keeps going and going the urge arises we do it then it makes it stronger and then we do it more so we keep strengthening the habituation of patterns which cause us a lot of suffering and they tend to fall into those three types of scratching I was talking about we habituate ourselves in numbing out or we habituate ourselves in getting even and revenge and angry thoughts aggression or we habituate ourselves to make patterns of craving and wanting and needing and grasping onto things in Buddhism those are taught as the main ones that cause a suffering so this habit to be elsewhere is addressed by learning to stay and meditation has to do with that but very key to this is that the average person when we see and that we are so distracted and when we begin to see what we do that's more ammunition for low self-esteem or denigration or self-hatred even instead of it being of benefit to us we twisted against ourselves like a pointing the finger at ourselves or giving the finger to ourselves what have you and and the sense of being fundamentally defective in some way gets stronger and in fact the whole point is to notice what's happening with kindness sense of humor gentle touch but also be almost ruthlessly honest moving toward the place of no self-deception or nothing to hide from yourself so if you can combine that moving in the direction of nothing to hide from yourself with humor and loving kindness then the whole thing begins to transform your being I'm going to introduce you to a Tibetan word and if you went and looked for teachings on this you wouldn't find any unless you have listened to the teachings of Zig or contour mache who I'm studying with I give full complete credit to Zig or control because he's the one who has given lots of teachings on this continues to do so and it's had a very strong influence on my life and on my teachings so this is a teaching on October 10 words Shen PHA sh e n as in nut nut case si GN PA Shen PHA and actually it's taught about a lot in Buddhism but not quite in the style that singer controls been presenting it the usual translation of the word Shen pom is attachment if you were to look it up and in Tibetan dictionary you would find that the definition was attachment but the word attachment absolutely doesn't get at what it is and so zero control said let's just not use that translation because it's incomplete and it doesn't touch the magnitude of Shen paw and the effect that it has on us so if I were translating Shen paw then be very hard to find a word but I'm going to give you a few one word might be hooked how we get hooked we get hooked and then we get stuck so everyone likes to hear teachings on getting stuck and how to get unstuck because it's so common to feel stuck guess what you can meditate for a long long time and you still get stuck in terms of having the scabies and that itch that goes along with that and scratching it shinpai is the itch and it's the urge to scratch so urge is another word the urge to smoke that cigarette the urge to overeat have one more drink or where your addiction is and it gets into everyday experience somebody says a mean word to you and then something in you tightens that's the Shen pas and then it starts to spiral into low self esteem or blaming them or anger at them denigrating yourself then words and actions and maybe if you have strong addictions you just go right for your addiction to cover over that bad feeling that arose when someone said this mean word to you this is a mean word that gets you hooks you mean though another might not affect you but we're talking about when it touches that sore place that's a Shen pas the fundamental root Shen pas is what in Buddhism is called ego ego clinging and we experience it as this tightening and a self-absorption gets very strong at that point so the fundamental root Shanta is what in Buddhism is called ego clinging or self absorption or cocoon and then the branch Shen paws are all the different styles of scratching and so forth like that so someone criticizes you they criticize your work they criticize your appearance they criticize your child and Shen pas almost co-arising as soon as those words have registered boom it's there and it's like a tightening Shen pas is not the thoughts so your control made a big thing of he said it's closer to an emotion it's a pre verbal then it breeds thoughts really quickly but Shen P is not the thoughts he said it's more like an emotion but I think it's even pre emotion in a way it just kind of like is that so that you can feel it happening which often people just starting with this can you feel it happening sometimes say capstone financial las vegas order Globe Institute of Technology.

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