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Do my oviedo high school capstone

Do my oviedo high school capstone write for me capstone medical harrisburg pa hotel hilton garden inn matera prezi presentation [Music] horsie see your sword you won't find a guy that'll tell you more it zeros deep alright first off I did say poor Verlander he gave his heart and soul last night and had nothing to show for it real quick before we get into Justin Verlander because this was an extension at at ALCS where he was the ALCS MVP since he's put in Astros uniform on 13 and 1 with a 1 for 5 in 17 starts and he hasn't given up more than three earned runs in any start all right so let's dive in cuz last night he is starting to throw if we can get into this right here Verlander real quick he is starting to throw a ton more slider since he's come over to Houston with the whole spin rate thing and it is almost an unhittable pitch Glaber Torres taking one on the chin he was blowing his doors off all night Giancarlo Stanton I just loved the Moxie of Justin Verlander I'm gonna pull out two abies when we get through this rip cuz he was on fire last night Miguel Andujar right here in the fourth inning he could almost tell he pulls an arm side heater right there and then nasty slider gets him back in the count pause it the knock on this guy is not he can hit any fastball you got has trouble with the breaking ball and we were worried a little bit about its defense we'll roll the tape because this guy has been a revelation but he ain't hitting this breaking ball get out of here right now there ain't a guy in the league timeout 1 1 pause 1 1 count right here - Aaron judge top 6th 71 pitches 0 0 game this is why I would pay the price of a ticket every time this guy is on the mound run the tape real quick 1 1 all right let's pull a breaking ball we're two one let's go heater away we missed down 3-1 pause he's probably top five in the game best at-bats from the start of the year until now 3 1 this situation 73 pitches there's no shame in walking them right run the tape now let's throw 96 right down your throat now what may be slider no 98 go back to the dugout he was on fire he reminded me he really did he reminds me of Nolan Ryan here's my heater hit it I got one of the best breaking balls in the game potential no-hitter every time I step out on the plate second thing again sitting in my sweatpants last night from the seat run this time out because I want to give AJ Hinch some love on this as well but then I kind of want to bury him a little bit so Gary Sanchez here after this pitch pause it real quick because I want to set the scene top 9 to 2 base open 2nd and 3rd Ken Giles on the mound who the night before struck out 3 and looked unbelievable Stanton scuffling we'll get into him in a second but if you reracked that pitch real quick that is a 2 - hanger and if he's seeing a ball good or if anybody's seeing the ball good that's a ribby that pitch gets ripped ok run it so I'm sitting there going in my couch after this pitch I'm like sitting there I throw up the floor I'm like Sanchez getting walked pause it real quick because they meet and I want to give AJ Hinch some love here because he did answer the question he said if I walk Sanchez right here I bring up so many different run-scoring possibilities walk hit by pitch a lot of different things sack fly can happen with one out bases loaded I got all that I don't care you got a walk Gary Sanchez right there especially with Ken Giles on the mound I know you don't have a lefty you feel comfortable going to right now Tony SIPP might be out there might not be against an Aaron Hicks to turn him around but I'm not losing to Gary Sanchez run the tape so they come out and meet I can only imagine what Mac was saying be very careful right here again another thing pause you wanna know what a scam is telling a pitcher to pitch around somebody I am no stop if you're gonna walk them walk them otherwise go attack them run the tape right here guys maybe a slider down the way maybe a high-heat or I don't know be careful ken Giles I need you to be careful in his spot base open cement mixer middle at a dish and this guy roasts one to dead center in Minute Maid and one other thing real quick doctor the doctor easy alright did I really what we're going we're going doctor dear Oh inside a deep dive this is monumental all right we're gonna reracked this a million times because I was locked in on Stanton last night bring it back presser keep running it I want you to focus on the front hip front shoulder and the core all right anyone who's ever golfed out there real quick and you slice the ball bro flow they always say you're coming across it you're cutting it when I watch him hit right now it's exactly what he's doing his lower half wants to go one way his upper half wants to go the other way it's almost like a towel being wrung there's nothing in sync if you're gonna pop commit just pause it if you're gonna pop commit to standing close then then you have to go that way you can't have your lower half going this way and your upper half going towards third base it won't sync up nothing will work so what I'm saying is is if you're gonna go to right-field if that's your focus then you got to go to right-field you can't be worried about trying to pull the baseball you're gonna pull the off-speed pitches you're gonna pull them just because you're an absolute beast and one of the best players in the game another thing I noticed with Stanton when he's at address a lot of weight on the front side that's fine if something gets back but I'm not seeing much getting back it's kind of stagnant on the front side the lower half is going towards first base the upper half and front hip are going towards third-base and he's just cutting across everything it reminds me someone in that sits on the couch has a very similar swing what Stan's doing right now well I'm glad you asked dear oh no roll flow Ahab's I love that I do something like gods how did she get changed so quickly I don't know she has a tendency and we worked with Jim Thome last year she wants she pulls everything real quick before you get in there we talked about this with my eight-year-old son talk about guys who want to get the barrel to everything quick if you want to get the barrel to everything if that's what you're thinking you're gonna roll over a lot of stuff because you're only concerned with getting this out in front I always feel like you should worry about taking your hands to the baseball and the bad head will follow it'll replace it so if I'm thinking the other way I'm driving my hands towards the baseball and the bad heads right behind it lagged with pop so let me say do I have my way my friend let me see no you're good see you want to roll everything over so what I'm saying to you is and what I'd say to Giancarlo is if you're gonna pop commit to standing close and go up the middle the other way then you have to worry about this front shoulder staying is Square to the pitcher as long as you can let your hands take your front shoulder out don't take your front shoulder I don't know what that means try it but let your hands no see alright here's where we're going I want you to think watch here real quick you're thinking this front shoulder has got to stay on a pulley system to the pitcher as long as I can okay I want to stay square through the baseball up the middle now if I'm if I'm thinking front shoulder pull I'm just gonna pull everything I do yes so keep the front shoulders square and drags a little the other way no you're fine more Paul what do you mean wait I'm saying to you keep this square as long as you can and just think hands to the inside part of the baseball yes more one more not you Verlander perfect and that's a homer jump a little aren't you hottie just fixed you alright ap capstone application deadline Hyde Park campus, Hyde Park.

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