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Do my ospf capstone project instructions

Do my ospf capstone project instructions do my what is a capstone question kki sweets review of literature ´╗┐hi my name is Mary Jane I'm coming to do a product review for you for the Barry Fletcher line now this product line says that it's great for any hair texture natural relaxed straight when I wasn't these products are trial for free however I'm not paid to make these so these reviews will be honest and not biased in any way this is the moisture therapy honeysuckle moisturizing shampoo 8-ounce spot moisture therapy revitalizing condition 16 ounce jar natural moisture leave-in conditioner 8 ounce bottle let me just go ahead and tell you that the natural moisture leave-in conditioner is not a typical leave-in conditioner that a lot of us naturals are used to something that will give you easily detangling some slip you know something that you can leave in your hair and your hair will feel soft and moisturize you know that sort of thing this is not that this is nothing but all moisturizer you know like pink oil moisturizer or whatever though the brand is that's all this is that means say in this review I will not be adding this to my hair when i did my twist outlast right out I need you know what I'm not even I'm not even worried about it no more forgive it I need a leave-in conditioner at the last minute so I figured what better time to to trial this product you just fake it left my hair feeling oily it didn't feel soft at all it just felt greasing right I know that's kind of an oxymoron I can be dry it is crazy but you have ever used in all once your eyes are on natural hair then you know what I'm talking about all right so this is the rubric that I came up with where we raiding the products first one is ingredients how did the ingredients match up with other products in the same category are there too many chemicals are their product there are the ingredients natural things like that planes are what does it say on the bottle or the jar what does it claim to do does it claim to moisturize make your hair shiny would results how does your hair actually come out does it does what does it do what it claims economical is it's a price worthy is it do you get a lot of bang for your buck basically I'm also comparing it with other products in the same category smell that's a big thing for me I don't like things that smell horrible or to perfumey texture how does it feel on your hands and as well as going on your hair ease of use is it easy to use do you have to go through a bunch of steps is it you know too difficult to manage and the total average score all of these I did on the scale of one to ten one being the worst ten being the best alright then once your therapy honeysuckle moisturizing shampoo for ingredients I gave it a 4 out of 10 it's just your basic ordinary run-of-the-mill sulfate shampoo not very good ingredients at all it does have a few extracts in there like some rosemary and nettles chamomile but for the most part is just regular sulfate shampoo and I don't like it claims up three out of ten it says that it nourishes the hair with protein and pure biological extracts to moisturize and leave hair silky smooth and shiny I gave that a three because it did not moisturize my hair like it said it was supposed to nor did it leave my hair shiny shiny or silky smooth so yeah no results I do not like the results at all my hair felt the opposite of moisturizer felt dry brittle and crunchy economically it is not expensive at all it's only five dollars and sixty cents for this eight ounce bottle so it is affordable the smell is delectable it smells like now or later candies I love it the texture just what you would expect the shampoo to feel like nothing out of the ordinary no crunchiness no flakiness no grittiness none of that ease of use it's a shampoo you know you put it on your hair and you shampoo here with it so it is easy to use so average score out of a 10 I gave it a 6.9 the moisture therapy revitalizing conditioner for ingredients I gave it a 3 out of 10 because compared with other conditioners like like this it's not very out of the ordinary it's not anything that you would clamor to go and buy you can find the same ingredients at the local beauty supply store claims I did give it a high score 6 out of 10 because it says contains a rich conditioning protein formula that penetrates and helps to build elasticity and improve porosity it did penetrate my hair while it was on there my hair did feel more elastic and more porous while it was on there my hair was very easy to comb detangled and it had a lot of slip while it was on my hair however it only gets a one out of 10 for results because when i rinsed it out I didn't feel anything left on the hair at all not that I'm I want a film on the hair but I wanted my hair to at least feel like I had conditioned it and not just shampooed economically it did give get a high score because it's only eight dollars and fifty cents for a 16 ounce jar however it lost the point because compared with other products with the same ingredients it's not that economical you can go to the beauty supply store and buy product with the same ingredients for three four five dollars the smell I gave it 7 out of 10 because it does have a nice smell it's kind of a mix between the now or later flavor our scent of the shampoo mixed with just your regular conditioner smells so that's why I took off three points for the smell texture it gets an eight out of a 10 I took away two points because it is a little bit thinner than a conditioner for my taste ease of use it is pretty easy to use you do have to use a lot to get that that slip that you need but overall it's pretty easy to use but I did take off a couple of points because of how much you have to use so total average score for this product six out of ten the natural moisture leave in conditioner air quotes I ingredients if the bottle is correct and it does actually include and in an herbal infused deionized water unrefined avocado oil glycerin Oliveira shea butter botanical blend of rosemary nettles silk protein vitamin B and E then it gets a high score because those are all great ingredients a claims it gets a flat one out of ten remember one is the worst I'm ignoring her it claims that it restores moisture to natural texturized chemically altered hair and hair dishes I have no idea what it does to texturize chemically altered hair or hair addition I have only tried it on my natural hair and it did not restore any moisture to my hair it actually did the opposite it made my hair dry it also says that it detangles it did not detangle my hair it made it harder to detangle it says what prevents breakage control split ends and reduces frizz no that is true when it comes to my hair so as a result of all of those claims and what it says it was going to do it did not die so also one other than work for results see what I'm saying I get no respect economically I only gave it a two because compared with a typical oil moisturizer or hair lotion that you can find in any supply store that only calls three to five dollars this is an eight ounce bottle for eight dollars so it's like a dollar an ounce which is very unethical when it's supposed to does something when it's supposed to do something that it seriously does not do smell I gave it a flat one out of 10 because it smells horrible it smells like a regular hair lotion the oil moisturizer whatever you want to call it texture it only gets a two because it feels kind of greasy and I can't explain it you you if you ever felt an oil moisturizer in your hands it doesn't feel right and it feels even worse in your hair is abused it does get a high score because it is easy to use you just put it on your hands and put it through out your hair but regardless of how much you use it still lost two points so the total average score for this product is a 3.3 do my the capstone of the great pyramid White Plains campus.

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