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Do my onenote iphone password protected arduino in pictures english 101 diagnostic essay topics ´╗┐the president is taking on his former chief strategist Steve Benin after a book filled with bombshell quotes from Benin came out President Trump then released a statement reading in part now that he is on his own Steve is learning that winning is not as easy as I make it look Steve had a very little to do with our historic victory which was delivered by the Forgotten men and women of the country yet Steve had everything to do with the loss of a Senate seat in Alabama held for more than 30 years by Republicans the Democrat who won that seat is Senator Doug Jones of Alabama he was sworn into office yesterday and he joins us now good morning senator good morning thanks for having me so listen you were a target of Steve bannon's I mean you beat Roy Moore there by beating Steve Ben and what do you think of this feud unfolding today oh you know look Alison I don't I don't want to get in the middle of feuds between Steve Bannon and the president I am certainly over Steve banning we won this race we got sworn in yesterday I'm ready to work for the people of Alabama and to get get going right now so I'm just I ignored Steve banning during the campaign and we're gonna ignore him now well I promise we are gonna get to your agenda but it's hard to ignore some of the things he said because you will have to deal with the unfolding Russia investigation so let me just read one relevant thing and get your take on it okay so here's what what Steve Bannon is quoted as saying in this book this is about the meeting that Don junior had with the Russian lawyer the three senior guys in the campaign thought it was a good idea to meet with a foreign government inside Trump Tower in the conference room on the 25th floor with no lawyers they didn't have any lawyers even if you thought that this was not treasonous or unpatriotic or bad blank and I happen to think it's all of that you should have called the FBI immediately you were a former US Attorney do you think that meeting was treasonous well you know look here's the thing about that that's that was all said by Steve Bannon in a book and I think that this investigation is going to play out all that information at one point or another is going to come out I don't think it's appropriate right now to really comment from my standpoint let's just see how this plays out both with the mower investigation and in the Intelligence Committee here in Congress and let's see what the real facts are not just based on a book that Steve banning right that's there but do you think that Don Jr should have taken that meeting I'm not gonna comment on that I don't want to I just don't think it's appropriate right now for me I've been I've been a United States Senator for just you know less than a day I mean I'm going on to my 19th hour right now let's let me see how things go my desk is still blank it's starting to fill up let me get my feet wet around here and just see how things go but I will tell you this I do think that it's important that people in Congress people around the in the Senate in the house let these investigations take their course rather than just making public comments a lot I think they need to take their course I know as a prosecutor that's what I wanted to do let it let the prosecutors do their work let the committees do their work because all this will come out at the appropriate time you've been there 19 hours are you shocked by the dysfunction yet no not yet well you know we had one vote it went pretty simple so all good so far at your swearing-in ceremony your friend former Vice President Joe Biden was there what advice did he give you you know Joe has always said be yourself Doug yeah that's all he has ever told me over the course of the many years that I've known he said be yourself you know the people of Alabama you know you be true to yourself and you'll do you'll do great in Washington DC and that's I think the best advice that anybody can give someone and I certainly take it to heart let's talk about what you're gonna do now that you're there in Washington first order of business is keep the government funded through the next two weeks that's what the deadline is as you know there are some sticking points so chip that's the Children's Health Program that I know you feel very strongly about but there but it's complicated so how do you vote on that well I want to see what it is again you know like I say I haven't seen all the details about what's going to happen in the next couple of weeks of that vote I really want to see that program funded and I know how this place works and I know that there are give-and-take down the road and there's going to be people looking to put things in that budget I really want to see that and I want to reach out I think as soon as we can get rid of the snow storm up here in Washington now that's kind of shut things down today I want to talk to the other senators and colleagues on both sides of those issues and find out how to best get that program the government's gonna have to be funded at some point I know that and I will hope that the chip can be extended for as long as we possibly can do it it's important to 150,000 kids in my state yeah listen I know that you've called it you think that your colleagues are using it as a political football using children's health as a political football but listen here's the sticking point which I think that you already know it's that Democrats don't want to siphon the funds for paying for chip out of a preventative health fund that was set up by the Affordable Care Act so how do you vote if you in order to fund chip if you have to siphon funds from another program you know Allison let me do this let me do let me let me spend more than 19 hours in a world wind up here and talk to my colleagues about their their particulars on that issue let me find out what is their reasoning on that let me go to the other side of the aisle that's the one thing I campaigned on listening to both sides so I'm not gonna get pinned down just yeah you know you can we can ask a lot of questions but until I can spend some time up here talking to both sides of these issues I can't reach across with anybody just yet that's what I want to do and that's where I think it can be hopefully be effective within the Democratic caucus as well as working with Senator Shelby and others on the other side of the aisle have your thoughts gelled yet on how you feel about the dreamers and whether or not you're willing to protect them if it means funding the border wall that President Trump wants well I feel very strongly about the dreamers and the daca program I want to see exactly how that's going to shake out as well I do feel strongly about that I think it's important I just heard secretary Johnson talking about that that's that's going to be a sticking issue but I think it's a it's it's really a bipartisan issue what I would love to see and this may be pie in the sky know this I've watched this you know Washington for many years but I'd love to see Congress at the house in the Senate carve out some of those issues and just tell the American people look these are issues that we all agree on let's carve those out and move forward and let the let the you know the partisan ranker and going there's other issues let's see what we can do on that it may not be possible that's going to come up I'll take it one step at a time okay senator Doug Jones I know that has a nice ring to it for you we'll give you a little bit more time to get your feet wet and after about 48 hours you'll be an old man so we'll have you back thanks so much you got it Thank You Alison okay Chris all right another write for me capstone project itt Studio Maestro.

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