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Do my onenote change page name ipad

Do my onenote change page name ipad capstone logistics jordan company for money need someone to make my report on drunk drivers - [Paul] Hi, this is Paul Solt from All right, we created our two labels at the top of the screen. Now we want to add some animations and we're gonna use some implicit animations that automatically get generated for us and it really makes it easy to get started with animation. So what's gonna happen is the current position of our label is gonna be our starting point and then we're gonna have to tell it we want to move it to a new position and we're gonna use a method that's gonna make that pretty straight forward. So let's add animation to our first label. What we're gonna do is we're gonna use the class called UI View and there's a method on it called animate and you'll see that there's a bunch of different animation options here and what we're gonna look for is the one that says spring with dampening over here. So if you just click on that you can double-click it and it will automatically insert and now we have a couple things that we can insert code in to make this work. Now you can use the tab key to switch between the focus of each of these things and we can do one of these at a time. In terms of interval, we're gonna write half a second and the way you write that is gonna be 0.5. If you write it as just .5 you're gonna have a compiler error so that's not gonna work, so you're gonna need to make sure that you do 0.5 for that. Our delay is going to be zero and you can do zero or 0.0, so I'll just keep it consistent. Next we want spring with dampening and this is gonna be our dampening value. The value is going to be from zero to one and the closer to one you are the more dampening it gets, which means it's gonna slow it down, so we'll make this one slow down most of the way. So it'll be 0.9, the initial spring velocity we can just leave it 0.0 and then the UI view animations we can put as nil and then we're gonna have an animation block and this is where we get to insert some code right here. So we're gonna go ahead and open a curly brace right here. Press enter a couple times. That should insert an end curly brace for us. If it doesn't we'll have a compiler error. Then in here we can just add some code to do an animation, so I'll just say something like is equal to some new CG point. So CG point, now let's go X and then I'll pass in 100. So we'll keep it in the same x-coordinate and then Y will pass in something like 40 plus 200, we'll see how that looks. Next we need to finish this up so I'll click down here onto this area, so just to finish this up, otherwise we're gonna have an issue and it's gonna complain and things won't work. It wants a completion block. We can just pass a nil here and that should end it for us and now we'll go and build it. If you build it you can use the cmd+B, or up in the top menu bar if you go to product, build right here, this is what we'll do to just test to see what's working. Now here's where you'll run into your first issue with trying to just use myfirstlabel here. The way we've been writing has worked fine, but in here, this is what we call a block or a closure and that is a method in here and within this block we're gonna need to use self.myfirstlabel, so you're gonna have to append this to the very start of it to actually make this code work. If we go ahead and run this we'll now see that our label just animates, so that's pretty cool. Let's make the other one a little bit more bouncy. So I'm gonna go down here below the iPhone label where we created it and we'll do UI View. Animate with duration and what we're looking for here is the using spring with dampening. If we just double-click on this it will auto-insert all that code for us. We won't have to type it out manually which can introduce a lot of errors and bugs and things won't work. Now for the duration here I'm probably gonna go with a longer duration because I really want it to drag out the animation a bit so we'll go with two seconds, so I'll do 2.0. The delay, I don't want it to start right away, so based on the other timing that I have right now that is half a second, so our delay for this is gonna be half a second because I want this animation to be keyed off of the previous one and so this is a quick and dirty way to do it. Just based on the amount of time it takes for the previous animation, that's what we'll start with the delay here. Now there's other ways to sort of stack these animations together, but for me to start right now, this is the easiest way to do it, so I'll just base it on the time. Now the spring dampening, I don't want this to dampen as much, so I'm gonna do 0.2, which means it's gonna wiggle around a lot more like a spring in real life. Next we can give it an initial spring velocity. Right now that's not really relevant, so I'll just do 0.0 and the animation options we'll just pass in nil, and then for our animation block we'll just open that up and that's where we can insert some code. Now before we do that I'll go and say there's gonna be a nil completion block which means we're not gonna do one there. Now you can always add end code if you wanted it to do something after the animation happened. Maybe you want to print out a message? That's something you can do and experiment with. So right here, let's go ahead and set the new position, so self.iphonelabel, now remember, we have to use self in this block of code because it won't work otherwise and we'll do center = CGPoint and I'm just gonna base this on the previous point that we have for the iPhone label, so that was 200 and then the y-coordinate was 90, so let's add another 200 to it and see how that looks. Okay, so hopefully you don't have any red issues down here and we can stop and rerun the app and you can see that looked a little bit weird. So the issue that we had here if we run it again is that we see the first label right away. Now that's okay if it was off screen, but since it's on screen from our previous setup we want to make it so that it's invisible to start and there's an easy way to do that using the alpha property. So alpha allows you to control how transparent or how opaque an element in your user interface is. So what we can do here is just say iphonelabel.alpha = 0 this is gonna be our starting value. Now what we want to animate to is an alpha of one, so again, this range is gonna be zero to one, so let's go ahead down here and just say iphonelabel.alpha = 1, so this means it's visible and this means that it is hidden. So that's a quick way and what the iPhone will do is it will animate between those two different things. Now you'll see I wrote the code without self, we have that issue so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna click on it right here and it's gonna fix it by inserting self. So sometimes Xcode can give us a suggestion to fix an error and that's really helpful. So let's go ahead and hit play and there we go. Now there's one thing I don't really like and that's sort of our launch screen. I'm not really digging that. So I want to turn that off, so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna click on the properties right here and make sure you're in the project navigator, which is this. Next we are going to look in our settings down here and I'm just gonna scroll down so I'm gonna use my mouse scroll wheel to go down and there's a launch screen file. Let's just set this to main and this is going to behave like an IOS 7 app without that special extra launch screen. Now we're gonna come right into our iPhone app. We're gonna see the labels and it's gonna animate. So that's pretty neat. In the next video I'm gonna show you how to add gestures so that we can repeat this animation every time you touch the screen. write for me capstone learning academy New York Career Institute.

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