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Do my onenote 2019 paper size

Do my onenote 2019 paper size write for me internet of things gadgets outsource content writing services [Music] good evening ladies and gentlemen my name is Clive Rafi and you're watching the Rafi review well I'm not on strike which is quite a thing to have to say we've got Eskimos try Post Office on strike we've had a transport strike we've had every second company and every every second industry on strike we got Tom Ayane suing the president we've got mr. Zoomers son in jail and everything old close to being in jail Oh what on earth is happening to this country what's going on because I wish somebody would tell me it's a bit of a mess at the present moment at least well let's have a look at the stock market and see whether that's still in a mess or whether the signs of life in it yet here we are here's the Aussie the Aussie for tea well we're back to square one similar situation all over again we've got the oscillators grouping at the top here we've got no sign of a by grouping in here at all so I'm still sitting with a cell grouping in place despite the fact that we've had this rally we had this rally for two days that was two weeks ago the Thursday in the Friday it bumped up 1,100 1,200 points well because of Nass press and what's it done since it's just sat around there and done nothing so what are we looking at overall here we're looking at this top resistance level where the sellers keep coming in on the Aussie at around about the 50 2200 mark and he is still sitting there and we're still waiting and we're still betting board with this market because it seems to be doing nothing everybody's saying it's going to go up some people are saying it's going to go down everybody else is on strike so there we are what could we do about it that's the picture you've got to deal with and until there is a resolution to this picture you may as well take the day off and as the old adage says sell in May and go away well I think that adage was rather apt to this year because it should have been selling march and go away because nothing's happened since March on the Aussie that's the overall picture on the market as it stands at the present moment I'm not going to be interested in this market until we see some action on these oscillators I couldn't care less if this decides to have a little blip up in the break up here and move up here that doesn't worry me in the slightest what I'm looking at is these oscillators and until we get a by grouping where the oscillators come in to areas like this here or down here I'm not awfully interested in the Aussie it can do whatever heck it likes that's the picture on the Aussie from this we go to Imperial now Imperial is interesting because it had a head and shoulders top I do tell the head and shoulders top it broke down side and then it had this blip up here in order to test it now what I want to show you on this particular chart is this we've got this enormous resistor support level here that it had underneath a head and shoulders and it broke down underneath that but then having broken down we've got the oscillators sitting at the present moment starting to group at the top now we haven't had a much of a bounce here so the overall picture on Imperial is that anything around about the 220 230 mark is going to start looking a little bit dodgy because this oscillator will then be into a selling area so I'm not awfully happy we're looking for a bit of a bounce we had to buy signal down here somewhere but it's done nothing and you've got this flat level to run about 210 if it does break that you've got the enormous amount of trading here sitting around about 230 that's going to impede any further upside progress on this particular share there we are we've got the oscillator grouped at the bottom here this is the MACD you got it grouped above exposure burn it's a negative sign not happy about that at all that's the situation with Impala the other aspect to it is this that obviously what you've got is a rising move up here with the MACD making a new high and yet the share price is nowhere near making a new high this is a classic reverse divergence sell signal we see this in bear markets we don't see it in bull markets we see this only in bear markets and that's the picture on Imperial when we come to nan Bank this is an interesting picture it has a similar situation but we go backwards we go back to March we see that the share price was rising no problem about that making new highs and yet the oscillator it totally refused to confirm we had a glorious a cell diverges picture in this area here I detail this now what's happened since then is this we've had a low there a low there and a low there three grouped areas in the buying zone three buy signals right so why on earth haven't I given you a buy signal on this yet very simply because there is a buy signal on the oscillators but there's no buy signal on the chart so let's go through that here we are on this first buy signal you had a low and you had a low here that's fine what happened was we had a second low there we are there's the second low there's the low there's the low what's the problem the problem exists that that low was underneath that one on the share price and this low was underneath this one on the oscillator in other words they were all making new lows together no sign of any buy divergence and similarly we get the situation at the moment where it's pulled all the way back to this big support level here and what happened we got a low or we got alone where's this low it's below the other - where's this low it's below the other - so all we've got is falling loads on the share price and falling lows on the oscillator no sign of a buy divergence so for me no sign of a buy signal and a story that's it what we did have was a big support level here it broke it on the downside it's pulled back to test I'm not awfully interested if Nedbank goes back up to something about 280 yard next seller that's Nedbank let's go our MBH similar situation rising situation here and the failure to confirm big sell divergence what we have at the present moment is the oscillators grouped at the top so therefore we're looking for the sell signal on this and that's the situation I have with our MBH particularly as the oscillator is rising and a share price hasn't confirmed that giving us a reverse divergence sell reverse divergence ELLs occur in bear trends not in bull trends Anglos I like Anglos and the reason is this I detailed it last week I'll detail it again you've got a big falling wedge this is a weekly chart long-term chart I would be quite happy nibbling at AngloGold at the present moment particularly as the relative strength picture is now starting to look rather interesting in an upside break here I will be looking to buy AngloGold anywhere above the watch side that's about a hundred bucks 110 115 bucks I'm quite happy with that finally let's do a Bitcoin Bitcoin we had the sell signal there we had the sell grouping we've got a potential possible by grouping here I'm not awfully keen on it and the main reason is this we got an enormous resistance level here where the sellers are coming in at around about this is in this is in rounds this is Bitcoin Ian rounds around about the hundred thousand mark so to me if you wanted to buy Bitcoin for a bounce to a hundred thousand fair enough but I wouldn't be taking too much of it there we are let's wrap it up what oh my god allsey still fiddling and faffing and fiddling around doing absolutely nothing leave it alone for the time being let's wait and see what's happening most of the financial sector are not looking good we're getting reverse divergence sells to me this is a market where you're happier off go on holiday sell in May and go away and I'll see you next week and that'll be in the middle of July sometime goodbye [Music] write for me enterprise risk management interview questions College of Dental Medicine.

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