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Do my nursing capstone project milestone 2

Do my nursing capstone project milestone 2 do my capstone collegiate communities lubbock tx democritus experiment results report [Music] okay guys so it's time for an upgrade to my flushing board this is the first one I made out of two by six I cut this into a point and then just rounded it on a belt sander but it's made of pine so it's real soft and you can see all the nicks that I have in it and you can see these two streaks running down the center here that's because when I use my neck or knife I'm typically using me the dull side with this curvature on it and when I push when I get down to this area and I'm pushing you can see it just pushes on those two spots where where it's all worn down when I'm up here it's okay because I have the arc that I need but I didn't continue that arc so I'm going to upgrade and the other day I was blown down the road and I saw some construction going on where they were pulling out this PVC piping this is what I'm going to make my new flushing beams out of this what I have here is 12 inch PVC I think you can use 10 to 12 it's probably okay what you're looking for is the Angoor the arc with respect to your neck or knife especially on the dull side because that's what you're using most often and you can see how if we had a pail on there that would increase the diameter a little bit and you get you get a lot of coverage when you're when you're pushing so you can remove a lot of flesh but you can also get the pressure you want in one area if there's a tough spot so that's why I'm using 12 inch so if you find 10 or 12 inch PVC that somebody's thrown out that that's what you're looking for if you want to make PVC flushing boards okay so to start out I trace this main stretching board on here I want one I want a flushing beam specifically for me to have enough PVC here to do it so I'm going to make one and might as well make a one it's a little smaller and I can actually use solely for mink so I got that one that one already traced out alright so I'm going to just use the jigsaw and see how it goes [Music] [Music] all right so that's most of it and I'll just trim off where I where I didn't get here so all I have to do next is just round off the edges [Music] all right so if you look at that out you look at that I got it pretty rounded out all the way down pretty happy with that so I think that'll work I might touch it up with some other sandpaper but look at look at the bow in it I'm going to have to stiffen this up somehow so that it stays straight and probably gives me a little bit better stability when I'm actually fleshing this is just 150 grit sandpaper just fluffing up the edges here mainly just so fat and stuff self-assess on there once I got rid of the edges we rounded a bit except that's kind of soft the only kind of tearing into splash but this just us to feel a little bit of rough it will get rough grit on my on my belt standard so if I get some of that off when I bless it that the fat that's falling off the sides won't sit there slips off you see that's the only reason Sam and it's down a little bit more that should do it okay so this was my solution to the PVC bending and kind of twisting a little bit I fastened a two by two to the back of it I put in the front tapered this back so that when I stretch a mink on there it meant hit this and it'll allow it to stretch over that I fastened I just used screws that I knew could go through the wood and then not puncture through the back of this and then on even on these couple back here I needed to use double washers there so I just did it in four different places basically down the line and then at the end I left the tail so that I'll be able to fasten this into something either some kind of base or the wall and and I'll be able to change it out with the mink board or the the next one that I'm going to make so I'm going to get started on the next one okay so the next one I'm going to make is this is a coon stretching board I'm gonna make it the size of a coon stretching boards so that I know Coons going to fit on it beaver definitely said those aren't cave skin you know a Kyle a fox wolf might be a little skinny so I think I might end up doing it one last one might have three a little bit skinnier for muskrat and Fox but I'm going to work on the groom one match so it takes it out [Music] you all right so that one's cut out I can take it with a belt sander and round off the edges all right so you can see it's pretty well rounded off no sharp edges and this one up there lot stiffer and it's pretty straight looks pretty good so I probably won't have to back this one like I did the last one because it's so much wider it has a lot more stability to it so again I'm going to touch it up with this 150 sandpaper just around so the fat falls off of it and stuff like that that's basically the only reason so that the end of them catch on your knee is a rough edge in the fat can slide right off into it whatever my bucket sits underneath I'm going to go ahead and finish up this okay so I added this 2x2 tail on this one because I wanted to match this I think I'm going to make some kind of baits either that goes against the wall or something like that I'll make a pocket and this will just slip in there and I'll be able to interchange these pretty easily and hang them up on the wall get them out of the way so alright so I figure you guys can read and watch me cut out and stand another rushing beam out of PVC so I started up my pocket this is what I got so far it's all made out of two by fours these two spacers here are three inches long these outside pieces are seven and a half inches which gives me 1 and 1/2 inches I want to have this pocket don't might do about two fits right down in there pretty well I will be able to tighten these spaces up this way tighten them in as tight as I want to go this way however when I tighten these down there's still a little wiggle room back and forth this way oh I think I am going to have to stand a little bit in this space off on both of these spacers so that's just a little bit more snug the next thing I did was I said I needed to figure out what angle I wanted my feeds yeah so I could angle this box in this clocking and that angle so basically I just want to set it here at an angle that I kind of feel comfortable I like it pretty far up and down because I can use my body weight to flash instead of my muscles so I said where I liked it I held it there and I took this piece of wood this piece of scrap wood and I traded that same angle it turns out that angle is 50 or 50 degrees I then cut two pieces off at 60 degrees so I take these wedges and I'm just going to factor the bottom here so that I get my angle on one there on so I'm going to go ahead and get some of that stuff done and on all right so I got the pocket finished I'll put together and when I put the flashing beam in it it fits in there pretty snug I'm pretty happy with that fit so the next thing to put my wedges in and I decided that this these wedges were too small so I made new ones and [Music] I'm just going to zip them in like this hopefully they don't split on me we'll see there we go now this comes out at the angle we were looking for all right so I just cut this 12 inch long 2x4 I'm gonna fasten it to the back on this flat surface is a the wedges alright so the reason I put that that board on the back there is so that I can fasten it into here anything like that I can fasten it into and now that slide in there and it's at my 60-degree angle it's pretty sturdy I think when I get on it and start to flush down feels pretty good so I'm pretty happy with it I can put bucket bucket over here and all my Flushing's will fall into those buckets so that's that's the finished product there thanks for watching write for me interdisciplinary studies capstone paper School of Drama.

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