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Do my national defense university capstone program

Do my national defense university capstone program goals one should have for work for money looking for someone to do dissertation hypothesis on government online ´╗┐we're gonna be joking about this all day but let's take our first shots now now this fucking la reporter yeah the thing is what I what confuses me it was hilarious when we all discovered holy shit did you hear this lady after the Grammys trying to you know do her report yeah there's a mess and then everyone's laughing cuz who cares you don't know her and then you get the do-gooders out there I go you know she had a stroke it's not funny so then you're not supposed to laugh and then it comes out that she probably didn't have a stroke then you're allowed to laugh again now that doesn't make any sense oh this could be the funniest thing to ever happen on TV it makes perfect sense why does it make sense I don't know it doesn't make any sense you know I feel bad for her or family I guess but I don't know them to me it's just entertainment when I turn on the TV all I'm looking for is entertainment here's the report I got she she did this she fucked up for four reasons unknown the paramedics came over and checked her out and took her vitals everything was cool and she didn't even go to the hospital I hear she just a friend drove her home and she woke up the next morning and said yeah I feel fine fine so what was it about she was speaking some kind of either some kind of archaic language that desaad come out of her or she invented her new her own language or she's an elliot it was it was like an alien uh took over her body I I don't think she got one word right right no be one or two she invented some real cool new ones though that I want to use well very very heavy heavy rotation today heavy rotation hold on that's a heavy burden isn't it doesn't mean anything but it should it sure don't you think a heavy burt asian like dude yeah but I had such a heavy Burton last night I was on the bowl all fucking night but that word darshan or Thurber tation the one before it's pretty good yeah I mean after it hold on let's let's pick up irritation heavy rotation first I'm sorry well I'm very very heavy and is that Barry Barry Barry Barry knows VB combo the Bev I can't even say it very Bavarian new term heavy rotation oh they'll actually have it listed as a new term there Danny right ah yeah apparently uh heavy birthdays really I think they're just linking to the video itself and to define what a rotation a rotation yeah well we should we should all cook like when you just when you have a brain part so bad you just start saying gibberish yeah we can't a shoe at birthdays you can do better than that we have to come up with a definition we we could audience caused by the heavy rotation rotation of the earth the rotation of the Earth's gravitational pull as refrigeration well a very very heavy heavy drink rotation tonight we had it very Darris garrison okay I'm a fan of Saracen I'm a fan of Daris garrison we had a dare s'en and a rotation a rotation and a dare s'en yeah oh I thought there was more to this to bad dating did they go back to her um no nah dude see that's why I gotta be in news do you get her back on camera immediately yeah why not remember every rotation tonight we had a parent we had very Derek garrison right let's go ahead Jason had to pay holy s let me let me see that we had okay go to the beginning of that very Darris garrison but let's go ahead terror stays English for the bet they have the pay right and here's the subtitles well a very very heavy well very very heavy heavy do it rotation tonight we had it buried heirs had a very darest their saris garrison okay garrison nursing I like let's go ahead terrorist Jason little bit read English fourth bite who have the pet the pet okay what's that very very heavy heavy dude rotation tonight we had a very Darris garrison but let's go ahead terrorist hazing those for the bit to have the pay there's garrison with the Darris darson every week good afternoon three Darris Darris the English for the bite who have the pet who have to have the pet yeah I was telling Anthony that I can be having a stroke right now and I wouldn't know it that's what creeps me out about this clip because you look at her and she thinks she's she's speaking Shakespeare or something yeah she thinks she is fucking on and letting the whole world know what is going on at the Grammys and and and the fact is holy shit ah she's clueless to the fact that she said all that ain't you wanna win rotation make sure you listen a Darris garrison in the morning I get the secret word and me no way not once not never a better fist a better fatalist burned hotter scoop added a little kid in the background fuckin going crazy exactly yeah how's good mash up your dad I'm just gonna back ahead CBS 2's regret it serene you know what I'm saying though that's what's creepy yeah yeah I guess this happens to people and you have no idea you think you're speaking properly yeah she probably thought like yeah I'm what's wrong with people yeah why is everyone in shock why they give me those eyes I just did a perfect fucking intro to my Grammy piece like right now you could just be talking and then thinking you're hearing everything fine and people looking at you like what the what the fuck you saying do you at least recognize that people looking at you weird cuz you're not speaking properly oh my god what oh I know that would be freaky that's what's creepy alright gay cuz she had the confidence still until the end she lost it slightly oh my god she started looking like what the hell is going little bit but in general she kept it together yeah I don't know like someone explain to me why funny at first mmm cuz you're thinking she just was a mush mush mouth like a boss situation maybe maybe she had a little wine waiting for the Grammys then or maybe she popped a pill for something else that's going on her life whatever an ambien so you're thinking oh that's hilarious that you went on live TV in that state yeah then everyone in the country is laughing just about every person that saw us like holy shit that's hilarious and then you find out you might had a stroke and then there's a percentage of the country that backs offices that's fucking not funny she had a stroke they went crazy but then those same people are now laughing again knowing that she didn't have a stroke that doesn't make sense to me I think when people say it's a medical thing because then you look at it and go you have that hole there but for the grace of God go I thought it's like oh boy oh boy you don't want that happening but don't think it happens to someone close to you of course it's you're it's tragic you don't know her that's what people are doing though they're like oh well I know people or doct a lot of doctors are chiming and going this isn't funny this was a medical problem ah fluid buildup oh yeah may we get dr. Steve does he have any clue on what he'll receive what's a per tation ah rotation when when a flip fluid builds up in the Bur tatius gland you'll get rotation thank you truck rotation someone saying I had a mini stroke when I was trying to say Arcade Fire fair enough sir fair enough I did say Arcadia that that's a fucked up clip though just watching her just it's like nothing I've ever seen no like I've never seen someone just know start talking and have no idea what is coming out of their mouth we haven't had a clip like this in years you can't even figure out what she was trying to say I know Obert ation is something bill burr said tonight it's a quote a quotation from bill burr is a burr tation that's a new word his new economy special should be called rotations great are we doing sniglet here is this I hate its nigga we on the fan of the singing off capstone logistics baytown tx for money Elmira College.

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