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Do my my capstone library books

Do my my capstone library books do my senior capstone presentation honda hrv india 2018 annual report [Music] hey guys welcome back to my channel if you new here my name is Smith ah welcome to my channel today I'm going to show you how to get this look off the stunning Shraddha Kapoor that she wore to the grand ambani engagement that took place a few days ago she looked lovely in those intense black smoky eyes muted pretty pink lips and wore a beautiful lavender embellish langa by Krisha Bajaj some ideas if you're ready let's get started and if you're new to my channel please take a moment to subscribe I post videos every Tuesdays and Thursdays on everything related to beauty to match her beautiful brown eyes I'm going with colored contact lenses these are from öhlins India they are in the style glory and in the color brown as always I'm going to start with my eye brows and if you look at hers it's pretty toned down very simple she hasn't done anything to it just combing it in place is pretty much what she's done because her eyes are so intense so what I'm going to do is first I'm using the Milani brow shaping gel this is almost like a hair gel to Coombe my hair and keep it in its place [Music] and then I'm taking this Ardell brow pencil it's called a pro brow in dark brown and I'm just going to fill in the sparse areas just so it doesn't look incomplete and everything stays in shape next using the LA girl Pro conceal in the color pure beige I'm going to clean up the lower borders of my brows and I'm going to bring this concealer down to my lid as well and then using the 3d HD brush from Sigma I'm going to even out the skin tone on my lids and keep it prepared for the eyes shadows that's coming up next using the NYC loose powder I'm going to go ahead and set this concealer otherwise if you let it as this it's going to settle in those fine lines and we'll start creasing the easiest way to achieve those dark smoky eyes is to start with your lashline and waterline I will focus on my top part of the eyes because I usually like to do the lower part after I'm done with my base makeup on my face so using the Jordan eye pencil in black I'm going to go ahead and line my waterline as well as the top lashline you can also use Kajal or a gel eyeliner now using a pencil brush I'm going to go ahead and smudge this so this is going to form a dark base and on top of this you're going to apply a black eye shadow so it looks very intense from the Sigma nightlife palette I'm taking the color panache this is going to be my transition color so with my Sigma e-40 which is my favorite blending brush I'm going to blend this out in the crease and soften up everything Shraddha has a very defined outer corner as well as crease whereas I have hooded eyes so to get that definition I'm going to use a darker color in my crease so I'm going to take this darker brown shade called after hours with my dhokala blending brush and I'm going to create that depth in the outer corner as well as the crease and to diffuse out everything I'm going to go back to my Sigma e-40 blending brush and blend it out with the transition color now to get that dark intense smoky eyes I'm going to take this black eyeshadow called leather pants with a small shader brush from Coastal Scents and I'm going to apply this directly on the smudged liner and I'm going to go all the way up to about 3/4 of my lid [Music] now taking a clean blending brush I'm going to diffuse this black so it goes and joins the crease and blends in with the other colors that I used at the crease [Music] [Music] next I'm going to clean up my face for any eyeshadow fall out and I'm going to prep and prime my face using the master Prime from Maybelline and then I'm going to finish up my base makeup on my face before I move back to my eyes and finish up the lower eye makeup for foundation today I'm going with the Tarte shape tape double duty foundation in medium honey this is a pretty thick foundation so I'm going to skip color correcting instead I'll be applying this directly using this kabuki brush from hip dot [Music] Shradha definitely had some visible highlights so to highlight the high plains of my face I'm using the Maybelline instant age rewind concealer in medium I'm going to blend everything out with a damp Beauty sponge and then I'm going to set just underneath my eyes with the NYC loose powder I'm going to bake it and let it sit there till I finish up my eye makeup when you bake a concealer it not just sets the concealer so the concealer doesn't start creasing it also makes everything a tad brighter [Music] now I'm going to go back to my eyes and finish up the eye makeup first I'm taking the transition color that I used called panache with a pencil brush I'm going to smoke this out in my lower lash line now using the small definer brush from DOE color I'm going to take the black eye shadow and I'm going to use it in my lower lash line off-camera I've already applied the black eye pencil in my lower waterline now I'm going to quickly dust and clean off all the excess powder that's on my cheeks using the Milani strobe light powder in summer glow with this pencil brush from Sigma I'm going to highlight my brow bones as well as inner corners one thing about getting those intense dark smokey eyes is to always have good lashes if you don't have good lashes your lashes almost melt into the makeup and you can't see them because your eyes are so intense so to prep for the falsies I'm going to first curl my lashes and apply some mascara I'm using the big short mascara from Maybelline and for lashes I'm going with Luxy lash in ain't no wifey and now I'm going to finish up my eye makeup by using some mascara on my lower lashes [Music] she naturally has a very chiseled face but she also had a light contour going on so to lightly contour my face I'm using the bh cosmetics contour and blush palette first I'm going to be contouring my cheekbones using this angled brush from dhokala and then using the small multi-purpose brush from my oval brush set from Poona store I'm going to be contouring my nose to achieve that beautiful glow that she had I'm going to take my Milani strobe light powder in summer glow once again and I'm going to highlight the high plains of my face some of my favorite highlighters are from Anastasia Beverly Hills I love them breezy as well as the so Hollywood eliminator and comparable to that in the drugstore are Maybelline master chrome as well as precious petals from wet and wild I also loved the jcat highlighter that I used in my previous video and of course I have to mention the balm the mary lou manizer is amazing on her lips she had a very toned down pink it almost looked like it just enhanced her natural pretty pink lips and over that she had a gloss so first to get that tone down pink color I'm going to be using this lip pencil from veteran Wilde called bear to comment I'm going to be lining as well as filling my lips with the same pencil [Music] and for that beautiful glaze I'm going to be using the Coastal Scents fuchsia lip gloss and I'm going to be applying it with a lip brush and to finish up and complete this look I added some similar looking jewelry as well as a lavender color outfit I absolutely love how this entire look balances out with the lavender and the black and the tone down lips let me know what you guys thought and if you liked this tutorial don't forget to give me that big fat thumbs up comment below and let me know what you guys think would you wear this look would you recreate this look if you do please don't forget to tag me on social media I've included all the links in the description box below along with all the products that I've used in today's tutorial as always thank you so much for tuning in I love you guys so much and I will see you again on Thursday with a brand new one bye guys [Music] [Music] certificate course on enterprise risk management in india Columbia Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

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