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Do my mplementing enterprise risk management case studies and best practices

Do my mplementing enterprise risk management case studies and best practices write for me gaf capstone granite choose a topic for presentation ´╗┐it is completely suppressed by the massive echoes that you get off the land targets unable to tell the plane from its surroundings the 909 had nothing to lock onto and the missile could not be fired you're not engage oh okay i just say da with the the height at which they're coming in we're getting nothing from the fire control radar they cannot acquire them with the planes flying solo it was up to the broadsword to prevent disaster because her sea wolf system was designed to deal with low flying missiles her tracking radars had a much narrower be able to successfully isolate the plane Graham Edmonds was the man in charge of the Seawolf system that day we could see the airplanes on radar we had a track on them and the system was as they say ready to go Ted like matched United playing killing him ready you know it was a foregone conclusion sea wolf has a computer that works out the threats and prioritizes them once it is done this the operator just has to wait for the target to come into range and sea wolf will shoot it down automatically the system had been very successful shooting down several aircraft including this inbound Argentine Mirage some four days earlier but on the twenty-fifth of May the system did not function quite as intended what happens is that two airplanes close together look like one target to the computer until they're quite close and when the aircraft for about nine miles away and all this happens far faster than I can explain it the computers brain recognized there were two targets so it replaced the one computer generated track of two moons it was at this critical point that something went wrong the two new tracks formed and the one original track became cash became furious and but it continued to the track was still endures computers brain so it remained there and came towards essentially faster than the two new tracks so the computer thought that's more dangerous than the other two and still focused on it erasing the false track should have been a very quick process but deep inside the broadsword the computer that controlled the tracking radar have frozen up and had to be manually reset this is a FM 1600 computer when we have to reset the tracker and restart the computer this is the sort of action that we have to do you literally have seconds to take the the right steps and press the right keys as it turned out we just weren't quick enough I would achieve it previously but not on this important occasion they had run out of time this photo shows one of the Argentine pilots in the last seconds of his approach they become important factors to sail away ya de presion is in la e como si conceived answer for bombers were launched three of which pass over the top and one bounced off the sea came in through the right hand back end of the ship on the slime and came out through the flight deck without exploding and passing through the front of the links helicopter that was parked up there before popping into the sea on the other side he knew it but via chemical a baton unequal Daniela broadsword although damaged was still able to fight and there were still two more planes to worry about approaching fast from the west they would take one minute and 28 seconds to arrive everything seemed to be simply right from my point of view there's no point crying over spilt milk was two more targets to deal with and you at least get a draw so focus immediately on what the other two aircraft are doing each had another pair of bombs but has it been shown by the first wave getting him to explode correctly was not easy here was an impeller designed to spin as the bomb fell through the air delaying the explosion and giving the playing time to escape the blast it had to turn 16 and a half times releasing a firing pin which on impact could slide forward and detonate the warhead to get a successful deployment the pilot had to release the bomb at exactly the right moment a difficult task given that the British were hurling everything they had at the incoming threat had two 20-millimeter Oerlikon guns World War two vintage which was manned by one sailor a hand aimed try and get his low-flying aircraft mr. cross was hopeless I had sailors and he I predict the rifles which made us feel better to try and shoot at something Richard Lane had a repeat performance with the cidade made all the more stressful by the knowledge that this time the planes were heading straight for him yet again i catched them down range from my tactical plot here stop trying desperately to lay the 909 fire control radars on to them Roger come on get but although they were pointing down the bearing they couldn't get a real solution I fired a seed art in an emergency mode that just went anywhere we know not where it went but it might have put the parts off launched without guidance the missile had no hope of hitting the enemy and even as a distraction it failed the planes were 30 seconds or four miles away coventry defenses once again lay in tatters so there I was I'm hoping to be protected by a Sea Wolf the typed in the two which had a very difficult robe identity survived itself but to get in the right position to defend me meanwhile on the broadsword they had more immediate concerns and I have to say that at this point I did rather forget the contry one is consumed by the need to sort out your own problems I have to say rather than worry about your colleague 400 yards away the appreciation was the broadsword could no longer support us because she had done nothing during the first raid and I told the captain to that he was on his own basically no support so maneuver as necessary and we conducted a hard starboard turn by changing course at the last minute coventry was trying to make herself a much more difficult target meanwhile on the broad the sea wolf was reset ready and waiting and I thought oh I'm not gonna rely upon the system doing it automatically this time I indicated the targets to the trackers by making a computer input so that I knew we were locked onto the targets at long range wait the grosvenor we had a television system where a human being could track the target on a television picture and I can see this a for smack in the middle and if you'll excuse the language I said right your bastard die was quite a long wait and but quite a satisfactory one because I knew this time I'd acquired the targets nothing was going to get wrong so I thought preparing to engage the second target when to my horror and everybody's horror in the operations room I suddenly saw the coventry is by crossing the line of fire it's a Seawolf no go so now go this broke the lock of the suet civil system and we were unable to fire with 25 seconds left just before the attacking planes came within range of sea wolf the two ships have managed to get in each other's way there was nothing more either captain could do at 400 yards or two seconds away the aircraft released their bombs now we write the price price as the bombs fell the impeller started the sixteen and a half turns needed to release the detonators three out of four weapons were on target all I remember is is my radar table peer to explode in front of me I was enveloped by a fireball and then the whole war for me started take on a different perspective you're aware of a flash and you have stunned you know if you come right which is the case of me so I knew immediately what had happened and you're aware of total devastation and darkness and silence was one of the crew from computer crew from down below trying to crawl up the ladder into the ops room and I crawled across to help try and help him out but he slipped back into the inferno capstone system proposal York College, Jamaica, Queens.

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