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Do my microsoft office 2019 capstone project

Do my microsoft office 2019 capstone project capstone logistics in scranton sc for money minority report 1x09 ballers ´╗┐you probably wouldn't think these two people have very much in common with you but according to David Oliver a borderline personality disorder expert and researcher both of these people most likely suffered from borderline personality disorder now borderline personality disorder a mental illness now known to have biological causes is a serious condition that destroys lives and relationships today I'm going to discuss with you for what borderline is and what experts think caused it and then tell you some things about people some statistics about people who have it and finally some of the treatment options available for people who suffer from this disorder to put it in its most simple terms borderline is a disorder of mood regulation so and until recently it's been considered to be an untreatable disease doctors wouldn't even talked about it with patients who had it to be considered borderline you need to meet five of nine criteria that are outlined in the Diagnostic and Statistical Mental Disorders fourth edition they use some pretty under heavy language it's pretty hard to understand so I'm going to use the language dr. Ochs and Rodney Edwards used I'm noticing that it's pretty simple so we can understand first is unstable self-image unstable relationships unstable emotions that are stress-related desperate efforts to avoid being abandoned even if that abandonment is imagined significant impulsivity things like worthless driving reckless sexual behavior self-injury use of substances recurring suicidal behaviors of attempts of threats chronic feelings of emptiness inappropriate intense anger or difficulty controlling that anger happens and transient stress-related paranoia or severe dissociation now that's kind of confusing you might be wondering what does all that mean well I think Cara Van Gelder said it best in her memoir the Buddha and the borderline when she said that first were highly sensitive to emotional stimuli meaning we experience social dynamics the environment in our own inner states with an acuteness similar to having exposed nerve endings second we respond more intensely and much more quickly than normal people and third we don't come back down from our emotions for a long time once the nerve has been touched the sensations keep people shock waves of emotion that might last only moments in other people or a few minutes can keep going for hours or sometimes things so what causes this disorder experts believe it's kind of a combination of biology and environment now the environment that we're raised in in early childhood has a big impact on your personality and how that devotes if you're raised in a home where there's a lot of abuse neglect or you're emotionally invalidated chances are a lot higher that you'll develop borderline but being raised in an abusive home all by itself is not enough to cause someone to be borderline you have to have some underlying biology in place as well so dr. William Fenton is a former assistant director of the National Institute on mental health explains in the 2009 documentary back from the edge that new science has revealed physical differences in borderline brains that make it impossible for us to regulate our most used effectively in this image I have normal or not borderline brains and even what's considered neutral stance and people have borderline have what's considered an overactive fight-or-flight response and you see there's no activity response within borderline patients with that same mutual stimulus there's a lot of activity that's going on not only we have an overactive fight-or-flight response to things we also have an underactive prefrontal cortex now the prefrontal cortex is a part of your brain that controls higher-order thinking helps you self soothe from disgusting emotions and controls your impulses in a normal person under stress this part of your brain becomes very active but an impersonal important line not so much there's there's a lot less activity not only do we go from zero to 60 just like that we don't have any breaks we can't slow ourselves down once we're on that emotional highway so you might be wondering what kind of people how many people out there have this disorder well according to borderline personality disorder calm borderline affects about 14 million people in this country alone now to put that in some perspective New York City has a population of just over eight million one of the most frightening aspects of borderline for people who especially those who love someone with borderline is the rate of suicide in self-injury 10 percent of people with borderline eventually commit suicide 55 to 85 percent self-injury things like cutting and burning hitting her head and 33 percent of the suicides in this country how features a border of youth suicides have features of borderline person now what can people do if they're diagnosed with this disorder I mean like I said the beginning was considered untreatable but well there's no anti borderline drug on the market somewhere no one's have found relief by taking and xiety or antidepressant drugs but not everyone experiences really from those things on psychotherapy is very important that you need to have a trained therapist traditional treatments can actually make someone look order lying worse that can worsen their symptoms the only proven treatment out there is something called dialectical behavior therapy this was designed by a woman named dr. Marsha Linehan at the University of Washington and the DBT teaches us coping skills distrust tolerance and communication skills among other things to help us regulate our lives a little better so while borderline is a very serious very destructive and sometimes fatal disorder there's hope for us borderlines out there with dynamic therapies like DBT Mary's irony of McLean Hospital in Massachusetts study 290 people with borderline over ten years and found at the end of her study that half of them had recovered on board oh so now rather than being the untreatable unspeakable disorder it's considered the good prognosis disorder so now that you know some of the symptoms if you think you or someone you know might have borderline please seek help immediately do not diagnose your stuff I have some handouts here with the criteria listed again and some resources for anybody who might be interested what's the main difference between someone with borderline personality and someone with a full-on personality disorder of borderline personality is a full-on personality disorder it's got its name borderline because long time ago before they really understood it they considered someone with a disorder to be on the borderline of medication doesn't work for me it actually worsens my symptoms usually but I used to do DBT in the night wasn't able to continue the agency and I've just started with a deep borderline therapist more or less up in Chinatown get back to being better this is affecting you on the day-to-day well things yesterday trying to have a conversation with my husband and feeling like he doesn't understand things like he'll say things that he doesn't realize to me feels like an emotional slap in the face and to him he's just saying like that's out today right so and then I have to try and figure out whether or not people are being rude to me or whether or not I'm imagining that people are being rude like the brain scans they were shown pictures of people's faces neutral faces happy faces fearful faces and then it triggered the fight-or-flight response and all of the border locations just to have someone with a neutral face I know um fighter flights involved a lot with write for me sipa capstone projects St. Lawrence University.

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