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Do my microsoft office 2018 capstone project 1

Do my microsoft office 2018 capstone project 1 do my business management capstone project ideas work education report comments for teachers ´╗┐making talk-radio great again it's the war room with Rogers stone in force calm for slash show welcome back in our next segment we're going to talk about an organization called nexium this was originally billed as a self-help program that offered personal and professional development seminars based in Albany County New York this organization was founded by a man named Keith orinary many many people who have experienced the nexium curriculum have described it as a cult in this past week it was revealed that within this organization was a secret secret sisterhood of sex slaves who were there for the enjoyment and amusement of Ranieri and in fact a number of these women had been branded with his initials in their pubic region later this week pardon me earlier this week mr. Ranieri was arrested when in Mexico and charged with a sex trafficking among other crimes now what makes this even juicier is the role of socialized sisters Clare and Sarah Bronfman the daughters of Edgar Bronfman jr. one of the mainstays in New York City financial life and the son himself of Edgar Bronfman the founder of Seagram's and many said a financial strongman and a genius in any event the organization nexium was able to extract loans and gifts from a string of wealthy heiress and heiresses to political and American nobility the daughter of the President Mexico was an adherent and so on joining us now if we have him is the sating investigative journalist who for the last two years has pinned down the inside story of this cult and the sex abuse and trafficking by cult leaders Frank Carlotto is the publisher and editor of art voice a progressive new site based in western New York but with international reach and he joins us here Frank congratulations it was only your intrepid reporting I think you wrote over 200 articles on the inside guts of this cult that exposed this criminality and this greed and frankly this sexual abuse Thank You Roger so you I'm gonna let you tell the story I gave the listeners a kind of a the short version as it were the New York Times plays a key role here in exposing the cult and everything that would go down so Frank tell us how exactly you got involved what you figured out and why you decided to take on this mission of seeking justice in this case well I broke the story back in August of a rather June of 2017 and what particularly intrigued me was the way the brothel sisters were able to use their wealth to purchase justice they had hired among others senator Kirsten Gillibrand's father dad is a lobbyist for them and the I think they compromised several US Attorney's and FBI agents to look the other way while they continued kind of a nefarious operation of tax evasion bulk cash smuggling forced labor sex trafficking and in two instances murder well you know it's interesting because because the cult was was based in the district to my old friend Senator Joe Bruno I had met salesmen I've been approached as many professionals were about helping them it was presented to me as intense but about valuable self-help operation I didn't really realize its multiple multiple marketing value and of course I saw no signs of the sexual abuse and this Keith Ranieri I met once in all honesty I wasn't terribly impressed I of course had no idea that he turned out to be the monster that he did so you reported on this consistently but when did the tide turn in other words if you read the story you see that Ranieri and his right-hand henchwoman a woman named Nancy Salsman quite charming were adept at using money to buy political influence to buy leverage despite a complete misunderstanding of how our political system works they were also often wanted for example federal or state officials to contact federal officials in an investigation not knowing you can't go anywhere near an investigation or their lawyers told me that so these people were running a scam they were using high-pressure tactics the cult-like loyalty of the people who worked for them was extreme and frankly I headed for the hills well I think you're right Roger and the dirty secret and what's yet to be revealed and I hope to deal with in the next few weeks is the crooked role of some of law enforcement I had in particular at the federal level and at the state level to turn the other way while crimes were being committed and I believe that Ranieri realized that he could purchase justice so consequently his crimes became more sinister by the year resulting ultimately in his blackmailing scores of women and then branding them with a hot iron Ketel Brandt on their pubic region yeah I know it's a it's a it's an it's an absolutely bizarre bizarre tale and I think that the people who have represented them should be examined whether they actually engaged in bribery that would be most interesting now with Ranieri indicted for sex crimes sexual trafficking and presumably other charges it seems to me that it that it'll be difficult to get an inquiry into any further corruption by Ranieri but perhaps I'm wrong I think they're looking at it now and I believe that was going to come out at the end is the certain FBI agents certain the Bureau of Criminal Investigation at the New York State Troopers office were involved in corrupt activities to avoid an investigation and to prevent investigations it may shock some listeners maybe not that these people would became experts at purchasing justice and dispensing it they spent more than 50 million dollars with lawyers and I don't know how much they spent bribing public officials but it's going to come out it will come out well this is certainly a story in which we want to stay tuned we thank you Frank paar lot o of the art voice the progressive voice of America based there in western New York mr. parlando is a crusading independent investigative journalist and he certainly broke a big story here thank you for joining us Frank parlando so oh and any time you can put sex cult in your headline you're going to get big open so we'll call this segment cell sex cult busted and I guarantee we get a lot of viewers an amazing story of this multi-million dollar scam where they have Catherine Oxenberg daughter they have all of these children of privileged and wealthy and they're sucking money from all of them and he's using it for a lifestyle and to support you know an entire dormitory of sex slaves and then branding those women it's a truly bizarre story great coverage of this in the New York Times I must say they did an excellent job of covering it Barry I think effectively well unfortunately we're getting more exposed to this stuff it's coming to the light the sex cults you know this the Satan worshipping rings with the spirit cooking so a lot of people are shocked by this but 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plus and real red pill today write for me information technology capstone project examples Hunter College, Upper East Side.

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