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Do my mental health nursing capstone projects

Do my mental health nursing capstone projects do my capstone property management reviews research paper on history of baseball ´╗┐what's going on everybody crazy dog back for another video and this will be my long-awaited Cleveland Indians 2018 season preview now the Indians are coming off another disappointing season where they once again couldn't finish the job this time in the American League Division Series as they had the Yankees on the ropes ready to send them packing back to the Bronx for the rest of the season and then we choked again this time blowing a two to nothing serious lead to the Damn Yankees and thus being evicted out of the postseason unceremoniously with a whimper now how does this team look this year well it looks good on offense we struck out very good hitting Frankie Lynn doors still here got Jay RAM lost Carlos Santana and Jay Bruce and Austin Jackson but we got Yonder Alonso you got Edwin and oh yeah we're assigned an old friend Rajai Davis is coming back Bradley as Zimmer's coming back healthy hopefully Brandon Guyer comes back that dude is literally a ball magnet he literally won us a game by getting hit not getting a hit getting hit for real like he gets plunked so many times Travis Hafner his nickname was Pronk well Brandon Guyer is nickname is plunk at least to me okay but uh yeah we still got those guys we got Kipnis we got Michael Brantley coming back hopefully he'll stay healthy for at least 75% of the season we'll see how long he will be on the DL you know hopefully you know knock on wood he plays at least 95 percent of the season I mean injuries happened so uh you know I mean if he can just stay healthy well good but of course we got Yan Gomes and Roberto Perez behind the plate at catcher remember Yan Gomes wins the world lousy slump and then he just turned it on he kicked booty the rest of the season above it same thing with Roberto Perez you know people like to hate on him too and this is actually pretty good now our catchers are very very uh underrated you know but uh out feel got Lonnie Chisenhall Bradley's number on defense yeah and then Brantley so uh it's pretty good on offense too so what decent now I'm talking about defense yeah of course behind the plate as I mentioned Yan Gomes and Roberto Perez our infield will be a most likely Yonder Alonso Jason Kipnis Francisco Lindor and how is their Amira's that is one hell of an infield if I do say so myself especially when you got Yan Gomes starting at catcher who can gunned down any runner who net dude has gunned down so many runners that's nasty now the one Achilles heel that we have on defense as our outfield there's a lack of depth we are lost Jay Bruce but uh of course we are brought back Rajai Davis we got Bradley Zimmer Michael Brantley we lost Austin Jackson where she kind of disappoints me but uh we brought in Melvin Upton too so we'll see what he can do I'm pretty sure he's an outfielder but uh yeah I mean my defense we're not looking too bad as long as we can just keep the often flying out of the park we're good but um the best part of this team without a doubt is our pitching staff starting rotation no changes the same starting five coming back again although it's not baseball season unless Danny Salazar's nursing an injury which of course he is you know it wouldn't be close to baseball season if he wasn't so of course he's on the mend but uh mother than him I mean we still got Kluber kraskow got my Clevenger Josh Tomlin Trevor Bauer they're all looking good now the bullpen we lost Brian Shaw and Joe Smith but we still got Andrew Miller Cody Allen we got Dale Tarot we got Ryan Merritt I'm pretty sure he's gonna be in the bullpen so they'd be cool to see him in the bullpen he'll most likely be a spot starter when we have double headers I mean he's very good as a starter I don't know why we just don't make him a starter every day like he's got potential I remember when we had him start Game five of the ALCS and he actually won the game to Mike he is very good I love Ryan married I know Indians fans love him too I mean heck when he won us that game five in the ALCS people were sending him presents for his wedding registry it's freakin sick you know but um he's definitely a fan favorite as as Rajai Davis but uh our pitching staff looks good offense looks good defenses good still infield especially our infield is phenomenal all-star caliber players all over the place and that infield who we just hope they can all stay healthy knock on wood now after talking about this team let's talk about this trash ass division yeah has to be the worst division in baseball three of the five teams are confirmed to be rebuilding tigers White Sox and now Kansas City because they literally came out and said yeah we're not gonna add anybody we're gonna rebuild so I guess you can kind of eliminate them from contention so that just comes down to the Indians and the twins and you got me trippin if you actually think the twins have a chance no the twins are not winning the central I would be shocked if they do now I need anything can happen right so I'm just going to keep my mouth shut when it comes to that although I wouldn't be shocked if the twins made a return trip to the playoffs because that teams got some pretty good players although I heard Ervin Santana may be out for a while so we'll see what happens with that but division wise Indians should win this division barring any unfortunate circumstances knock on wood you know I don't want any mid-major injuries happen to this squad cuz I'll tell you one thing if this Indians team can stay healthy we're a serious title contender three cared about the Yankees and the Red Sox because he asked me we could easily beat those two teams oh but they stay in JD Martinez yeah yeah yeah we got a two-time saw Young Award winner as our starting pitcher I mean he embarrasses hairs daily that's his thing oh yeah we got Tito Francona one of the best managers in all of baseball by the way speaking of Tito Francona he lost his father this week sad man I mean Tito the original Tito Francona Tito senior yeah ah so hopefully we can win this whole freaking thing for him you know that be lit but yeah worth the wait and see as for my record prediction for the squad I think we're gonna win anywhere from 90 to 95 games I don't think we're gonna reach the 100 win mark this year although it wouldn't surprise me at all if we won a hundred games but uh I'm gonna say we win between 90 95 games to be more precise I'm gonna say at least maybe 92 games I think 92 wins is appropriate for this team but hey you never know um so I think the Indians are gonna make any more moves before the start of opening day I don't know we'll have to wait and see there's still some pretty good free dance out there so who knows what's gonna happen for all I know tomorrow the Indians could pull a trade for Manny Machado you never know by the way the Indians have been talking with the O's about Manny Machado so you know no something could happen I wouldn't that be awesome having Jay RAM and Manny Machado oh my god I don't think that's gonna happen nobody you know I can't help to a fantasize right but yeah that's gonna do it for this video I'm crazy dogged 99 will tribe this is one of the last few seasons of chief wahoo the Indians are officially putting chief wahoo in the warehouse think after this season so it's gonna be sad not seeing that let's smile on the Indians sleeves but you know I mean people are butthurt about it I mean it's a caricature really you're gonna get triggered over a cartoon really brah come on now people are so sensitive nowadays it's crazy you know whatever you know I'm not going to get into a political thing in this video if this is not a political video this is an Indian's preview video so that's gonna do it for this video I'm crazy dog 99 let's go Indians won't try ever and I'm out of here research topics in information technology 2019 for money Cornell University, Ithaca.

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