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Do my mechatronics capstone projects

Do my mechatronics capstone projects write for me pasco capstone help the beastmaster movie review I don't know if this is legal or not but I think I'm doing some like semi illegal illegal stuff in all my videos lately we out here doing big things at Jimmy John's taking Jacob Jacob with me fishing today we're gonna fish at a local Omaha lake or bi get some food first we got the goods if you don't do this to your sandwich we can't be friends made it to the lake that's the lake that's Jake about to go slay some bass oh yeah dude they're everywhere goin add a kid there you go Jake's got one first fish the day on the sink oh there you go flip them in here well that's a good one too uh it's not bad not at all yeah check out the line Froman there you go dude that's a chunky one - six - not a bad one hold it like that yep that kid she goes yeah though that's the thing is it especially if they're I've already done their beds like they've already laid their eggs those grab it and move it off there Ben drop it doesn't mean you can't catch them it's just not gonna be one of those like lights-out days you just have to do what we're doing fish slow there's one no just kidding just kidding we're good not the same size yours uses a little bit bigger man he sure as heck fought like he's a big one so did mine a little chunker about two pounder yep not a bad one no no put the same size I think these might be all males I don't know might be the fry garters or something go can make a cast of another long cast I think the long cast is key here don't jump the last time oh my gosh every time yeah these are males I guess we are getting off the boat because there's a another Hidden Lake I've never been to actually all right we're gonna walk to this hidden pond see if we can catch them I brought a frog and a Senko this looks dirty breaking an ankle oh oh we made it get out me pond a few moments later all right well there were no fish in that lake so we'll walk them back to the boat now I'm gonna see if we can catch more fish on the main Lake back up on the boat that's one drag slip that's a good one now oh yeah it's almost a three pounder I gotta get a release on this dude you spray pushing three pounds good nice sized one oh you go oh yeah I'll let go my rod I've been fun but you don't want your friends to see what to eat oh that's a good one too right off that low huh we top of the map with that frog but I'm not near as big as I thought he was he's like a four seems like two two and a half on that spre poppin frog hey go add a kid had a kid Jake's cooked up with one on a sink Oh feisty little guy go go chunky is the chunker on that Cinco oh dude right up against the bank I will cast it right under that tree little guy use that came off he's our bleedin that's a bat to mail yeah okay Troy and I like I like felt it and I like write down so my game plan prior god I love this oh yeah they're much in the Frog oh it's all these little buck bass love the Frog the big ones like the sank oh you get a little gay tomorrow what's going on guys for those of you who have watched my channel for a while you guys know I love teaching you how to fish so I'm starting to do with these videos is doing a little ending segment that goes over the baits goes over the kind of the tips and techniques what's going through my head as we were fishing in this video so that's what I'm gonna do right now so if you were just here to watch the fish catches you should click out now cuz I won't be catching any more fish but if you want to learn how I caught those fish what I was using to catch those fish then continue to watch before I forget I would just want to remind you guys that I put all this information that I am about to go over down in the description every single video so any video that you watch from here on out whether it's the rods the reels the line the lures the weather conditions the water clarity that type of stuff that's all that information is linked down below so just like last time if you watch my last video I don't have any of my stuff with me it's out in my truck and I just am too lazy to go get it so I'm gonna rely on my memory to remember everything that I was using so to start off I was throwing a weightless saenko and my friend Jake actually caught the first fish I was floating weightless flew got the time peacock a few Cinco fish so then I decided to switch up and go to the weightless saenko my setup on that one was a Gary Yamamoto Senko I think he was throwing green pumpkin I might have been throwing black with red flake it didn't really matter at that time I had a Faurot offset worm hook the Rodri on line setup I had was a castaway Terrenas rod this 7 foot in length heavy again like I always say in these videos you guys you guys might think a heavy rod is a little overkill percent goes but normally when I'm fishing st. goes I'm making long casts especially for fishing for betting fish like I was you make really long cast because I couldn't see the betting fish because there's really dirty water she make long casts and when you make a long cast you want to make sure you have a heavy enough rod to set the hook that's for the reel I believe I had a loose permit MB and that was in 7-5 to 1 gear ratio then for line I had 15 pound seaguar in physics fluorocarbon and our strategy behind that one was we were fishing some flooded grass up back in a creek where we knew the bass would be spawning we didn't really catch any big females but we caught a lot of males they could have been some small females you know it's kind of hard to tell sometimes we were pitching into that shallow grass where we think they would be spawning and I think we basically just hit them on the head and then that's kind of how we're catching those fish then the second main technique was actually frog fishing which came to a surprise I really don't think I was gonna get many frog fish but I actually ended up landing I believe like four or five frog fish which was awesome because I love frog fishing my setup on that one was ace Pro bronze I pop in frog I was in natural color the rod I had on that one was a castaway Terrenas rod it was a 7-3 heavy the reel I had on there was a lose tournament mb7 five and one gear ratio and I had 50 pound seaguar Smackdown tournament braid and the technique behind that one was basically the same thing thrown up into the grass if you guys watched that sneaking into ponds video I was talking about throwing your frog up onto the bank and then bring it back down I was doing the same thing I throw it up into the grass and bring it down and I was getting a lot of those hits right on the edge there was one where the bats actually ate the Frog off of the grass it came out of the water grabbed it off of the grass and brought it back down into the water which is pretty crazy I don't thing I've ever seen anything happen like that before but that was basically it guys it wasn't really anything special it wasn't like we had these fish super dialed in I think they were just kind of piled up in this Creek whether they were already spawning or guarding fry I couldn't tell the water was so dirty but we just knew they were back in the creek and so we're just weird as pitching plastics weightless zanko's and then I was throwing frogs as well once that once the clouds moved in the Sun went away I was tossing a frog around and they seemed to like that so that's it for today's episode guys you guys enjoyed please throw a thumbs up if you haven't subscribed yet make sure you do because I'm going on quite a few adventures this summer and throw the rest of the year that I want to bring you guys along with and entertain you with some fishing adventures and as well as teach you guys how to catch fish wherever you're located in the country so that's every day's episode guys thanks for watching oh-oh-oh capstone medical pte ltd The College at Brockport.

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