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Do my management capstone course objectives

Do my management capstone course objectives do my access 2019 capstone project act 1 working with a sales database carlos gomez scouting report ´╗┐it's Christmas Eve and you guys are probably wondering or maybe you're not wondering where all of these Christmas decorations come from Christmas decorations are relatively cheap really affordable to buy and sixty percent of them are made in one place in this world and it's in a town called Yi woo China okay so a photographer by the name of Toby Smith was really curious about this he wanted to see what the working conditions were like for the people that make our Christmas decorations and here's what we found okay ye woo we're 60% of the world's Christmas decorations are made by workers in 600 factories and they're shipped around the globe okay according to Toby from a health and safety perspective the exposure to harmful chemicals and solvents is disturbing I also witnessed manufacturing techniques with machines that could easily be criticized from a Western vantage point okay yeah look I'm mixed on this story first of all I'm devastated to find out that it's not really the North Pole where they're making this stuff you know some goofballs still believe me you know the north there's a town called North Pole in Alaska where they still get tons of letters to Santa and they have to hire extra workers to sort through the letters so it's cute that they sort through them and they don't just ignore them yeah that's true I'll give them that right but in reality if you're looking for Santa you're gonna want to go to you China yeah at least for the decorations part but actually the photographer here was mixed as well you know he said he was uncomfortable by the things that I just mentioned but he said they don't have terrible working conditions on the other hand and and and he seemed like they were in decent health etc right he was concerned about them inhaling chemical fumes and things like that that might actually cause long-term health issues but he said the social environment was nice let me give you his exact quote the social working environment working hours in general atmosphere of the factory was actually more pleasant than I have experience in other manufacturing sectors I don't know if it comparing it to other manufacturing sectors is putting it at a high standard I mean it really depends on what he means are you talking about manufacturing sectors in the United States or other manufacturing sectors in you know developing countries or in China I'm really curious what he means by that but nonetheless it still doesn't sound that great I'm ready for the BBC Tim Mon also accompanied him and and he was much more concerned yeah he was he says that upstairs is the plastic molding room mainly staffed by young men stripped to the waist because of the heat the air here is thick with fumes the smell of chemicals and warm plastic the men feed plastic pellets from samsung branded sacks and into machines to be melted down and then pressed into moulds to make toys snowmen and father Christmases it's repetitive and potentially dangerous as the workers must constantly reach inside the large presses so there's this really interesting visual you know you think of North Pole and cold and fun little elves working stuff it's really a young Chinese guy with a shirt off because it's so hot as he makes all that plastic ornaments right now on the other hand I'm a capitalist and so I understand that that as countries are developing it is a process right and that in the beginning oftentimes since it's cheaper to produce in certain areas and it started with China and then eventually went to Vietnam and other places like that allows etc that you have really terrible working dishes as we had here in America and that they slowly improve and in fact in China they are slowly improving and this is what you hear here is an improvement on older stories we've done right and in fact that's part of why a lot of that manufacturing is moving to South East Asia and out of China because now they think it costs too much to do it in China because China has a growing middle class right and at what point does it stop though right and and yes China does have a growing middle class but at the same time I mean we're comparing this story I mean I think you're doing it subconsciously I think you're comparing this story to the stories we've done in the past with you know the iPhone factories or the iPhone manufacturers I should say in China having employees jump out of buildings so they have to create nets around the building so people don't die I mean if you're comparing it to that then yes this story sounds a little better but my favorite was when MIT Romney said no they have barbed wire fences to keep people out because they want to come in - yeah I know they do want to get jobs the factories that part is true but that's not what the barbed wire fences are for one other thing that I want to say is like we do live in a glass house in the United States as well so we do have Union protected jobs which look out for labor rights we do have labor laws but you know just recently we did a story on Amazon and how they were facing a class-action lawsuit because of the working conditions that they put their employees in so you know they would work in the summertime with no a/c and a lot of them suffered the consequences of that so we have issues here in the United States too that's why it's really important to support unions regardless of you know what your political ideology is if you're in the middle class or working-class unions are looking out for you they're not looking out for the wealthy people they're making sure you're getting paid an appropriate amount of money and you're working in acceptable conditions so of course on every union it's writing news have lost tremendous power in America for example I don't agree with a lot of what the Union is doing with the NYPD they have very strong you know over there sometimes the detriment of the citizens if you ask me okay so it's all complicated right but don't mistake me saying that this part of what normally happens we're saying it's awesome and we shouldn't do any regulation we should just let them have at it right no part of what happens isn't what Anna's referring to here's eventually the workers get together and you can call it a union and call it anything else you like but they get together for leverage because by themselves they have no leverage but when they're all the people working at a factory get together then they actually can negotiate what their employees I'm sorry employers and then that way they can begin to improve their working conditions so we're in the middle of that improvement process in China we're nowhere near the end of it and I think that they should continue to push for reforms and I hope that eventually the end is where we've lifted up all these countries and we've created middle class and not just in China but in Vietnam etc and then you know it's something we're not gonna get to utopia but it's part of the process and part of that process is pointing out what actually happens so don't be under any illusion about what happens in the districts okay here in the Capitol we enjoy our Christmas trees but there's somebody in district 11 making that a Christmas ornament and it's not really a pleasant job write for me capstone paper title examples New York State College of Veterinary Medicine.

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