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Do my kapstone paper address cheap

Do my kapstone paper address cheap capstone consulting nebraska how to make paper napkins into swans ´╗┐hi I'm John Mather I'm the chief scientist for the James Webb Space Telescope which is planned for launch in 2018 as the successor for the beautiful and powerful Hubble Space Telescope extending the science and discoveries of the Hubble farther out in space farther back in time to learn how we got here from the Big Bang I was fascinated by science as a child in fifth grade I was building telescopes out of cardboard tubes and lenses and projecting the sunspots on a cardboard screen and trying to learn about how optics worked so I wanted to be an astronomer and then as time grew on I wanted to be a physicist and finally I came to NASA and the opportunity was to measure the cosmic heat radiation in the Big Bang radiation and so I came to do that and eventually we did we built a satellite that was conceived specially to measure it really really well so we discovered the cosmic hot and cold spots that are the reasons why we exist in the sense that the early universe had to have them otherwise gravity couldn't have pulled together galaxies out of the primordial material so that was a 1992 discovery also before that we measured the spectrum of the cosmic background radiation which is to say does it have the right intensity at each wavelength to really truly be the remnant of the Big Bang itself so it does within 50 parts per million which is an incredibly precise measurement and we did far better than we ever hoped to do so that's what got us a Nobel Prize it felt wonderful of course to receive the prize but I felt all along that this is a prize that recognizes the work of the huge team of people that built the cosmic background Explorer satellite it was about 1500 or 1600 people that built it mostly here at Goddard some at Ball Aerospace and there was no way that on person could claim credit for that so that's a story I like to tell which is that a team built this and a and the public supported it this was a difficult and expensive project and the public supported it and and we won we learned what we were after because of that we now have cosmology as a precise science as before that it was almost almost speculation and so that was the big change that occurred because of that project after that I thought what are we going to do that's ever going to be so exciting as that and then I got a phone call that it's time to start the study of the new telescope so that was 1995 the Hubble telescope had been repaired we could see that it was brilliant and powerful but it still couldn't show us everything so what are we gonna do next a committee was formed of course and they wrote a little book and I said build the new telescope like this it should be an introvert telescope should be at least four meters in diameter which is considerably bigger than the Hubble and we've ended up building one that is six and a half meters in diameter more than twice as big as Hubble and very powerful we had to invent ten major inventions in order to make this telescope happen we had to invent ultra lightweight mirrors that could be cooled down to very low temperatures in outer space so even though our telescope had seven times the collecting area of Hubble its mass is only half as much so that's a truly incredible accomplishment we had to perfect two different kinds of infrared detectors we had to learn how to make amplifiers to work with these low temperature detectors we had to learn how to get one of the detectors down to seven degrees Kelvin we had to learn how to make a giant umbrella which is as big as a tennis court in outer space so that the telescope would cool off all by itself to low temperature without having to have a refrigerator we had to invent lots of other stuff too but basically unless we had made those inventions this whole project couldn't happen so we didn't just take advantage of other technology we made it happen this is the Goddard Space Flight centers building 7 it's our test facility where we put our telescopes and our instrumentation together and test them out in vacuum tanks to simulate outer space either hot or cold whatever there face we test them here also to see if they'll break we shake them we spin them sometimes on a giant centrifuge we put them in a giant tank chamber with acoustic noise to simulate the noise of a rocket ship going up we have a truly enormous vacuum tank down at the end of the hall which is so large we can put whole spacecraft inside - to simulate the conditions of outer space so we will have for instance coming right up a test of the James Webb Space Telescope instrument package will be in there for several months to verify that all of the instruments work together and that they are functioning properly and everything is right about them so this is a step on the way towards launch we basically can never trust anything will still work after you receive it it has to it's good when we receive it we have to put it together to the next step and test it again so that's our job here in the test facilities build it test it try to break it build it some more test it tomorrow try to break it again and when it doesn't break any more and you sure it's satisfied then it works then you send it to the next step for the Webb telescope which will go down to Texas next after this then from Texas it goes to California from California we finished the assembly there with spacecraft bus and all of the details of the rocket Jets and the electronic boxes from there it goes in a special barge across to French Guiana to be washed on the area and rocket which is provided by European in our project and it will go directly from French Guiana to outer space to the bluegrass point l2 is about a million miles away from here this is the space environment simulator tank this is where we can raise temperatures or lower temperatures for an entire spacecraft so the James Webb telescope instrument package will be put in here within the next few months and cooled down to temperature it will have an outer space for about 45 degrees above absolute zero so this is the largest one we have here at Goddard there's one in Texas that's twice as big as this where we'll be able to cool down the entire telescope along with the instrument package behind me here is the cleanroom at Goddard Space Flight Center where we put together very large projects and at the moment we are setting up to do the James Webb Space Telescope in here so we have already assembled the instrument module which is on the far side of where you can't see it and in the foreground you see this giant steel structure which is where we will put the telescope itself together there will be in the center of this giant u-shaped structure a hexagonal mirror made out of 18 smaller hexagons that will become the center of the new telescope the collector for the light from the distant universe that will then bounce off to a smaller mirror and then down into the instrument package so over the next two years this will be completed here and then from here it will go down to Johnson Space Flight Center in Texas to be further tested at an even larger vacuum tank that we have there so this is part of the process of getting the telescope ready to observe the early universe seems to me that science education is one of the most precious things we can give to our children because children are born scientists and they're curious they want to know how things work and so let's help them follow that instinct up and keep that spark of curiosity alive throughout their lives the way I see it is our world is 100% dependent on science and technology and and we need to be a master of that to go forward successfully write for me capstone turbine corp stock price Queensborough Community College.

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