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Do my is capstone and keystone the same thing

Do my is capstone and keystone the same thing capstone human resource example for money how many types of reports can be generated in crystal ´╗┐morning guys and I'm [Music] welcome to the end [Music] about this main event that dramatically change the city books ultimately guys the Montavilla for TV [Music] [Music] [Music] so we just finished lunch and we are wandering around now we believe our farmer which is like the original Lisbon so I can't remember what year the earthquake goes in but yeah but after the earthquake it was essentially the only area in Lisbon that didn't need to be totally rebuild so yeah if you want to see like what old old Lisbon is like this is where you need to go anyway this is like a really cute Christmas shop up there so maybe we gonna sneak in there [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] this is what it really does [Music] we've just been wandering around and now we are going to look for a book called the t-square dad so hopefully you don't see this before and although I doubt it and we're gonna look in the oldest bookstores in the world yeah the oldest books are in the world [Music] so it opened in 1732 and it hasn't closed its doors ever since so yeah pretty cool I'm not really sure what I've lost but I thought that we needed to increase mine Christmas it's a little so good anymore but it's like an umbrella Christmas chocolate race mystery okay I'm not drunk and she hasn't drank the boy yes sir we're getting her home and make some dinner and drink some wine morning guys so it's another lovely November day in Lisbon what is it like 21 degrees today it's so nice and the skies super blue and the Sun is out so Bri and I are just gonna head down a branch early it's the place that has the best smash in Portugal almost I think it's in the Lisbon regardless it's super strengthening of us to do Brenna is actually going back to Australia in two days but it's Sunday guys if you know Europe you'll know that there's no always that much to do with her Sunday so that is the plan and I am I gonna wonder around and say we can maybe get our nails is this afternoon and then perfectly head out for a fun night t9 cuz it's braised laughs in Europe I'm crying underneath my bus all righty I'll show you brunch Oh [Music] so let me look [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Oh so brunch was really good the place is called the mill if anyone's here or interested yeah the coffee was really good and so was the food there know what's going on with my lighting I'm sorry and now we're just walking out one over seven hills cuz way out what else would you doin Sunday oh my god I was so puffed um yeah so we're just gonna go for a wandering around and see if we can find this beauty bar that is the current situation [Music] so me and I just got out of a few our nail spa experience it's cool the beauty bar in Lisbon she did a really great job but there's any one beauty she had to go one at a time so I spent the whole time while Bree was getting heads done watching YouTube videos as you do so I went for like a Christmas winter color and bring you out for a summer some on the greeny colour I think I like the men fit outfit because coming cheese's anyway now I'm gonna go walk back because already dark and bizarre a bit hungry the nails haven't had my head tapered bitch I look fabulous Instagram snapchat Instagram [Music] I'm glad we didn't cry the Monday one or it could be a nice week so Bree and I'm just done quick change some snapchat like that top and we are now going to head out sister note police some Nepalese food with Daniel who is been housebound working all day well we had a super fun and Girl's Day Girl's Day that wasn't even planned last night in Heroes get crazy on you mango lassi sauce spicy sauce summary nominee I think thank you yeah very good I'm a fool this year thing isn't about you know I mean like obviously these resolutions hey guys I haven't blogged that much money Inc but this is it's beautiful people here I thought I would do a bit of a quick check-in so we got up on my fur run then we came back we got ready breathes upstairs packing she leaves today face and we also went out for brunch again and I didn't fog that much of it as you know by now because we went to the mill again because it was so good yesterday and I just thought there's no point in me showing you like it's too much of the same place and it's super loud in there but yeah I think we're just gonna oh that's the other thing we did we walked through there's lots of cute little like shops in Lisbon and it's like heaps of stuff that's kind of made in this and and design in this sense it's a bit more different to everything else but yeah I think we're just gonna go chill waabri packs and then probably take her to the airport and then hopefully go out for dinner so that there's something a bit more interesting coming up today but yeah I wish I came with you again later and also I just wanted to show you these cute little there on all the doors yeah staircase to get up men so that's the first staircase supid always you have to go up another one to get into the apartment so cute so I think a lot yeah [Applause] hi guys so I have been a pretty crappy ogre today I did do a bit of a check in exactly this morning but I actually meant to do a bit of footage from around yeah poor thing by debris but you know just get swept up in the moment so she headed off a few hours ago now and then just been lounging around honestly I'm watching other people's you shoot videos and now we are heading out for some Mexican some Mickey carnal and I think the boot is cause each door but yes is like a fifteen minute wait so this is so like Melbourne this city I had to wait for brunch and now for dinner as well but the place looks really good I have some really good reviews so it's probably personally gonna be worth the wait yes that are just checking quickly cuz it's super loud in there so I won't be able to do anything in there except for maybe get some food trucks but yeah really enjoying this city but very sad the brie is gone and that's about all I have to say I'm getting a bit hungry so I'm my brains not working but yeah I will try to show you some of the food because I got a sneak peek at it before [Music] and as he not stopping really [Music] funny guys so I've looked a bit of dinner last night so hopefully I haven't checked the footage yet but hopefully that turns out because that dinner was freakin amazing that restaurant was so great the food was great the alcohol was great the staff were awesome had a really good atmosphere it was just probably the best meal I've had in like quite a few months um yeah anyway so this morning it's about 11 a.m. now we just had to check out our B&B and I've played some ones with 250 I think so gonna head down and find some lunch somewhere and then huh and then head to the airport and head back to Berlin so wherever we find food even if it's the middle again I will show you a little bit of that but anyway I don't know what I was gonna say that I'm super tired today I'm like I couldn't say probably last night cuz my eyes have been really like weepy gross side I haven't I make up today all right Oh taking too much because I'm just rambling about nothing [Music] [Music] [Music] hi guys so we are an airport and about to head off back to Berlin now we really enjoyed this vlog even though it was a little bit of a random crap blog I had a lot of fun moving in regardless we did play back foot and strive and yet any suggestions of videos that you might like to see from other parts of here kinda mean European travel fee at the moment and I've done a lot of Europe but I'd love to hear your suggestions anyway I'll see you all very soon write for me graduate school definition online New York Chiropractic College, Seneca Falls.

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