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Do my internet of things world forum dubai

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can't wait to get on it whenever it opens next you're going on steeplechase hasty ball so it's time for worlds we've run out and we've been joined by backseat loads of people in our earlier such a good day so far big one is now up and running so we will get on that eventually oh yeah get on a bit of cheese crisps better choice better change G's Villechaize I am John Jones head god Wallace's favorite elements Australian Arabica I don't know geez promise Hey oh no this umbrella is amazing go shrek is and everything I'll get a photo of it eventually for ya okay so we left time tours we were just about to go on Wallace and Gromit and then we got you back Oh Wallace and Gromit literally as you go down the first day literally I should go down the first drop round bye boom rocket seen until the rocket team in the breakfast team we just got like 25 we ended up getting a full walkthrough of Willis and Gromit great I'll put some photos in and now [Music] [Music] so yeah that's right national now 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obviously it's the first time any of us have seen icon from inside the park as it's the opening day of the season so and it does look really impressive actually I am very excited for it now after having seen it and looked at all the construction and everything it looks an amazing poster I feel like I'm going to put this out there on the 10th of February 2018 that icon is going to be the better poster but Wickham on SWA too often how it it's going to have the better overall the meaning they know where we're going but I honestly think from the look of it icon is going to be up there as one of my top coasters I'm going to put that out there now will obviously have a blog from the first time I go on an icon whenever that may be it may be opening day it may not we obviously haven't done opening day for e yeah but we shall think so yeah after next drink let's go do this wait and we're on Doran and or Heather and you've never been on this oh it's Greg as well one Punjab my friends we say bun 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I'm not blogging tomorrow you're blogging tomorrow yeah all these logging tomorrow so go get hammered or bribe there we go I'll put the link down in the deep we do hm coasters is obviously vlogging she's doing it at the minute there she is really good channel again link down in the doobly-doo so we are ready for the 2013 season next week I've not told any of you about this yet next week I am going on the trip of a lifetime it is electric the journey of a lifetime myself and my family are going to New York New York City I am in you next week oh my gosh I'm going to film some stuff I'm not going to do a proper vlog and stuff because obviously it is it's right obviously it is a family holiday so I'm not going to blog properly but I will get a few clips and do a bit of a montage new stuff at the whole week we've got Hard Rock Cafe we've got wicked on Broadway we've got the Empire State Building Statue of Liberty all that good stuff ground zero so it's going to be absolutely amazing so we've got that and then probably after that will be how is open weekend what imagine I like the day wha-hoo Oh someone's playing fusion this highlighted day I don't know here but they are wrong with it William highlighted day in fusion you are wrong sir so yeah we're gonna leave it here we're going to go and have a good night I will see you very soon probably with the New York montage the icon so I'll leave you with a bit of a view of icon see you later guys there's icon there it is see you later guys [Music] do my capstone church in anderson sc Morrisville State College.

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