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Do my internet of things market trends

Do my internet of things market trends capstone winery longview wa for money i 15 utah construction report ´╗┐hi guys you ready for FEHB saves my favorite favorite favorites seem to have a pink theme to it today um let's just get straight into it jelly okay my mum um um um um makeup it's the Revlon just bitten balm stain and the color is 0 25 in sweetheart valentine oh I didn't actually know that was in there was a color sweetheart valentine that's it pretty I'm wearing it now um yeah all the writings rubbed off what's up with that I've been carrying this like literally this is a major favorite again I'm in Cannes like with me wherever I go for touch-ups not that you need to touch up hardly at all with the unbelievable color great color range and like I said it stays on amazingly well for a bomb like it smells like mint which is I love that and it's glossy and the color is beautiful and just last it's incredible the rip rev wants a bit pricey here in Australia but this is so worth it so so worth it another thing is sort of a brand I've like rediscovered um when I was a kid and my grandmother used to have crabtree & evelyn products and they kind of like made a comeback and um thick wad up that their products their products are quite beautiful um the packaging and everything like this it's pretty much like pink continuing on with the pink theme this is a fade serum it evens out skin tones I have a bit of pigmentation around here um some there just a few a few little spots of it and this is a fade serum and yeah it smells like oranges and it I believe it's working um and the other things I got this in a little package their hand creams and they smell amazing my favorite scent ever is rose and therefore anything with rose water in it absolutely love this one is pomegranate argan and grape seed and can you tell which one which one I've kind of been favoring I hit this one this is a pomegranate one so the rosewater one is absolutely divine but this like a cent of it it's just beautiful it's almost like when you put it on oh that's so lovely when you put it on your hands it's almost like um you put on the spritz of perfume that's how like centered it is it's really beautiful and I carry the surrounding my bag with me so she like after the gym and stuff and you know you have a shower and you're getting all refreshed and you just put this on it so luxurious after you've been working out just feels like you're kind of treating yourself so yes beautiful beautiful beautiful and yes I wonder if grandma still uses these products of that brand I don't know okay pitching Ewing on with our pink theme is god I really can't talk today am I talking really fast I feel like I am I had a friend visit from purse and we went to a place called retro style which is this really cool vintage store in the city of Melbourne and I found these great um vintage Sonny's they're pink with a kind of 80s black pink for a detail on there I they were so cheap um I can't remember how much they were there I think they like 2050 yea though two dollars fifty now a couple of weeks ago I discovered this in a pop-up shop in allen central and it's called a keep cup and it's like one of those you know beverage cups that you carry around with your coffee in it when you leave the house or if you go to the gym you protein shake ah I don't do the protein shakes or anything like that but you know you can take it to a coffee shop and give them this and they'll put whatever you know it keeps it hot or keeps at kohls whatever you prefer anyway the thing with these is first thing that I love is they have this flap here that covers the little hole that you drink out of and so you know if you want to take a break from your drink and a sick of holding it you know you can just put that on and it does not spill whatsoever so you know you can throw it in your bag so if you're finishing this little bit left it's not going to spill out at all and the whole like ethos of these is that um you build them like they have everything every piece of the cup is about to be bought separately i bought this all in one but i put the built it myself like the lids the lids come in all different colors does these come off no they don't come off the lids come in different colors the cup itself comes in different colors as does the ring thing and the great thing about these English you can actually color in it's got everything written here cappuccino cafe latte flat white loafer sugar sweetener how many sugars you want um decaf hot strong if you want tea chai organic Makka hot chocolate um that's pretty awesome so you can go in and like coloring what you want so you don't even have to talk to the person you don't like the best I know what you wouldn't just ask for it but anyway so if you buy multiples of these you can have a few of like your favorite drinks I don't know I don't know I think it's a good idea in theory in practice I don't know now the last favorite thing is a store and the stores just opened up in Melbourne and it's the dice toy store and it's a like a department store but everything in it is Japanese and it's the dice all they saw store it's kind of like I clear where thank you you have a map you followed around and have like everything you can imagine you like it's like a walmart for Japanese products and the brilliant thing about this is that every single item in the store is two dollars 80 everything no matter what it is um yes pretty amazing I know um so I didn't go to sick but I've always wanted one of these angled liner brushes and this one it's been used so excuse you have to clean it it's really fine very thin perfect for doing lush I shadow eyeliner it makes it so easy and I actually found out this is a nail nail art brush to do a lot um so yeah if you have been looking for one of these nice hey buddy what you're doing is you're doing but what's your killing um even looking one if for one of these you should go to you nail section of beauty supply or whatever because that's where they're hiding them um and this is a powder look at him or is he doing and this is a powder it's called silk touch foundation but I was blown away when I first use this um I find it almost identical to my neck skin mineralized skinfinish natural um it's almost the identical products and product um yeah so I just put that over my foundation and it's really cool where is he gone hey he's literally standing on the coat hands and then this also toodles ad this palette have a clinic palette quite similar but this one is are amazing like I can use this palette in my whole eyes I've really become a fan of using plenty sort of like shadows on my brows I don't like black I think it's too harsh um so I use that color on my brows these two colors just great eyeshadow colors and this here is actually a cream so it's like a base that included a base in there for you it's kind of reminds me of um bear study paint my mac so there's your eyeshadow base and you can do your whole eyes and eyebrows with that to Dallas ad again okay so once you've got all this swag this is amazing it's what is it what is it just got this little clip here so I don't know if you want to clip it onto your bag or just I would just throw this in in my bag um it's seriously folds out to be an entire shopping bag know how you get those you know green shopping bags that fold up and everything um this is like a cooler version of that is leopard print so yeah I think that's just really cool something random so yes that was my predominantly pink said babes including buddy all right guys I will see in the next video um please like if you liked the video and subscribing is fun and it's free and subscribe for more buddy um yeah have a great day evening whatever you doing I hope you know this board as I am because I was so bored today and boring people are boring so that's not cool ok I'll catch in the next video see ya outline for a capstone project Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

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