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Do my internet of things kevin ashton

Do my internet of things kevin ashton write for me internet of things list essay about asean 2018 philippines ´╗┐so when Tom Perez became the head of the DNC he promised fairness and he promised neutrality in the primaries because of course that was a giant issue in 2016 I mean basically Hillary Clinton in her campaign owned the DNC they added an agreement a contract with the DNC where they would get the last say on any press releases from the DNC so what happened was the DNC feigned neutrality when in a reality they were you know linked at the hip monetarily with Hillary's campaign and Hillary's campaign was calling the shots of the DNC so all the Bernie people all along were talking about bias it was more than just bias it was literally an agreement between the DNC and Hillary campaign so that's why you know hey let's they tried to not have as many debates and then when there were debates they tried to hide the debates and they literally changed voting times in some Pro Bernie districts and some primaries I mean this stuff is in your face there was of course the example of Donna Brazile when she was at CNN slipped debate questions to Hillary before the debate I mean it it was just through and through finger on the scale against Bernie Sanders and the progressive base and for Hillary Clinton so that's why oh my god they made this big thing of who's it gonna be Tom Perez or keith ellison now who do the people want keith ellison he actually represents the left a lot more than Tom Perez does so but Tom Perez one that's weird that's weird after the establishment wing got destroyed in the election you would think the Democratic Party would say well that was the wrong direction let's go to the left now nope Tom Perez becomes a head of the DNC but it's okay because they're gonna work together with the progressives now where there's a unity Commission unity yes we spit in your eye and rig the primary against you but we'll come together now well they gave keith ellison there's number two position of the DNC it's nothing to appease keith Ellison I mean that's basically what that is and to try to appease the progressive wing but they promised oh what we won't do anymore is we won't get involved in favor of the establishment candidate against the progressive oops look what happened making a promise Tom Perez puts his thumb on the scale for Andrew Cuomo by abandoning a commitment to strict neutrality and endorsing in a key race the DNC chair undermines confidence in the Democratic Party did you know that in the age of Trump the Democratic Party is raising significantly less money than the RNC is the Democrats are raising less money than Republicans in the age of Donald Trump how this is fucking how this is how nobody trusts you cuz they're right to not trust you people are donating to justice Democrats people are donating to our revolution people are donating to left-wing candidates and they should but nobody's only to the Democrat Abart because this what the Democratic Party does they spit in your eye they work against your fucking interests the Republicans don't do this to their base the Republicans meet with their base care about their base push for what their base wants you know the anti-abortion people Trump signed executive orders that are against abortion since he's been in office the Republicans unite with their base Democrats fuck over their base and then they and then they they have the nerve to scold you when they don't win an election ah you should have fallen in line how about you should have fallen in line how about that how about you should have done the policies the base want anything they would vote for you they're telling you what you need to do when you go I'm not gonna do that but how dare you not vote for me fuck off fuck off man god dammit so listen here's the point about this story they still control the party that's what it is if you don't think that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and the likes of Andrew Cuomo don't control the Democrat Party you're just factually wrong because why would Tom Perez knows what he said he knows that he said that all were gonna be neutral now we ought to be neutral he knows what he said so why did he not stick to it perhaps because he didn't have a choice did that occur to you he didn't have a choice because the people who ultimately cut the back deals to get Tom Perez in the position he's in now said hmm neutrality is cute but you're gonna endorse me because these are the real power players and power brokers in the Democratic Party it's still Hillary Clinton it's still Bill Clinton it's still Barack Obama it's still Andrew Cuomo the corporate Democrats still run it and they thought well you know like I said it's cute we could tell the progressive base that yeah that's what we care about we care about neutrality but when push comes to shove if I want your endorsement bitch you're gonna endorse me so it's disgusting and this is just like the d-triple-c has been working against progressive candidates listen we need to over whelmed them by any means necessary and by every means necessary that means where you can you know support a Green Party candidate supporting an independent or where you can support the anti-establishment Democratic candidate because we need to do to them not what they've done to us because they've been unethical and how they've come against us but what we need to do to them is overwhelm them with sheer force of numbers and don't get defeatist tanned think that can't happen that can happen in fact that's already happened in many of these races in many of these you know special elections and primary races that we've had since the 2016 election Democratic socialists are winning all over the place our evolution and justice Democrats have about a 50% win rate the governor of Nebraska race you know we got the left wing or won the primary so these fights are winnable but we need to take stories like this and use it for the fuel that we need just like in the water boy tackling fuel I usually like tackling fuel we need to have these stories pop up in our head come election time or even right now if this inspires you to go fight back against the establishment through any means please do it you know go go volunteer for Alison Hartson or Aimee vilela or go get involved in Democratic socialists or the Green Party or just get involved and we need to fight back against these people and we need to win because if they keep winning then the country loses because ultimately they're guilty of what they accuse us of being guilty of they accused the Bernie people on the left ah you guys gave us Trump no you guys gave us Trump you did the Pied Piper strategy you wanted to prop up Trump because you thought Hillary would have an easier chance beating Trump than anybody else so you propped him up then he got through the primary and then he was able to beat you and so you guys are responsible for losing to him and now you have the nerve to blame us for him well if you keep winning the Republicans and Trump keep winning the country can't afford that and the country can't afford you so it's time for that left-wing wave but the left-wing wave has to be an actual left-wing wave populist left wave not a not an establishment corporate neoliberal wave because that has disaster written all over it do my capstone club golf course tuscaloosa SUNY Technology Colleges.

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