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Do my internet of things iot

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to ask if there can go to our schools as well because that's why i put the catholics this country there's an NG catholic country but when the cabin excuse me when the catholics built superior schools protestant parents started knocking on the doors to send their children to those schools because they wanted them in those environments now some of the most unique private schools the distinction is the co k is much better then people are getting high in in sharkskin suits instead of t-shirts and jeans this is what's going on out there the STD look at the rates of STDs in this country amongst young people there's physicians in this room that know these statistics you look at the race of chlamydial infection of gonorrhea there there inoculate little children now for venereal diseases give them vaccines for hepatitis a type of hepatitis that you can only get through internet through drug use or through illicit sexual relations and their community seems the little kids just in case what kind of expectation is that in a society how far we have fallen as a species and as a community and the reason for this i mentioned this last night i'll miss it again in my estimation the reason for this is because the angelic realm has been a from the human condition people don't believe in angels anymore but I can guarantee you if Allah whiskey can remove the veil right now and you would be a will turd by what you see you would be bewildered by what you see if you went right now down to Times Square if you went down to Madison Square if you went down to Grand Central Station you would be amazed and all the chin that you would see you would probably lose your mind it's a blessing that we don't see these things but we have a vision of angel right here I've got to angel their regular Olivia they don't leave me until I got this one I have our time Master please don't write to wait make toba we believe that their scraps what does the Quran say it says that all of your sins are in a digital book Oh Monica kawasaki keep a llamar home it's in a digital book about Cecily and I engine after hockey of the elusive pathway as a beginner level under one hop I want a net feet yeah I think I do not appreciate you Allah says we will show you our science in the Sultan on the horizon one of the signs of Allah is the computer we now have computer computers monitoring all of our transaction you get at the end of the month you get an eye everywhere you win they know where you bought your debt they know what food you have this month all of this now is digitalized it's all being monitored your telephone calls they even have both images they can Afghan I can come and take your computer and they can retrieve all of your emails and if they have their reporting equipment they have all of your conversations inside your house what we're saying to your spouse all of that is can be recorded now entire lives can be recorded reality TV on the yoga fionna those recordings are there as well the digital book shows itself everything that you did said and thought allah subhan allah tala is recorded he is the ox emily has to be the best of those who reckon the best of those who calculate a less of an analysis that I see he's recording everything this is it this is our life what are we doing what kind of reporting what type of a reality show are we making because you're on the know exactly one of the meanings of an open there's different albums there's create out of it but one of the out is to see your life second to the second time you see moment by moment for the believers are they're actually put into a private chamber it's not seen in front of other people and they just have to admit what they did is this a true account did you do these things and they say yes and a lot forgives them but for other people is shown for all the world to see you get to see if you want it's all there you can see from Lincoln assassination who really killed kennedy did they really go to the moon all those things are going to be revealed it's WikiLeaks in the grandness of scale nothing is given everything is revealed that is our destiny so we have to ask ourselves in light of that fact what are we going to utilize this unique momentous opportunity of life on earth because he's given us a fire right now this is our time it's not other people's time amount of azadi was here he's gone his books were made but he's gone he's no longer walking the earth how could a dino rossi is gone and asia my we have one of the great scholars of heavy from Afghanistan she's gone all of the ideas about mahadi come through her she's gone all of these great people are gone and we're here it's up this is our time we won't be here for long it's a brief moment it's a brief moment but it's all room and this is the challenge that we have energy because everything that we build here will be reaped in the next life good and evil what we do here will determine our experiences there and that's the basis of our educational world view people say why should i send my my child too zigeuner i mean it's not even accredited do you think that the messages of the prophet elias kemp was accredited really people that were studying there they were people that it was all based on their if they learn what they learned they went and i'll tell you something about this country diplomas are meaning less and less you're not getting jobs everybody's a four-point-oh now you can pay their four point oh everybody is a four-point up everybody's done is and done that when you go into the job they're not looking at those things anymore like they used to because they used to have a lot of meaning they don't have to say anything anymore they want to know what you can do look look June and then they want ethical people because there's so many problems there's so many people that are dishonest so many young people now cheating is rampant in our universities in high school even in the lower ribs cheating is not a big deal anymore even teachers chief now they proven it they've cheated in some of these school districts with the 10th I said you know the other day that we had now our governor ex-governor they just found out about a child if desired with his maid and the only thing that we were shocked about is how the hell did he keep it a secret for ten years that was the shop write for me capstone experiences in higher education Touro College.

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