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Do my internet of things devices

Do my internet of things devices str 581 capstone examination part 3 articulo de opinion diario la tercera reportajes ´╗┐it is selection Sunday and as of right now I got no clue who's gonna win it all I got no clear-cut favorite as to who is going to cut down the Mets in San Antonio now this is it going to be the craziest NCAA tournament of all time because that goes to the 2011 tour knee where you saw a seven seed in Connecticut beat each seeded Butler in a national title game I mean that tournament was just complete shenanigans complete unpredictability now we might see a little bit of that but not to the same extent that we saw in 2011 so who is the favorite I think the most talented team on paper is Michigan State but something about them hasn't looked right all season long they only had four losses during the regular season but yeah I don't know they lost in the big 10 tournament and I I don't I don't think they're gonna win it all I don't know the two most consistent teams all season long Virginia and Villanova now the thing about these two although we did see Villanova win it all a couple years ago they always bow out in the second round and Virginia well they always get beat earlier than you expect to I mean we've seen them are plenty of times get seeded number one or two losing the second round losing the sweet 16 sayonara the two hottest teams right now you're looking at Michigan in the big ten they've really put it all together they got great guard play you got wide Wagner inside who's like a stretch four stretch five I like the way Kentucky's playing I like the way that they defend and they just took down Tennessee in the SEC final today and that was a team that didn't look good to start the year but they got better and better as the season has gone along it reminds me of that Kentucky team back in 2011 coincidentally that reached the Final Four as a four seed and that's where I have Kentucky as a four seed Duke was a team that I thought started to keine a start putting it together ever since they went to that zone they start killing teams but then Notre Dame in North Carolina they exploited that zone with good passing you put a big man in the middle and you let him do work well Duke just lost to North Carolina now North Carolina it's not a bad team lose to by any means but if you're gonna win at all I would like to see Duke win the ACC tournament so as of right now I don't know who the national champions going to be but we'll see how the brackets turn out at about six o'clock seven o'clock whenever the hell they announce the damn thing because from what I'm reading they're gonna unveil all 68 teams first and then they're gonna put them in brackets why do they have to extend the coverage oh just give me my fucking bracket and let me fill it out damn it makes me bitter why this channel still have better birds by the way all right so I got my bracket I'm gonna put everything in the description box because I'm not gonna go and list all my matchups or whatever but my number one seeds number one overall I got Virginia then Villanova Kansas and and Xavier I kept Xavier on the one line despite losing that's Providence in the Big East semifinals my last four teams in got Oklahoma Arizona State Texas and UCLA Oklahoma and Arizona State I'm really curious how the committee handles them because if you look at their resume and their overall body of work I think they are tournament teams because of who they beat earlier in the season but these two teams are free-falling right now and coincidentally Arizona State in Oklahoma that's who I have playing in one of the playing games so one of those free-falling teams is gonna win in terms of my bracket I'm really curious to see what they do with Noor today because Noor Dame when you watch them play with bonzi Colson that's a tournament team and I remember last year they they put Wichita State in the tournament and Fred Van Fleet is hurt for a lot of the season but they still made the tourney and they were in the playing game they want to play in game so I'm curious to see if the Irish get the benefit of the doubt the problem is is when you look at their resume they are only 2 and 9 against the quadrant 1 now by the way they've kind of changed things around as to what the criteria is they're looking at these these quadrants now they they used to look at top 25 wins against the RPI top 15 top 100 but now they got something called quadrants and in quadrant one you you record a victory if you beat a team in the top 30 at home you also get a quadrant one win if you beat a team on a neutral floor against the top 50 top 50 neutral 14 and then you also get one if you beat a top 75 team on the road so that constitutes a quadrant one went well against quadrant 1 teams in order dame just 2 and 9 they beat Wichita State on a neutral floor earlier in the season I believe that was the the Maui Invitational if I remember correctly and but but after that did their next best win is at Syracuse and I don't even have Syracuse making the tournament so I'm curious how the committee handles them so my 2 C's I got North Carolina Duke Michigan State and Purdue I would have had Tennessee on the 2 line had they beat Kentucky but they did it alright so I do have a couple sleepers darkhorse teams now I'm talking mid-majors cinderella's I really like Loyola Chicago I'm high on them they won the Missouri Valley Conference tournament this is a team that likes to defend to set up their break so they stifle you in the half court and then they get the rebound and they go they got a really good point guard and a kid by the name of David Custer he can penetrate a defense and find the open man and this team also shares the ball very well so they like to go out on the break but they also can break you down in the halfcourt because of how well they pass the basketball so this is my Dark Horse sweet 16 team I have them as an 11 seed watch out for them also watch out for South Dakota State they got a kid by the name of Mike Dom that's been leading their conference in scoring for seemingly five years now but I believe it's just two back-to-back Summit League Player of the Year for that guy Davidson by the way them winning the Atlantic ten tournament today shrunk the bubble by a spot and I had Saint Bonaventure initially in the tournament but because of Davidson's win they get knocked out so I listed my last four in my first four out I got Saint Bonaventure Notre Dame Middle Tennessee and Syracuse and then you go it's Louisville Baylor Marquette and Oklahoma State those are my next four out so that is my bracket if you have any complaints let me know in the comments section cuz I'm gonna put it in in the description box in the comments section that's how I'm gonna do this I'm not going to go and list all my teams that's that's kind of ridiculous but you if you want to see it here it is here's my notebook I don't know if you can read anything so there you go and I also uh hey I do in-depth research on this shit so it's not like I just went in and put everything together I just spent the last couple hours doing this so there's a process to this I used to be the bracket ologists what I used to work at the Sports Network I was the bracket I'll just guy I did the bracketology stuff I had bracketology columns but now I'm just doing it for YouTube and doing it for shits and giggles because well I'm better than Joey practice that's all so I I have I don't know if you can see this or not but I list the teams I have I put the RPI the record the conference record strength the schedule top 25 record top 50 top 100 and then the quadrant once and then I got losses so that's how I do it it's how I do my bracket ology let's see how I do tonight brackets unveil that they say six but who the hell knows freaking idiots a TBS extending the coverage of this shit ridiculous do my cannery village capstone homes York College, City University of New York.

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