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Do my internet of things benefits economy

Do my internet of things benefits economy do my capstone project sample pdf essay my ideal home [Music] when I heard about you from Professor Paul Buckley yeah I was thrilled to hear about it all oh yeah Paul told me yeah yeah I know yeah you're older supervising and then Paul was so proud of you so yeah and could you briefly tell me about driverless car in more detail I mean earlier I heard about your interview with adenosine oval but you know it's really really fascinating topic it's young people I think so and I think I think it's one of those topics that has caught society's interest for the very reason that it's broken already and it's such a such a complex social issue as well so the technology is fascinating right so how amazing to have a vehicle with its own cameras and lasers be able to take on something that we don't let teenagers do until they're 16 or 17 and have machines doing and then how how fascinating and amazing to be working in an area that could fix something that's so painful when people have accidents and broken things in and how amazing that that same technology comes up in so many other guises that look at all think of all the forklifts think of all the trucks all the ports all the things we would like to amplify what we can do as a species think about exploration on different planets and moons and think about looking after the oceans all of those things had machines moving by themselves because of software and algorithms that we can develop and and I've personally never lost that thrill of you can write it a text file a computer program it's just a text file and a two-ton machine can decide what's due a traffic light or a vast ship can start to move because of a pattern of software and there's something deeply intellectually interesting there for me about how that can be hugging it perceive the world how can it get better because Tuesdays come off the Mondays so if you ran a machine every day of the week what's coming on there hey listen I said as it behaves in the world it learns about the world how do you capture that how do you say something strong about whether that's going to be safe how do you how do you ensure that and how do you get all the machines to share their experiences in moving through the world in the very way that humans don't and so driverless cars is one example of that but we see cars all the day and we're rubbish at driving and you know it will be some time before the machines are as good as humans in in all the places but the single thing I keep coming back to is machines singularly don't have the fault that singularly humans do and that's we're rubbish at repetitive tasks we're appalling concentrating and excellent are being distracted machines have none of those qualities yeah I read an article about you and you know in recent study in recent the KPMG study by 2030 more injection from UK government like 51 billion pounds and then that will create about 300,000 more jobs I can't understand how they could have happened didn't quite recognize all of those those numbers but here's for sure that robotics and autonomous systems technology amplifies what we do as a species just like computing this and if you if you look at now the wealth and the health that's been created in the world because of silicon based computing I think robotics and autonomous systems are simply an extension of that trajectory and their tools they're just tools fancy hammers and all of us civilizations history has been accelerated smooth made better by the advent of tools and that's what we're doing here's what engineers do these are Co remarkable tools but they are just a machine and they're a machine that do things better than we do because of how we evolved and they're an extension of us when I enter there you are building robotics Institute and every single room is occupied by human bigs but we couldn't see Robert oh yeah I mean they weren't they weren't humanoids you know the one they're aren't robots with legs and arms walking around like c-3po but if you look closely well there's just one buried down there yeah there's one downstairs that's got a snake arm on it and then as I Garrett at the front where we have a self-driving car we've got a space vehicle down there so they're around and here's the thing we are particularly good at the algorithms and the software that makes machines smart we don't make the hardware so much we have some hardware competency so we don't really make the phenotype we don't really spend so much time on the atoms no we we have to do quite a lot of that but we're not into designing new vehicles what we like to do is take a vehicle that's iron a bit dumb and make it smart by adding the software on it so what you would have seen is yes the robots are there but there's an awful lot of computers and an awful lot of software being written you know the there may be some young students who may want to study robotics I'm doing having on there being many yeah yeah yeah yeah do you have any advice to young people whom who willing to study robotics absolutely and program then do some more programming connect your computer to something real so connect your computer to some sensors to some motors you can you can get hold of very cheap sort of development kits that do that and get into the mess of the real world so it's really messy when you start to try and point a camera at things and lights are flaring and the rain comes be be bold about getting into the places where your algorithms just don't work because that's where you get told what the hard problems are and the bits that it doesn't work and there's just no substitute for having a go and playing with some code get yourself a low-power processor a Raspberry Pi and Odroid whatever your flavor of the month is get that and play play that's what I did I mean as a kid you know I was I was building and wiring stuff together that never really works you know but from six you know and be amazed at how you can write a text file and if something moves down your stairs and play with that so after I robotics research research on robotics driverless cars what's next well so the robotics Institute is new we've only been open to going about six months in it and it's a transformation of the original mobile robotics group and so what we're going to do now is really broaden our reach so we have a new leg lab starting so we're gonna have running robots we're looking at drones we're gonna start looking at underwater vehicles as well with new research groups starting with inside the robotics Institute with some fantastic new colleagues that we've got joining us here so that's going to be the next chapter I think of Oxford also something that's very important to me it's an entrepreneurship side of stuff so I've really got addicted to trying over doing well actually of getting our technology out there into industrial partners and people who want to use what we've made so so that's good fun and it's important and the outreach as well so I think that we need many many more women in computing science and that's encouraging to all absolutely so so you know please if you're out there code doesn't matter on anything other than just time in front of that screen so I'd like to do some more of that and I'm interested in in sort of helping policy decisions through and it's making sure we stay on that right track and single-minded of making bits to move atoms that's fantastic it's great I'm having a ball yeah voices Fox for the launch et talks and we have a TED Talks events in regularly and the most audience they're young people and including high school students so next time with the lighting by two to give a talk great thank you very much pleasure thanks for coming [Music] you capstone bci equity fund Sisters of St. Joseph.

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