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Do my international conference on artificial intelligence 2018

Do my international conference on artificial intelligence 2018 capstone logistics bluffton indiana phone number research paper on a company guys I just got off the group chat with my parents my dad says PewDiePie is an anti-semite my mom says What did he say my dad says killed the Jews I regret to inform you Felix that I will be dropping you for my Twitter follows I will be unsubscribing from your account actually no that's just a goof felix is a great guy he's not an anti-semite and I don't know what the fuck is going on but you guys probably heard the news that Felix was dropped from his Network that YouTube canceled his show he's being denounced there's like 20 articles calling him a raging anti-semite I feel like as a Jew and somebody who knows Felix and his friends with him I'm in a unique position to talk about this situation so as far as I can tell this new round of hit jobs on Felix started from The Wall Street Journal with a article entitled Disney severed ties with YouTube star PewDiePie after anti-semitic posts okay that title is fucking garbage anti-semitic posts let's just show what he did but anyway Fiverr now has decided that that this kind of work is not enough they need more so they've expanded into pretty much fucking everything it was a blissful moment when I discovered this they have the low of the love the scraping of the bottom fun and lifestyle basically just become I'll do pretty much anything you want for five bucks pewdiepie went on Fiverr and as a joke he asked people to hold up a sign that says death to all Jews , everyone's forgetting the second part death to all Jews , subscribed to keemstar he's making a joke about keemstar making it sound like he's anti-semitic ok that's the joke now another part of this commentary and you're making me explain a fucking joke which is always obscene is that he's seeing what you can get people to do for $5.00 it's an interesting commentary he found a guy who impersonates Jesus and got him to say Hitler did absolutely nothing wrong well Jesus here just want to let you all know that Hitler did absolutely nothing wrong now that is fuckin hilarious guys okay it's a joke he's not serious there's a big difference guys context matters as a Jewish person I'm not offended and this is the problem with this manufactured outrage people getting offended for people who are not offended you don't need to get outraged on my behalf okay Hitler's standing on a pulpit screaming let's kill all the Jews is not the same as PewDiePie doing a little goof on fiverr context matters use your fuckin brain guys by the way Wall Street Journal aren't you like a fucking news organization don't you talk about like Wall Street and now you're writing about pewdiepie is business must be slow a guy's you have to log in and subscribe to read their article god I wonder why they're creating these sensational titles a man is probably not fueled by money probably not trying to clickbait people to come on their shitty website and take credit for ruining the reputation of one of the biggest youtubers for absolutely no reason Wall Street general you guys have a stellar stellar reputation you're the best man well because I can't read this piece-of-shit article let's go to their YouTube channel and see the video that they made to support these claims warning graphic language and content viewers crushers are forged really hyping this up what is this an Isis beheading video or is this just some clips from YouTube you guys really know how to set the tone here whoo I love this spooky music very scandalous like little tribal oh I like that musics kept me in the mood to fucking contact YouTube and tell them to drop puny pipes now I love the fact that they're using this video of Felix in Nazi imagery as support that is anti-semitic but of course they remove all of the context because this comes from a video entitled I'm racist where he Lampoon's the media for mischaracterizing him as racist this is what people would actually think if I didn't have a chance dude you know because people just read the title people just read this and they're like oh okay I see Peter pipes a Nazi now that's all right he puts on the imagery and he watches a Hitler speech as a joke making fun of himself and the media who mischaracterizes him and of course they took it out of context to show that he's anti-semitic it's fucking absurd think about this the person who made this video and who wrote these articles looked at all this videos saw that he was talking about how the media rip misrepresents him ignored that made the conscious decision to cut out the pieces they wanted to misrepresent him again shame on you dude that is fucking pathetic I mean I'm disappointed because it just proves to these cult of outrage people that you can chief whatever your outrage sets your tits will on you know what I mean you can get poop I show cancel all I need to do is write into these fucking horseshit papers and get a sensational title and it breaks my heart that YouTube and maker and Disney caved to this fake outrage and let me remind you Disney before you get on your fucking high horse with your white powdered wig that Walt Disney was a notorious racist and anti-semite okay so why don't you just close up shop why don't you just shut down the whole fucking company because he actually was a real races and anti-semitism median but didn't even make Chuck's that bad as a result of this manufactured outrage his network maker which is owned by Disney and YouTube dropped his new season of scare PewDiePie which was as I understand it almost nearly completed and we were in an episode of that so you're killing the Jews a limelight you're anti-semitic where's my fucking spot and scare PewDiePie that was gonna launch my acting career while you holding down the Jew I'm writing an outrageous letter to The Wall Street Journal to write a article about how Disney and YouTube are anti-semitic watch they're gonna do it too they don't give a shit they don't have any morals they're the biggest result of this is just the huge smear campaign that is you know been thrust on to Felix even my parents the fact that they read about this friends are like hey what's up with Pete why is he an anti-semite because they know I'm friends with them that is the biggest consequence of this I think a global case of defamation the the hardest irony to swallow is that these people are actually doing what they are accusing Felix of doing they are trivializing real racism by going on this campaign to accuse him of being a racist they are trivializing people who actually hate Jews who actually hate black people Felix is not a real racist he's a comedian maybe he pushed the boundary a little too far but guys that's it let's not call him an anti-semite because he's not save your fucking outrage for the real races and that's why I stand with PewDiePie and so should you breaking news tonight at eight popular youtuber ethan klein accused of anti-semitism take a look at this disturbing footage killed the Jews wow you heard of here folks Ethan Klein hates the Jews tune in tomorrow night at 8 to see what other videos we took out of context to prove that this man is a raging anti-semite these guns are not expelled if our reports are reassured but we're monkeys and we're not responsive or information that comes as a result [Music] capstone project physician assistant online Hebrew Union College.

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