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Do my information technology capstone project ideas

Do my information technology capstone project ideas write for me capstone apartments college station tx ranko tsukigime review of literature ´╗┐just come with me calmly so on Tuesday this week I came back from my trip in Dallas and you know I ran into a little bit of trouble at the LAX Airport you know there is designated areas all over the airport because it's a rather large fund for uber drivers had lists to come and pick you up and so I went to tremble for something like that and I waited for my lift I came in like about 10:40 and there was a lot of people there and so me being lazy the way I am I wanted to sit down and so on the sidewalk where everyone was standing there's a little ledge where the railing was that jutted out where you could perfectly sit down now my purse is a backpack actually my purse currently is a backpack and when you're wearing a backpack you can't really sit comfortably so I did what I usually do and I took it off and I place it right next to me but then when my uber driver came lyft driver it doesn't matter when when they came I got up with my suitcase and I also had another huge carry-on bag so my suitcase and a big handbag I got up with those and I walked over to my list and I put my stuff in and as soon as I sat in the passenger seat I remember looking over at the uber driver and I'm just like did I put my purse back there and he's just like huh yeah yeah yeah you did you put your purse there and I was like huh okay and I felt weird I felt weird in that moment but I didn't double check and you know my brain felt like it was just scared and it was because I just was dreading going home to my Conti ass roommate I just didn't want to have to deal with her and the anxiety of dealing with someone who is just so quick to anger I was just rehearsing conversations in my head and I was stressing me before now I just really didn't want to go home so we drove all the way home which was 40 minutes away and as soon as I got home I remember getting my stuff out of the uber drivers backseat or in the trunk and I started freaking out my heart you know that good old feeling that rush of adrenaline dummy dropping down and I just I knew I knew instantly that I had left my purse at LAX my entire everything was in that purse my IVs my credit cards my 3ds and and I just I hated myself because I knew it I felt that weird stupid feeling that I was like I'm missing something and I should have just double checked so I was so mad at myself I was exceedingly angry and I just I it's not good for me i overthink and I started hating myself a lot and they started going down a spiral it wasn't that I was going to go into a panic but it was my mind racing so much to the point where it was scary it was pretty scary so the lyft driver was actually nice enough to without any charge drive me back to LAX and I just closed my eyes and I prayed that maybe this time maybe humanity can pull through and someone didn't do the bad thing and seal but rather get the right thing and turned my purse in so I just really wanted to believe in people so we drive back you know I wanted to hope for the best but sometimes you know just just sometimes things don't work out the way you want them to and of course looking along the ledge the my purse wasn't there so I started you know I started freaking out because aside from all of the guilt tripping I was doing prior now it was that with the addition of oak now you gotta think about how to replace everything and how long it takes how much money where I need to go so by this point I was just frantic I ran all over the airport I asked security and they finally called the police and then you know the police started questioning me at this point I lost all of my pride and a little bit of my sanity so I was I was crying pretty hard I was pretty shaken as I was telling my story to the policeman there was a nice older woman and you know she she was very beautiful and she looks at me and she was like I I don't mean to interject but here and she hands me a lot of cash and I very nicely I'm sorry a wad sounds like it's crumpled a very nice this pinch a very nice pinch of cash and I I was just kind of shaken because I I already have self-esteem issues and accepting kindness from others is exceedingly difficult as of late so for someone to be that overwhelmingly nice I start to overthink really hard and I just I couldn't comprehend it and I couldn't I I looked at her and I'm like I I i can't accept this and she just she pushes it back in my hand and she hugs me and she's like I just hope it helped and I know it may not seem like it now but the world isn't full of bad people there's still some good out there and I just you know you come full circle after me and like I can't cook kindness to just be like maybe it'd be rude of me to not accept it so I was just like okay okay and I took it and she smiled and the policeman was touched and I I just don't understand how some people can be so kind without a second thought and then there can be people who without a second thought not feel a single thing for another human being you know um I looked all over LA and I stayed out with the police until 4:00 in the morning and I was so exhausted from traveling and from crying the emotional rollercoaster of anger and fear and hatred and adrenaline and just so much I just wanted to go home and sleep honestly I just wanted to quit you know the policemen filed my entire report we got the entire police report right sergeant Reyes he was very helpful very kind very understanding he wasn't aggressive like how you would assume you know you just assume that the police are bad because of the way you know things have been going with the world but it they were so kind and empathetic and it just it really made me feel like yeah the world is good there are good people it just so happens that lately I've run into a string of shady people but for the most part people I feel want to be good I really want to believe the vast majority of people have at least some some semblance of understanding you know finally I went back home at about 4:30 in the morning and I thought a call from the police just as I was getting put into bed and they were like uh Cassandra we found your purse and I wasn't even shocked I was so tired that I was just like oh my gosh that's great great and so I went and I picked it up I signed the last piece of paperwork and nothing was stolen the only thing lead that the police had was that I lost it at Terminal four but it was turned in at Terminal two so if someone did pick it up walked around with it and then turned it in maybe they didn't find anything of value in there maybe they had the intention of stealing maybe not it doesn't matter the point being is that humanity won this time 100 percent whoever found my purse understood my life would have been exceedingly harder if they had not done the right thing so thank you really but you know in the end my purse was returned to me and I remember I was so overwhelmed when I got my purse on the drive back home I was talking to Eric and I told him that I felt bad because now I have this woman's money who gave it to me because presumably if I didn't get my purse back it was to help me in a small way but I did get it back so I couldn't in good faith to keep it at least all of it I felt like I wanted to give back somehow because if people have it in them to save me and my stupidity because this was all my fault it was a lapse in judgment it was because I'm clumsy whatever the case is I'm the one that left my purse there so I feel like I just want to pay the kindness forward so I decided that I wanted to donate at least a little portion of the money to a GDQ Prairie Doctors Without Borders because I really do believe that paying the kindness forward quite literally in this sense is the right thing to do well anyway remember to smile guys because really kindness is everything [Music] senior capstone project order Wagner College, Staten Island.

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