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Do my ieee paper on mimo technology

Do my ieee paper on mimo technology social science capstone ideas for money mla example research paper ´╗┐Boom : Hi Sky : Hello Boom : What are we doing today? Sky : Ah.....Review SkizzTV : Hey Wait!!! SFX : Beep Boom : Why i'm here Boom : What do you want from me? Sky : To review a graphic card Boom / SkizzTV : oh......... Sky : i'm buying a new one SkizzTV : Boom think me again! Boom : Me again! SkizzTV : Ok...Hello Everyone Welcome to newest channel from this guy(Sky) Boom / Sky : Hahaha SkizzTv : Our channel SkizzTV : OK...For today SkizzTV : This show will review technology products from Boom : Yes! SkizzTV : All a round the world SkizzTV : that for someone who never seen it before And That thing right there isn't a toy or model form Star Wars This is a graphic card Star Wars Collection SkizzTV : Boom, Which side are you like in Star Wars Boom : Sith, black And red right there SkizzTV : Black and red? hm?... SkizzTV : And Green side is Jedi, right? Sky : Yeah! Boom : Jedi and Sith SkizzTV : Sith.... Sith that mean sit. right? (Picture : That Squat not sit) SFX : Drum sound Boom : Ok... I think we should start. right now SkizzTV / Sky : Okay Hahaha Boom : Let Open it SkizzTV / Sky : Yeah! Boom : Let's start with the container SkizzTV : Strip!!! Strip it now!!! Boom : The container look like this Star Wars SkizzTV : Yeah. It look like this. Jedi Order SkizzTV : That mean this one is green side, right? Sky : Green. Yes! SkizzTV : Oh.. Green, Jedi side Boom : Back side look like this SkizzTV : Nothing there. All white Boom : So Simple but beautiful Boom : It's unboxing time SkizzTV : Ahhhhhhh SkizzTV : The main feature of this graphic card As you see First, This card rarely to buy it I heard from insider this card maybe less than 50 pieces in Thailand I'm not sure how many people had own it Because this card is limited edition Ah... Do you open that case? Boom / Sky : Yes SkizzTV : And when you put the light on it then lightsaber will come out And you can use it to swing just like lightsaber Boom : Hmm... So it can use just like that SkizzTV : Yeah Just like that Boom : What purpose do you buying for? SkizzTV : That was joking it just a normal graphic card but it look cool in design Can you please turn it around black plate on the back so you can touch it black plate will use to protect Circuits and for to look neat So you can see it in the corner. It very neat When you put the light on it. It will look like that (SFX : wink) Actually I think it should have speaker so it call make sound Boom : Which color is it. Green? SkizzTV / Sky : Green Boom : Oh... if sith edition the container will be black. right? SkizzTV / Sky : Yeah! SkizzTV : This card not only rarely to buy but it also overpowered This card efficiency is better than 1080 TI that was arrange in top tier at present time SkizzTV : How much is it? 50k(THB)? Sky : 50k SkizzTV : around 50k baht(THB) just for one piece Boom : 2 pieces for 100k baht(THB)? SkizzTV : Yes.. 2 pieces 100k SkizzTV : Actually I think that card is expensive more than many people's computer Boom : Yeah! SkizzTV : This card performance is....... Ah........... SkizzTV : Boom, Do you have been use 4k monitor before? Boom : No, but i had seen it before SkizzTV : the monitor size will look like that one I think cost are more than 100k baht(THB) This card can support 4k resolution and run in 60 FPS that made it very OP(Overpowered) Ok This is it look like Boom : This is a Ref. card right? SkizzTV : Yes. That fan is blower wind will go this way and out that way Sky : It will be emit green light in the center. SkizzTV : Yeah in the center have light just like that one Boom : here it have word "TITAN X" on front plate SkizzTV : And it have JEDI ORDER on rear Boom : it have "STAR WARS" word on back side SkizzTV : This card ram is....? Ah..... How much is it Sky : Ah...... 12 GB DDR5. SkizzTV : 12 GB SkizzTV : DDR5? Sky : DDR5X SkizzTV : DDR5X is special RAM that rarely found in graphic card at this moment For example . 1080 TI that I not sure it only one that use DDR5X 1080 TI it cost around 30,000 baht What is that? ohhhh.... Chopstick?? Sky : It has badge here Boom : Here this one SkizzTV : What does it do? Sky : It have manuals and adapter inside SkizzTV : I sure it will have chopstick in there Boom / SkizzTV : Oh..... SkizzTV : Nani (What!!) Boom : Maybe it is cable? SkizzTV : What is this? What it call? Sky : It help to convert display port to DVI SkizzTV : Oh... Could you take that off please? SkizzTV : Display port look like this. Just look same as USB port. But more bigger This is DVI port It just a regular display adapter Sky : Yes because this card doesn't have DVI port Boom : These are manuals SkizzTV : Manuals? Boom : White and black, JEDI and SITH, light and dark SkizzTV : Did they really need to do this? Boom : Yes because it limited edition SkizzTV : Oh... that why they have to do like this Boom : Did card expensive than regular titan? SkizzTV : Yes. I think more than 10k Expensive because it limited edition and hard to find This card can't buy in Thailand. Need to order from overseas Boom : Here look at the bottom side look it all SkizzTV : Let's see.... What do we have here ah...... What language do they support Er...Did they support Thai? Nope! They not support Thai language.... okey dokey Today do we have to try it? Sky : Trying it? Er.... Yes, sure SkizzTV : OK Let's Do it Boom : Yeah you need to show them SkizzTV : So nice Boom : Ho.... So gorgeous SkizzTV : Boom Can you hold it tight I will take picture to make meme Boom : My precious!!!!!!!! SkizzTV : Feel free to use this meme He will be next meme man Boom : This card will be mine!!!!! SkizzTV : I'm surely his meme will be popular in Facebook SkizzTV : What's next Boom : I think we should see this card's port SkizzTV : Actually I think we don't need to see Boom : Yeah I agree because it same as other card SkizzTV : We should say this card can play every game in the world at least 60 fps Boom : Oh I think this card's design just look like lightsaber SkizzTV : Yeah Boom : Here it just look like button and lightsaber will come out from here SkizzTV : That's why I told you earlier put the light on and swing it Boom : OK Let's do it SYSTEM : Let's install SkizzTV : Um... What the heck is this card? Model? Boom : Err.... Coconut tree? SkizzTV : Haha Titan meow As you see, that it light emit when you start your PC It show JEDI ORDER logo, right there Sorry for low cost camera And at this position you can see light emit from here Actually I think if you need nice position. You have to install it in portrait and show it outside PC case but this video, we didn't prepare anything just only test it When you do. It will look like this one on TV So It will look stylish So you can show off that you use a limited edition that many people can't have it Boom : And If you have both of them SkizzTV : Yeah SkizzTV : Red and green, right? JEDI And Galactic Empire Boom : They will fight in your PC. hahaha Boom : Until your PC explode SkizzTV : it's time for this review on this channel Will end with him. Again!!!! Boom : Why always me? SkizzTV : Yes. You again Boom : In the end. My precious was gone. Only Box left SkizzTV : Yes. Only that left SkizzTV : Ok i think it's time to say goodbye Please don't forget to follow and subscribe our channel We still have many interesting tech product to review. they all over around the room Boom : Hey!!! Look over there and you will know SkizzTV : Where ? Here ? SkizzTV : See! There are many thing to review Boom : around 100 - 200 pieces SkizzTV : Ok Thank you for watching and We will see you in the next video SkizzTV / Boom : Sawasdee kub (Good Bye) SYSTEM : Extra Grand Unboxing SYSTEM : Extra 2 Grand Unboxing (Behind the Scene) internet of things companies uk Alfred State College.

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