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Do my how to write a business capstone project

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now like to think of them Street View cars with wings what are some of the like challenges that you guys had the biggest challenge and doing something like this whether our preference is always to have clear skies it took us a really long time to get London because they defy over London a lot before we got a fully cloud free image of London come on in right Kevin told us that a typical flight to take photos is around five hours except the planes aren't going across the country they're making little zigzags over the same area so it's north I think turned south it's sort of like mowing the lawn this pattern helps the photos overlap and multiple cameras help capture a place from different angles the might have five different cameras one looking down and forward back left and right in my mind I'm picturing like photograph photograph photograph photograph and then something puts them all together something called an algorithm photogrammetry yeah which is just a fancy word for taking all of the imagery that we collect from the plane constructing a 3d model the first step to creating a place in 3d is a little bit of photo editing so all the imagery is sort of print that would be removing clouds removing hey colour correcting you'll actually see that a lot of the cities don't even have cars in them we actually take the time to extract them then the 3d science begins the big breakthrough that's happened in the last few years has been the introduction of computer vision the computer looks for features within the overlapping images that are the same we use a special GPS antenna that allows us to know where that camera was so we know roughly where things were taken and at what angle and this allows them to create a depth map and that's just our understanding of how far that things are from the camera and we take all of these various depth maps from the different cameras stitch those together and what's called a mesh which is basically a big 3d reconstruction of the place and we texture it and texture it is applying in the photography that we took to the sides of these 3d buildings it's almost like taking pieces of paper and cutting them up you can actually extract the edges of something and then stitch those together and then understand what that shape might be and organic shapes are what's harder to render it gets even more complicated when you're talking about trees because Jesus branches and leaves and often you might see them as a lollipop because that's as good as we can get but we're getting better at modeling those organic shapes we did a collective Yosemite National Park and we were able to actually capture that really high fidelity with all the different Ben's that a rock face might have you know how many different images make up what I see is Google Earth yeah it's probably on the orders of tens of millions one interesting stat is to look at what we call pretty earth and this is a global view so we have a full seamless image and that comes from about 700,000 scenes from Landsat and what we're doing is we're finding the best pixel from each so if you look at Google Earth springtime everywhere to be precise that 800 billion pixels spring globe which is so big if you want to print that out on your home printer you would need to find a piece of paper aside the city blocks if you took a single computer takes 80 years and you can just keep multiplying this times all the different levels of zoom that exist in Google Earth which are over 20 so even though using earth feels like one seamless world that you're just zipping around it's really more like you're traveling through a series of Russian dolls all made up of puzzle pieces I think everybody else wants know like how often do the images get updated it's like the number one question we try to update it as often as possible the image all the way from space when you're looking at the whole globe we try to update that maybe once every couple years and you start to dive in we update that imagery more and more frequently so like for big city populations it'll be under a year what that allows you to do is look at how the planet has changed over time and we use this product called Earth engine that allows you to look at all of this data and using computer vision draw out insights from the things that are changing so we can track deforestation in the Amazon because we can see how the trees are shrinking and growing and then from that we can generate the heat map of the most logged places on the planet we can also do that fishing and see the most over fished areas think about it as a health monitor for the planet watching cycles happen on the planet you realize this is a living thing and the product we're building has to be a living thing to reflect that you know it's not a static planet it is fully alive at a macro scale and that this is very eye-opening you're actually watching things change right in front of your eyes we have that perspective to see that thanks for watching and if you haven't played with Google Earth recently I highly recommend this new feature they just launched called I'm feeling lucky you roll the dice and then it teleports you to a random spot in the world also to give you a heads up in the coming weeks we'll be diving deep into VR including Google Earth VR so there's that to look forward to okay that's all for me bye [Music] do my capstone paper title page Buffalo State College.

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