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Do my high school capstone examples

Do my high school capstone examples write for me cpa ontario capstone 1 presentation locations 2018 plastic cup with straw kmart ´╗┐stephen hawking appears and a mysterious Times Square ad featuring three random ? numbers I love I just love that the ? random 3r and ocean mark and numbers okay and so there are 48 16 and a little bit so it's basically it's Times Square and you have this Illuminati I simple hair viewing New York City that's really interesting so anyway what what do we do with these numbers you know where we're at times square and so basically what do you think we should do with the numbers well the first thing I thought was two times it so let's see what happens 48 x 16 x 11 equals 8448 Wow look at what we have here I just talked about these numbers recently and 84 48 / 37 equals 2 28 3 2 4 3 2 4 34 well what's this uh 37 is a number for wisdom for hope ma and the scriptures and it's that you know we were given a clue in Revelation 13 18 not if we had the wisdom that we would be able to calculate count or reckon the number of the beast there's like a little riddle there and the number for wisdom in the Bible is 37 the 37 reveals a lot when you're using mathematics and they all know this but this number right here the 228 actually popped up recently as I oppose the secret number of God there's a skip basically using this number so if you multiply 70 or YHVH 26 it equals 18 20 and so when they used that skip code they found amazing things that had to do with the date 12 22 that had to do with elijah the prophet that the Messiah would send Elijah the Prophet if you would appear just you need to watch this video it's simply amazing it's stunning and ever since then I've been seeing the coding for the gematria of Elijah I'm in the mass media the Kabbalists are doing this they know exactly what's going on and I've proven that to you in my previous videos so if you're new to this channel just please watch my previous videos because that's pretty much what i've been hammering on for the last gosh ever since then but i just wanted to show you at the end here they compiled a list of phrases that equal are our kamaria that equals to 2 12 so this is how they read December and 22nd and basically this means blast and it equals the value of 228 and this is the number for Elijah backwards which is eight and three four and i'll just pull that up for you right now really quick the spelling given was the correct spelling is a yahoo and it's being coated either away with Elijah or Eliyahu 843 396 and 666 so so yeah it gives this number blessed and then so you have this weird quoted message it says featuring three ? random numbers and so you're in Times Square so i guess i just decided to walk two times it and this is what i got alright so hummus cryptic message and it says reddit contributor Buckethead you do you really think this is like a true is this really true like a true Buckethead really well you're a bucket head if you don't pay attention to it and try to figure out what they're trying to say at the Times Square because it reveals the times that they're trying to tell you here so anyway Buckethead ok Buckethead and jewish jamaat rifles through 38 now i'm going to show you something they are talking about elijah who is blessed they are talking about the codes so we're going to go to Malachi 4 5 it says behold I will send you elijah the prophet before the coming of the Great and dreadful day of the Lord so Buckethead they're calling a bucket hub is the hold i will send which is 338 so yeah they're calling whoever sending this person a bucket head yeah so you can see that bucket head and Jewish gematria has the same value as the hold i will send so i think they're a little mad about that i'm not sure but then are there actually the bucketheads because 33 x 8 equals to 64 and and to 64 plus I'm 46 2 equals 7 26 talking about bucketheads head 338 we're trying to figure out who's the bucket head who is the bucket head here is it the whole dog will send is that the bucket head or I don't really know who the bucket head is but um you know 33 times 8 equals 2 64 plus 462 equals 7 26 I'm going to show you how on behold I send is not a bucket head because he is omnipotent and knows everything ahead of time and I will show you how this hides the number 7 26 2 3 1 14 to 23 11 3 2 2 3 1 plus 1 P 2 plus 2 3 1 plus 1 32 why does that work 726 Wow and then you have 44 which hides so much you have the 144 let's do that four times 144 backwards and forwards plus 44 1 + + 44 plus 44 1 equals 1 17 then 17 0 and that's the gematria for Brock so I don't know who's the bucket head here is that this number or is it this number so we're at book 39 chapter 4 and verse 5 39 times 4 times 5 equals 780 dropped 20 78 + 87 equals 1 65 plus 561 equals 7 26 and what do you have here who's the bucket head really 33 x 8 2 64 plus the reverse of 33 x 8 and then just do a reverse so plus 462 equal 726 it was the bucket head when was this written really when was it written so behold I send you Elijah the Prophet before the coming of the Great and dreadful day of the Lord who is a bucket head I want to know who's the bucket head Buckethead 338 we have behold I will send 338 now I'm going to show you something this number right here 338 okay 33 x 8 equals 264 well three times 30 equals three x 83 equals 249 are those all together equals 6 27 you see that's just the 726 number of backward so 726 this is the bucket head now I really want to know who is the bucket head it certainly wasn't the hold I said he was not not a bucket head ah coming of the right and dreadful day of the Lord who's the bucket head now three times 88 to 64 plus 46 2 equals 7 26 what did we have here let's do that one more time 39 times 4 times 5 equals 780 drop the 0 78 + 87 + 165 plus the reverse 561 equals 7 26 and 338 3 3 times 8 2 64 plus the mayor 462 equals 7 26 Elijah the Prophet is 46 plus 63 equals 10 9 plus 9 01 101 I know 126 prime number yeah you can't really argue with this kind of stuff um who's the bucket head ridiculous and Matt Tony bear bear Tony bear 528 + 8 25 equals 1353 guess what else equal 1353 yeah 726 plus 6 27 equals certain 53 you know what else equals 1353 the same symbolism I'm going to embed if we flip the numbers upside down there exactly these numbers for 29 + 9 20 or people searching 53 hmm Thank You Kony bear we random numbers hmm with a suppose of a theist who want to plaster his face all our business 25 gematria that's been plastered this kingdom audrey has been a faster of all over Times Square which reveals this number right here 8448 which can you / 37 equals the number for blast and then if we take the mirror of that you divide that by 37 you get 132 but wait a minute Buckethead head a breaded guy happened to spotted and he saw these amazing numbers and they decided to do an article because of Buckethead bucket head and head uh yeah so go here i see i see a number for Buckethead it's this shelach is that bucket head um but this loss that the 132 in it how does that work can somebody please explain this to me because you know it's just it's just all random just like this guy right here who chooses to plaster his face Oliver these numbers that have to do with hidden geometry which talk about the prophet Elijah who appears before the day of the Lord but it's all random right ? you you you capstone united methodist church tuscaloosa Farmingdale State College.

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