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Do my graduate school capstone project

Do my graduate school capstone project do my ieee paper on hadoop technology formal 5 paragraph essay outline ´╗┐hello and welcome to community focus the program that highlights all the issues that matter to you and to your community did you know that stroke is a leading cause of disability among adults we're going to learn the symptoms prevention and free services that are going to be offered very soon here in the Houston area with the UT Health Stroke Center and it is my pleasure to welcome dr. Elizabeth noser to the program dr. thank you for being here all right I thanks so much for having me today dr. let's start by defining a stroke so a stroke is a brain attack a stroke occurs when there's decreased blood flow or no blood flow to a part of the brain and when that happens those brain cells die and by definition dead brain cells is a stroke what are some of the symptoms or behavioral issues that we have lifestyle issues perhaps that contribute to a stroke so the number one risk factor for stroke is high blood pressure so it's really important that people adults know that they should be seeing their primary care doctors at least once a year and being checked for high blood pressure and even more importantly when people know they have high blood pressure they have to take their medications and they have to follow a certain diet and lifestyle to make sure their blood pressure's under control and are there any other contributing factors such as diabetes high cholesterol how is it correlated to heart disease sure so so we think about the risk factors for stroke let me run that list for you so it's high blood pressure high cholesterol high sugars or diabetes it's also our nutrition or eating on a day to day basis and physical activity so in terms of physical activity the way that someone can reduce their risk of stroke and heart attacks is to do at least moderate physical activity 30 minutes a day say five days a week now that sounds easy but in you know given the busy lives most people have that's actually really hard to do and in terms of nutrition a lot of people know what they should be eating they know fruits are good vegetables are good they know they should have smaller proportions but here in Texas everything's is texas-sized and a lot of people just don't follow the diet that they're supposed to do doctor are there are small changes that we can make starting today to prevent stroke such as / cops parking the car a little bit further in the parking lot maybe eating less sodium you know you said it so when people make big sweeping changes so I wake up one day and I said you know what I'm gonna start a diet I'm gonna eat perfectly every day you know what the success there is not very high so actually I'm a real proponent for small changes so you hit it when you said decrease sodium so sodium is a big one when you have a lot of sodium in your diet that increases blood pressure makes you retain fluid so just decreasing the amount of sodium for example try not to add sodium to your meal the reality is most the food that we get we go out to restaurants already has plenty of sodium the other thing would be small things like part you said it again parking the car further away instead of right next right next to the opening of the building also taking the stairs that's a big one many of us work you know on the third fourth level we can work on the first I mean the second story and we still tend to take that the elevator instead of actually walking those stairs so doing small things like that can always help and then you work your way up to thirty minutes a day of moderate exercise five days a week and that should be a goal over time that's funny because sometimes I've seen people at the gym take the elevator at the gym to work out exactly okay let's go back on a serious note when we are with a loved one and they may be experiencing a stroke how can we tell if they are and what can we do to help them so you know Arianna this is one of the most important messages that I really want to get across to the viewers and that's the message is the fast acronym so we think of the word fast we want to tell if we're having a stroke or their loved one the person we're with us having a stroke so fast stands for face so you look at the person's face does it look droopy on one side or the other ask them to smile and you can really tell if it's droopy a is for arm you can tell your loved one bring up both arms and if they're have a little bit of weakness one or more drift down if they have a lot of weakness they won't even be able to bring that arm up S is for speech have them having to repeat something really simple today is a sunny day sometimes if they're having a stroke they can't get the words out at all or it's very slurred so if they have any of those symptoms just one face droopy arm week or speech is not normal and then T is time to call 911 the reality is strokes are time-dependent in that the sooner you're treated the better chances of a better outcome during an acute stroke you have about 1.9 million brain cells dying every minute so the quicker someone recognizes stroke symptoms fast the quicker they call 9-1-1 the sooner their loved one's going to get to the emergency department get evaluated and get treatment UT health center is going is going to host a really fun event that's also going to provide these free services tell us about that event so are we have a large scale community outreach and education event and its discovery green on May 2nd from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and it's all it's called a stomp out stroke festival and it's our way to really reach out to the community to increase stroke awareness and actually good old-fashioned brain health so it's again discovery green May 2nd from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. will be providing about $700 worth of free health screenings and that includes blood pressure glucose cholesterol 12-lead EKG s looking at the heart rhythm it includes carotid Doppler so ultrasound of the blood vessels in the neck to look for hardening of the arteries in the blood vessels that feed the brain will also have screenings on obstruct for assessments to screen you for obstructive sleep apnea for memory impairment in addition to the health screenings we're going to have different types of educational booths so learning about brain facts learning about healthy brain aging that's one of the new booths that were educationalist we're adding this year so what can you do as you age to keep your brain healthy in addition to that we have a Kids Zone where we have really fun kids activities to really engage kids and start teaching them at a young age about a healthy brain and what does that mean we also have we have lunch for the first 500 participants who come through and lots of family fun activities from live ice sculpting with Reverend butter to Ballet Folklorico dancing to an Asian dance group that we're going to have come in so it's something it's an event for the entire family do people need to register in advance so if you register in advance when you get there you're gonna have it you're gonna get it much quicker and so we'd like to see everybody register you can go to stroke festival org and they're online and if you want further information about the event the specifics on the program the services that are going to be provided what groups will be there you can go to the website and find out that information as well doctor thank you so much for being here and for sharing such important information thanks for having me really appreciate it this has been community focus we've been speaking with dr. Elizabeth noser of UT Health Center and she is here telling us great information about the stomp out stroke festival that will be held Saturday May 2nd from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Discovery Green thank you for tuning in and we'll see you on the next episode of community focus capstone title proposal list for money School of Professional Studies.

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