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Do my good research topics related to school

Do my good research topics related to school research topics in theatre management home work network windows 7 [Music] riving test UK the short-notice driving test specialist James is about to start his driving test at the Oxford driving test centre prior to getting to the vehicle the driving examiner has checked his phototype original driving license and has conducted an eyesight test [Music] James has been driving in the United States for the last 10 years he's been driving in this country for the last three months on his international driving licence the driving examiner had instructed us to turn right at the roundabout this is the only way the examiner can ask you to go as the left is a no through road [Music] many learner drivers they fail at this particular Junction this is due to the yellow box Junction [Music] [Applause] the yellow box Junction must be kept clear at all times if you are in the box and the lights change you must proceed as you are over the white stop line the dry me examiner has asked James to turn right at the traffic lights [Music] this is Cowley Mill Road at the traffic light the examiner has instructed us to turn right [Music] [Applause] [Music] Oh [Music] having turned right the drum examiner has now instructed us to turn left this is the Greenway the drum examiner has now exchanged to pull up on the left somewhere conveniently safe during the course of the driving test the examiner will ask you to stop on the left at least three or four times for various reasons [Music] [Applause] [Music] we have just turned right into Cleveland Road [Music] we are just passing Brunel University watch out for pedestrians at the end of this road we will turn right and then immediately left this can be quite a tricky Junction especially as it's on a hill if necessary use the handbrake to prevent yourself from rolling back [Music] the driving examiner has once again ARC's James to pull up on the left somewhere conveniently safe the driving examiner has now exchanged to turn the vehicle around facing the opposite direction using both forward and the reverse gears [Music] this is commonly called a three-point turn however it does not have to be done in three moves the drum examiner has arcs changed to turn left out of orchard Avenue we are now in Station Road once again the driving sumner has arcs James to stop on the left somewhere conveniently safe [Music] this time it's for the purpose of starting the independent driving section of the driving test the driving examiner has instructed James that you would like him to turn left at the traffic lights and then follow the signs to Heathrow [Music] Oh Oh [Music] Cheng's will be turning left at the traffic lights this is the first part of the independent driving section [Music] Oh [Music] having turned left we are now following the signs mocked Heathrow [Music] during the independent driving section of the driving test if you're not sure as to where you are going or if you feel that you may have missed assigned you can ask the examiner for confirmation they will help you [Music] anytime you see a road sign and with the directions check the mirrors and ease slightly off the gas this will give you time to read the board although there are two lanes here bear in mind this is a 30 mile per hour road [Music] we can see a direction port in the distance [Music] Heathrow was marked left at the traffic lights remember if you are not sure you can ox examiner for confirmation they will not fail you [Music] this is falling rain [Music] Oh there in mind if you come to a junction without road markings you should imagine that road markings are there at the roundabout Heathrow is marked straight on there was only one lane on approach to this roundabout so the positioning is in the centre of your lane and center of the lane throughout the roundabout [Music] however at the next roundabout you will notice there are more than one lane [Music] james has chosen the middle lane to go straight on so you must maintain that position throughout the round about the driving examiner has ninth form James that the independent driving section of the test has now ended and he has asked him to turn left at the next roundabout you will notice a speed limit here is 50 miles per hour but as you turn what signs the speed now becomes 30 James is assuming the speed is 50 and is increased to speed up to 40 miles per hour before being arcs to slow down by the driving examiner many learner drivers fail on this popular road this road is west drayton Road [Music] [Applause] we will now be turning left at the traffic lights [Music] this is a dual carriageway however it is still 30 miles per hour the name of this road is hauling tonneaus the driving examiner has not instructed James to go straight on at the first roundabout and then turn immediately right at the second roundabouts the two random outs are fairly close to each other so James has chosen to approach the first roundabout in the right-hand lane [Music] [Applause] [Music] you will notice that being in the right hand lane makes it much much easier to turn right at the second roundabout we are currently driving on Lee Road [Music] the driving examiner has now asked us to turn left at the traffic lights [Music] [Applause] [Music] be prepared to cancel your left signal for a few seconds just in case somebody's coming out of the petrol station we are currently on the Oxbridge Road [Music] [Applause] [Music] Oh this is a 40 mile-per-hour dual carriageway [Music] [Applause] [Music] apart from going over the speed limit on west drayton road james is driving exceptionally well the driving examiner has now ox james to turn left at the traffic lights beware that you do not move into the bus lane until it's finished you will notice the road is marked 20 miles per hour [Music] unfortunately once again James has gone over the speed limit he was driving at 25 miles per hour before being ox by the driving examiner to slow down [Music] we have just turned right into Whitehall [Music] the drama examiner has now Octane's to take the next road on the left [Music] this is what furred road [Music] at the end of this road the drive examiner has ox James to turn left [Music] we are currently driving in Cowley Road [Music] add these traffic lights we will be turning right be aware that only enter the yellow box junction if you can see that your exit is clear it's okay to enter the box and wait in the box if you are prevented from turning right by oncoming vehicles [Music] the lights are green James is not going into the box when you should be [Music] he was lucky there was no traffic behind him the examiner has chosen to give him a minor mistake on this particular occasion if he was holding up traffic that would easily have been a serious mistake at the traffic lights will be turning left back towards the driving test center [Music] James has unfortunately failed his driving test he has made two serious mistakes both of them speeding so that you do not make the same mistake as James practice watching road signs and road markings [Music] you do not need to be driving to practice watching the signs you can practice watching road signs and road markings as a passenger in a vehicle whether it be a bus or a car [Music] as James has already carried out a reverse exercise on the road the driving examiner will ask James to forward park into a bay of his choice hello my name is Charlie I'm the voice behind the video James should really have passed his driving test today he basically failed due to lack of concentration make sure you are well rested and eat something light before the driving test this will help you keep your concentration levels up why not improve your chances of passing the driving test with these top tips if you enjoyed watching this video please like and share and don't forget to subscribe good luck with your driving test [Music] do my enterprise risk management annual report Iona College, New Rochelle.

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