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Do my georgia doe capstone project

Do my georgia doe capstone project capstone pediatrics harding place nashville tn essays pdf free download ´╗┐hello youtubers and welcome back to another quick update we're gonna make this a quick quick update here guys I wanted to cover some of the new additions that I've added to the tank I'm adding three or four SBS's including one LPS and also wanted to cover what I didn't cover in the previous video which is the mushroom garden and the ZOA garden we're gonna get closer to the tank now it's it this is the one-year anniversary for this tank I mean it's been up and running I remember I broke it down back in December and you know everything that you see here today has been a lot of hard work dedication and of course the most important of all is lots of patience I mean it's been a year and I'm still adding animals so it's important for you newcomers to the Hobby if you're going to get into it you have to be patient guys you know don't bunch up the tank with a bunch of corals and then something goes wrong and then you're in you lost quite a number quite a bit of money you know you gotta be patient once I see the tank is doing really well I started to add more SPSS and more SPSS now there's gonna be a couple more added to this reef probably four or five different SPS as one brain coral I really want to try to get a nice red and green a brain coral sad so the sand here but you know for that matter we're going to get closer here and I'm going to show you the new additions as well as some discoveries here after I changed the lights on the metal halides I did that about two weeks ago and I see a significant difference in some of the vibrant colors that have come out of the corals there really is something about having the ability to easily replace the bulbs on a yearly basis it really is something special I mean it's like it rejuvenates the reef almost instantaneously now we're also going to cover that I added a new piece of rock through the tank so I can add more corals and you can see the anemone here that we're going to get close so we're going to talk about how comfortable it is now that I added that rock so we will be right back we're gonna edit the video we'll be right back okay so now that we're quickly back here and closer to the tank we're gonna start I'm going to start doing a quick close up of the neal editions it's only gonna be about four or five corals we're gonna cover here I'm not going to cover each and every one of them and that's because I just recently did a video a few weeks ago which covered each and every one of these corals in a commentary so I'm just gonna post a link to that video if you want to go back and check that one and then come back and check this one here we're only gonna talk about the new editions now here I've got a yellow Paul writes Coral once again I added this one here to try to grow out towards the right of the left side of the tank here and you're also gonna notice that there is a new piece of rock here then we're gonna move over to this side I've gone ahead and added this new piece of rock here and you can see the anemone is just its resting in between this rock towards the back and the rock in the front it actually feels like it's more comfortable and what's funny is I had a guy or two individuals ask me on yesterday's video with LEDs where's the anemone it's there guys these are the minis they sleep at night and I guess maybe with the addition of the LEDs it kind of got shocked they started to hide but there it is it's doing quite beautifully now this piece of rock that I added to the tank was taken from my sump refugium of which I will cover a future video on how to properly set up a sump refugium I've done lots of changes through the sump refugium here and we're gonna cover that in a future video so also wanted to cover here that the green monty here has been flagged like there's no tomorrow and Frank the hell out of it as well as gage the guy that came over and took the frags from me I gave him my eyes fire a kannada and this guy made me a deal I just could not refuse it was like The Godfather seriously but there was a few reasons why I gave him the ice fire and Frank this one this Monty here in particular I frakked it because it was starting to grow downwards and I kind of didn't like that and so I'm hoping now that it's going to recuperate and start growing upwards which is what I wanted to do similar to the red Monty here in the back but it's doing quite well once your tank is stabilized and everything you can easily frag the calls and I mean these corals have been growing like there is no tomorrow here also on its a cover here quickly that here's the mushroom garden I didn't get a chance to really cover it in the other video and another new addition here is this bubble coral now I always love bubble corals and I wanted to get a nice decent piece and this one here is quite healthy and I've got this one from live aquaria it's starting to open up really well you know it takes some time for the acclamation in this coral it has only been in this tank for a few days so we gotta give it some time but it's doing quite beautifully here now also up on top here I wanted to quickly cover that the strawberry shortcake looks to be regaining that green and pinkish type of color I mean it could have been due to the replacement of the metal halide bulbs you know or just the fact that I've got it really under that intense lighting but it's really starting to color up and I'm happy about that below it here this wintergreen staghorn is also turning a lot more icy and it's only been a few weeks also wanted to cover here the yellow scroll coral you're gonna see that on some areas after the replacement of the new bulbs you're gonna see some green around the edges and that's indication that it's starting to color up again a lot of these corals believe it or not we're starting to turn a little brown they were even the yellow coral go back to the older videos continue to watch my videos are you gonna see this one color up really nicely with the gold yellowish type of color now here I also did went ahead and added the tricolor here kind of sideways here so it could grow towards the center of the tank this one here the red planning is just awesome and next to it next to it I've got a new addition now this one is a combo rock with two different types of stag horns it's got a purple one and a green one in the back now the purple color I'm not too sure about it I only really see the purple in the tip but I'm hoping now that but it's right under that metal highlight there right under it then it's gonna do quite well now last but not least we're gonna talk about the ZOA gardening here now with the zoa's you're gonna see some dragon's eyes in the back you're gonna see some fire and ice not ice fire but fire and ice Zords in combo with some Miami Hurricanes and on the sides you're gonna see some watermelons and in the front you're gonna see some paint patties now these pink patties were added just a few days ago guys and the pink pallies went from four heads to several heads I mean not a few days ago it's been several weeks now that I've had the pink pallies but they're just growing and the reef is just doing absolutely beautiful also quickly I added another piece of the yellow paw rights over on this side frag some of the green and red Monty's here this system is just my pride and joy guys and I highly encourage you to enter this hobby and be a part of it because there's just a satisfaction that is just second to none and I mentioned this before just be patient guys hope you guys have enjoyed this video got a lot more videos to come gonna do the LED videos here we're gonna talk about the supper fusion I want to clearly talk about how to properly set up a sump refuge' lots of misconceptions but I hope you guys have enjoyed this video many more to come New York Steel signing out peace capstone projects for mechatronics cheap New York School of Interior Design.

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