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Do my functional programming in scala capstone

Do my functional programming in scala capstone capstone project at quinnipiac essay for 10th class with quotations about love [Music] it's into thin air it's 7:52 p.m. september 5th 2017 these are the current satellite images of Emma I'm gonna try to make this one a little shorter I'm gonna have a longer update in the morning guys I need to point something out really quick to you in my previous video I was bringing light to the jet stream and how it's going to play a significant role in where this hurricane goes now things have changed I want you to look at the models first these are the spaghetti models just a 5 hour difference I want you to see the shift here notice how many models had this thing going right up the dead center of Florida alright a couple to the east one far out to the west the one to the west has come in a lot there are still models that bring this up right through the middle of Florida but guys there's more that are now showing up on the east side which is telling me that it's going to hook north like we said in the previous video a little sooner than expected and that is because once again of the high pressure in the Atlantic and also the jet stream in the u.s. moving a little quicker than we thought and I'm going to show you that here so here's our jet stream I'm gonna back it up to the first frame which is here so what I was trying to explain is how this loop down here I'm explaining it in simple terms basically forces the hurricane downward and what I was trying to focus on was the speed at which this was gonna move and when this was gonna pass so now if we move forward you'll see I'm up pop up in the bottom there there she is and now in the previous video you'll notice this was not this far east earlier in the day it had it back here which was part of the reason why Emma was staying on this western path also the high pressure in the Atlantic so we keep moving forward you notice this actually lifts up above the Carolinas and now irma has already made a step north if you look at that sea made that little loop right there there's another one comes a little bit west and then there we go guys there it's hooking even before Florida now I am NOT saying in any way shape or form that this thing is not going to hit Florida but guys I've been saying in the last two videos that I really feel that North South Carolina and especially Georgia now are really in the crosshairs of this thing this model is showing not even touching Florida moving north oh and that was the less frame unfortunately so this is the last frame here guys so this is Emma and according to this path it was going to come up Hook north and who knows from at this point but guys let's think about this this is why North and South Carolina are always at risk because they stick out like this and it just gives it this almost like a wall to hit now let me back up one more time just so you guys can get a better feel for it in the flow and hit play and there you go so you can see how the jet stream is lifting up and it's allowing Emma to make that northern that northern swing alright so you guys see it right there now what I'm going to do is we're going to go to vent to sky our favorite model you know so here's the sixth let me go back one sorry here's what they have right now here is Wednesday Thursday and by Friday we have clearly moved north heading right at the Bahamas according to this model now it comes up right to the bottom part of Florida and then look at that guys that is pretty dramatic but that's what it's showing it goes right towards the Bahamas and then north basically missing Florida altogether now again guys this does not mean that it is going to miss Florida I promise you that now if this thing does hook exactly this way who's at risk here we go guys we're talking landfall right here Georgia South Carolina North Carolina I have a feeling they're going to be at just as much risk as Florida's been acting the past couple hours guys because these things are changing so much and like I said this jet stream plays a huge part in it it's hard to see in this we already looked at it this is the jet stream all you guys got to do is go on Google search jet stream prediction maps and you can see this for yourself and how often it changes this is going to be the reason irma moves north now this isn't a guarantee I'm not guaranteeing anything because this is whether we're dealing with here so again here back on the spaghetti models all shifted to the east now this may change literally overnight which is why I want to put more focus on the Morning Report when a little more time passes back to the satellite check out this one more time and then I got a couple photos to show you guys really quick with the wind maps to show this my other video it's still important category 5 starts at 1:55 okay so we're talking a 30 miles an hour past a category 5 and with the wind gusts of up to to 15 to 20 I've been seeing might get a little stronger before it gets to Puerto Rico but then it shows that the winds are gonna calm down a bit but still guys that is not it's still a very strong very dangerous storm and we just have to keep constant watch on this thing this is a pretty good image get a real good look at the eye here some of the bands coming off it's just unbelievable and also guys I watched a video earlier BP earth watch brought this up there's a big system here in the Gulf that's actually causing pressure and now this is going to meet with the force of Verma and it's also going to aid in this storm moving north so guys a lot of signs are pointing that this thing is going to hook north I know I keep repeating myself but this is very very important because I mean god forbid you know this thing takes a shift and you know we got National Guard state of emergency warnings in Florida I mean this thing hooks and goes up towards Georgia South Carolina North Carolina they're gonna have to do the same thing because the storm is just massive just crazy and I guess before I let you go really quick we'll check out what Hosea wind speeds would be like at this point in time again we're not sure what's going on with this guy yet it's just it's been upgraded to a tropical storm I'm sure it'll become a hurricane but after that it's hard to say a lot of models had this thing swooping around out here almost like it was waiting for its turn but we're gonna have to wait and see on that but guys these are the models this is what it's saying right now as of right now this GS GFS model shows this hurricane not even hitting Florida it will definitely get storm surge and waves so that does not mean that Florida's off the hook here by any means this thing could still smash right into Florida for all we know but guys I'm just showing you what I'm seeing right now and like I told you before with the jet stream it's doing its thing it's moving a little quicker and it's allowing this storm to move north so guys it might be time to start adding these three states to our alerts and warnings letting people know I'm sure many of them know already it's been the talk of the town for a while now I think that's all I have for you right now guys let me get some sleep and I'll be nice and fresh for you in the morning and that's about it guys take care have a great night and I will talk to you all tomorrow write for me capstone corporation charleston sc Genesee Community College.

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