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Do my example of a capstone paper

Do my example of a capstone paper do my capstone disassembler tables theory kentucky restaurant health inspections reports ´╗┐ok I'm going to go over above-ground pool care for you you can see this one here is turning a little bit so the same principles apply to your above-ground pool that applies when in-ground pool you want to make sure you keep it full balance and add the full circulating enough hours per day we would treat it above ground pool just like an in-ground pool with a few differences of course the water volume is going to be a lot less than most in-ground pools also has a vinyl liner in here so it could get stains you've got to be careful what chemicals you use in a vinyl liner pool one of the ways to keep your above-ground pool looking good is have a good test kit right up above ground pool owners will use test strips and that's fine but I prefer if you invest in a regular test kit at the minimum or get a five-way test kit this does your chlorine as your pH does your alkalinity and does your acid demand better option would be a K 2006 or a K 2005 tests kit and these to the kids are the best they do your free chlorine combined chlorine as your pH and acid demand it also does base demand as your conditioner also there's alkalinity and calcium hardness the balancing your water and your bug ground pool is crucial and you can see there's no Chloe at all in the pool and if pH here is a little bit low tends to drift lower in a vinyl pool the last week this pool is pretty green one way to prevent that is to keep your coin level in the ideal range which is two or three parts per million may sound like circular logic but the best way to keep algae out of your pool is to keep your pool balanced in the first place so I have several videos on my channel that shows you how to treat your pulled algae this particular pool and your swamp Treat in here turned it within one day back to blue your sign Erik acid level in your background pool is important it protects the chlorine from being burned off by the sun's UV rays it gets too low the coin won't last in your pool the ideal range is 30 to 50 parts per million if it gets too high the chlorine will become ineffective you could test the sign Erik ask the level with a test strip more accurate would be the turbidity test of the Taylor kit we could buy a standalone test kit like this here cyanuric acid test kit by Pentair if you do need to raise your conditioner level up in your bug run for I suggest using the instant conditioner by natural chemistry one gallon is rated for 10,000 gallons of water to raise it 32 parts per million so if you have a 5,000 gallon above-ground pool you would use half the bottle raised to 30 parts per million and it starts working right when you add into your pool and it also won't stain your liner you're also an avoid using the track or tablet above-ground pool this will raise your conditioner level pretty high in your pool also one of these tablets were to fall out of the floater and then on the bottom of the vinyl liner to leave a pretty bad stain you also want to stay away from the Dyke lure so also raise your conditioner level in your pool you also want to avoid the trial or shock this also raise the conditioner level open your pool I would also avoid the cow hypo shock is also will cloud your water and it will stain your liner so for above-ground pool I recommend using liquid chlorine or Clorox bleach only you and I suggest you use the BBB method of pool care a number ground pool which is Clorox bleach for your sanitizer we're going to add baking soda to raise the alkalinity and you're going to add borax to raise the pH go online to the pool calculator comm and that will give you the amount of four acts to add to your pool depending on how much water you have in there or baking soda or bleach also going to have a measuring cup so you get the exact amount add to your pool hook your pH is high in your bub ground pulling you to lowered I would go with a liquid neurotic acid to lower the pH I wouldn't go with a dry acid of any kind that could stain your vinyl liner the filtration is important in above-ground pool just like an in-ground pool usually it'll come with a pump and they'll come with a filter this one here is the sand filter so part of keeping your bub ground pool looking good is running your pool certain amount of time per day depending on the size of the pool and the size of your pump this particular pump and filter combo does about 20 gallons per minute so I recommend running your pool to get at least one cycle of water through it which means that all the water is passing through the filter back into the pool this particular pool is 4,000 gallons and the pump is ready for 20 gallons per minute so it will take about three and a half hours for all the water in this pool to cycle through this particular index top of the camera bag is going to run for two 460 12 hours per day to come on by itself every day you so every above-ground pool is a little bit different with their system when a sand filter you have various modes here to refer to the only manual to learn more about different loads on your sand filter right now the pressure on this filter is good go in the clean drain if you have an above-ground pool what cartridge filter and make sure you clean the cartridge often since the equipment sits below the water level in an above-ground pool for you anything with the equipment like emptying out the pump basket make sure you turn the water flow out to the suction side and the return side if you're going to manually vacuum your vinyl pool I would go with a brush bag like this one here you go with a vacuum with wheels on it the liner could get caught in the wheel here and get ripped you also want to go with a soft bristle brush like this brush here you want to use anything with any kind of wires in it because it could rip the liner so invest in a good cool brush for your above-ground pool also invest in a good leaf Frank I prefer the leaf rake versus a leaf skimmer here where the leaf breaking get leaves off the top and the bottom of your pool turn above-ground pools 1/2 any kind of vacuum attachment to it in that case investing in a pool Blaster is a great choice back can you pull out a great way to keep your above-ground pool clean is to use the pool blaster battery-operated vacuums you have a small bug around pool the catfish would be a great choice we have a large above-ground pool the pool Blaster max would be great a good thing about these cleaners they're safe for vinyl pools and one quick note about automatic cleaners for your above-ground pool it does make one specifically for the both ground pool called the aqua bug this is a hayward aquabug 500 unlike the aqua not you saw in the other clip this one here is made specifically for an above-ground pool it's based on the hayward navigator you won't be able to use a regular traditional in-ground suction side cleaner in your pool main reason is the most about grab pool pumps don't fall enough gallons per minute to get it moving or you can use a specific above-ground pool cleaner again hayward makes an aqua bug and also zodiac makes the Ranger cleaner we just hook those up to your skimmer or vacuum port if you're filling in above-ground pool for the first time you may want to invest in one of these creeks over here start disposable prefilled sediment filters these filters remove solids from the water and reduce hard mineral deposits putting on a size above grab we can go with you 40,000 gallon rated cool version or you can go ahead and get the spa version and these filters are very easy to use let's go ahead and attach it to your garden hose like this and then put it in your pool as it fills it will filter out the water it's also a good idea to use a filter when you refill your pool that's a quick look at caring for your bug ground pool write for me keystone species meaning in hindi School of American Ballet.

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