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Do my enterprise risk management policy nsw health

Do my enterprise risk management policy nsw health capstone scottsbluff ne for money looking for someone to do dissertation conclusion on gender equality as soon as possible ´╗┐hi I'm at the end spa once again I've been here all day today and I've been visiting with Victoria Victoria is actually has Lebanese descent like my father her father is also Lebanese Victoria has been working really hard on my hair for the last few weeks and I want to thank you for that thank you so much pleasure to work with you today and I'm so happy to did your head so as you can see there's some new things into my in my hair today Victoria tell our viewers what did we do to my hair today I this is the new extension where I put on her hair and we can do all the different you want so we have blue in today yes so we have when we have read sometimes alright sit very well the call is fabulous and at the end spa they have a beautiful area for the hair it's very private you honestly don't even feel like you're in a hair salon you feel like you're in somebody's Hobbes it's nice and quiet and everybody's still professional and friendly here they have a wonderful drinking chocolate and then they have the fruit you can dip the chocolate and that's your fav my favorite so they always have that ready for me and you can actually put the chocolate in the car and a coffee did I love yeah you're like and Victoria she did here in New York City yes I used to lure the new city manhattan and I you still have the clients and I'm so happy I've already married in Downton daddy and so happy to greet you here and work with you that's fantastic so if you'd like to get your hair done and have a wonderful experience with a very professional hairdresser you come by the Delray Beach Marriott they're right on Atlantic Avenue and a1a and right now i'm sitting in the nail the nail station this is good headache your station so if you hear the water you know we're not at the beach right now I'm actually I soaking my feet and Laura will be coming up next she's going to talk a little bit about the latest trends and nails so I'm gonna relax with my drinking chocolate we'll see we'll see you in a little bit okay sorry work um what's nice to talking to you well I'm in total luxury right now I'm in a complete relaxation I went from having a massage i went from the hairdresser having my makeup done and now i'm getting my nails which were long overdue i had on colored gels for quite some time and i figured in the summer it wasn't working going to the beach being on the boats the salt air the sand i needed to do a natural look so i decided to just go oh not sure all take the color gels off and do a plain nail but we're not going to be doing a plain nail because OPI has the hottest colors for the summer and what i have on my fingernails which you'll see in a little bit is called dating a royal so this is a neat idea for me I like that dating a royal because I'm in two princes and I have my princess tattoo on which is on the wonderful tattoo that I had put on by ostrich she did a really great job yesterday and she got that on there perfectly so I like this dating a royal idea since I'm a princess and then I've got my royal blue hair extensions in and then I have my really cool glitzy glamour watches and then I also have my star so wove brands is been the nice sponsor of the star and the colored watches they're called plastiques so I think I'm in the right frame of mind here with this wonderful OPI color so we're at the end spa right now in delray beach at the marriott on atlantic avenue and a1a they have a fantastic nail area you actually have four pedicure stations they also have some separate little nooks and crannies where you can sit kind of by herself really and just be in private with your nail tech and I have Laura right now she's working on my nails we're going to be asking her a little bit about how she got into nail care and what other special things she also does because I've gotten the inside scoop on her and it's not just nail that she is an artist of so we will be back in just a minute to talk to Laura i'm here with laura thornton at the end spa laura is one of the nail technicians here and she does a fantastic job Laura talked to our viewers a little bit about what color were putting on because i know this is only the first code so we're not even done with how it's going to really look well this is OPI and OPI has kind of reformulated their their line to take out a lot of the bad ingredients such as formaldehyde really a lot of the drying agency I so it's a very reformulated product we have a lot of hot colors on the market this year yeah and one of the colors I'm using on her today is I'm called dating a royal which is a very trendy ocean like blue which is really very um kind of perfect for this especially this location so in dating a royal is the color will be using today great good and then this is just the first co it's gonna look a little bit richer right it'll be a bit richer and mastic in color went on second coat um Laura not only does nails here at the end spa that she also has some other secret services that you can come in to see her for and what are they Laura well um i am a i'm a nail technician and makeup artist primarily and great so leavin aw Street work together yes do they work with the lovely line that the veteran are being iredell line and she does now bride and all kinds of guess and here and here in the nail department we use a wonderful line called on pure fiji which is straight from fiji we use a lot of like coconut oil and essential oils in the product it basically in fiji they they harvest the product and manufacture it very fast after you know hours after they harvest the product so it's a wonderful very hydrating line soothing for clients we as a sugar rub scrub which is made with grilled brown sugar and essential oils and just the treatments that we do here are spectacular and just very professional and for a great sense of well-being that's great now the cg line i actually when i was in orlando at the premiere beauty show i interviewed the owner of the fiji line so i never knew about it and then i came in here and i had a burnt my neck with the the curling iron when I was making a curl and patty your your spa director she gave me some of the beautiful Fiji cream so they put that there and I hear it's very healing so the Fiji line is something that I'm familiar with and it's fantastic that they use it here absolutely so okay so now you asked me what I wanted to soak in what's really nice about the spa here it at the the nail area of the end spas they have different soaps you had a coconut milk money we have a choice of pineapple coconut or coconut milk and honey so we give that we give our guests that the choice of what flavor sent they want / sense of well-being and just a lot of people everybody's different some people like more of a fruit sent some people like more about coconuts and so we do give them that option and you're on the beach so yeah where's very over there they're on vacation or they live in delray and there in that beach atmosphere anyway I love delray because it's such a beachy fun little town and yeah he's just you know you want to still have that Island mentalities and speaking of the ocean we also have a treatment called the open ocean manicure and pedicure which we use aromatherapy associate products for that a lot of Rose kind of essential Rose coils are incorporated into that treatment oh that's beautiful so we have a lot of services here and I'm going to be trying out their pedicure and we're going to finish up this fantastic OPI blue color so I will be all blue for tonight we're having a blue seemed so we're going to continue on and you'll come and see the finished product in a little bit change Oh you tesu business capstone order New York University School of Law.

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