Do My Enterprise Risk Management From Incentives To Controls Chapter 4
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Do my enterprise risk management from incentives to controls chapter 4

Do my enterprise risk management from incentives to controls chapter 4 disaster risk management research topics get dissertation chapter on community service [Music] good evening 47 your target is a black hat hacker who goes by the handle protagonist he is currently in Paris with his longtime partner known as white cat the two have been contracted by Dahlia mo goal is to execute a high-profile hack tonight no current pitches at the target exist but he makes use of the hacker alias protagonist and he often references a particular brand of cheap fruit jam available in Alabama you will have to use this information to identify him the clock is ticking 47 good luck you know what's a free Zambia welcome to the elusive reactivated no loser target number nine the blackhat wanted Mr Freeze two two four four so these are the items you're going to need you're going to bring along your modern lethal syringe your coin and any suit you want to I'm going to start for the main entrance just for the sake of the people that haven't got all the mastery and locks so all these equipment I'll bring along with me is just a part of your default loadout so you shouldn't have any problems with this so this is the first video I'm actually going to be putting out for hitman in 1440p so hopefully the qualities are good and I hope for you guys to give me some feedback on the quality of the videos one so from this start this video right here what we need to do it go and grab that invitation for upstairs because that's where we're going to head to next so we're going to run through this party area over here and use the path to get past their bodyguards and head upstairs now the target is going to be in the Attic he's gonna be wearing a white shirt and he is our target but the Attic is going to be full of bodyguards and a couple of camera up there as well so good enough to take care of those so to slash your vCard up these bodyguards who can get past nice and easily again this is a long route but if you already have the other locations unlocked feel free to start in the Iago auction that is the fastest way to start alternatively you can start in the Attic if you feel a little bit's feeling little bits I don't know risky if you want to go for the risky option and start in the Attic I mean I did originally start in the Attic in my original video but I'm gonna show you an easier option here so just get frisked just make sure you have no items on your lot good that I can get detected during this fresh Mazzone but we haven't brought a gun belong with us because we don't need it sir so once we head up the stairs here we're gonna head straight into the our tickets we're actually gonna grab a bodyguard disguised and the bodyguard in question is going to be in this area over here now in future instincts to find out where the bodyguard is and if he's out the window right here we want to go ahead and take him out grab his disguise and we should be safe a lot more safe than we was anyway because you're hostile to everyone in your super with this you're only hostile for a couple of people now just watch - look around you and find out where all the enforcers are this should be one - you're right but as long as they're in that position for you you should be fine I'm going to grab that hammer out there and these two bodyguards are going to be having a conversation now the bold the bold as you can say yeah as I should say it's going to be heading towards this area over here we're actually going to do is get behind and circle around as we walk past and once he walks away immediately exit the cover and wait for this bodyguard here to turn around as soon as he turns around you want to throw that hammer in the back of his head and you're gonna pick up the past that he drops up on the floor and drag his body this is you have to do this super quick as well drag his body over here now if you don't really want to take this risk alternatively you can wait for this bodyguard to come back in the air because this is where he's coming in a way and as you can see he's heading towards this window you can go ahead and wait for him to come back I then take him out like this then take out the other go out the other guard but I found to do this quite easy you have got a few seconds spare anyway as well but if you find it a little bit tricky to do that quickly then feel free to wait for the guard to come back in the area and take him out so once we've got those marked guards taking out the area you'll notice here that we've got spotted by the camera but you don't need to worry because we're gonna take out the cameras in a second but we're gonna use the cutter keycard to open the door and throw the coin location that's going to distract the bodyguards inside the room and he's the final in force that we need to take out so pull out your hammer get your we retrieved a little bit earlier and as soon as it comes out the door and looks we're wards that towards the coin that is when you want to go ahead and take him out so you throw the hammer in the back of his head so you don't get get spotted and once you enter this area over here these two are the only people that going to be work you're worrying about so our target is they're sitting down in the white shirt so what we actually want to do is take on both out so we're going to throw a coin in the opposite side of the roots I started say what find out what them was now I found that every year every occasion he's gonna send either hurt me the guy over there to fire and to invest to get the coin so while he's doing that stab the target with the syringe contacts and subdue the other garden and once you've done that that's the target taken care of delete the evidence that's on the table the camera did spot us so and that's everything taken care of what we're going to do now is retrace our steps and exit the mission we are actually going to retrieve our suit because we have to that is very very important step that could retrieve your suit so when you come out here just watch out for the enforces again there's wonder about there so we just know Crouch went through this section and retrieve our suit from where we actually took it off before and the reason for that is is because we were retracing our steps if we just exited with the bodyguard disguise the guy downstairs would have spotted us because he he is an enforcer to the bodyguards guys that's the reason why we put our suit back on and out wants you if you're at this point right here then you're home free you haven't got spotted by anybody no bodies have been found and we're gonna take the main exits just to again to relieve the risk if you're feeling a risk you can go for the helicopter exit if you want to but always found just go for the safe options once you've completed at the you know the all day of objectives there's no need to take any further risks at this point so always go for the safe option that is the best actually I think so yeah hopefully you've enjoyed this the quality of this video hopefully it's a lot more better than usual just give me some feedback on what you think about this and if we need to improve any of the visuals like the brightness or the saturation or anything about just let me know I've never really render or edit on a PC but this is one of the very few times that I've actually tried to do it specially on a loose Italian Maul days that's why it's taking a walk a bit longer to get the video out than usual but just let me know what you think of the quality and all that kind of stuff but once you get to this point right here and we exit the mission you'll get your silent assassin rating for the black hat so hopefully this has helped you out and you've enjoyed it drop a like on the video if it did help you out and subscribe here if you are brand new to the channel for more videos just like this and as always guys I'll see you in the next video Cheers [Applause] [Music] you do my uic capstone project Pace University.

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