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Do my enterprise risk management and internal audit

Do my enterprise risk management and internal audit essays on othello appearance vs reality for money phoonk movie review rajeev masand interview to give me the evidence from the Quran Sunnah I hope I do a great my son you see when I said that healthy Christmas Happy New Year that doesn't mean what is Christmas know what is Christmas speaking Lea speaking system what is Christmas what does this mean it means a bit of Christ yeah the blackness but the father and I believe you celebrate don't we don't syllable yes we don't know I was awesome let's bid out this bit I was advised not you you are neither the Prophet Mohammed his life nor the companion has been celebrating this there are millions of Muslims including myself hi I don't mind having a birthday celebration of the Prophet she knows you say PITA I said okay my son I'm not angry with you I don't look on with you I don't want you to convert me you see and I'm not here what clouds no judge between us leave it what luck that gentleman brother brother of so many brother they want to see you debate with the pop have you ever get chance to debate with the pop no the guy's too clever he's - he doesn't like me he doesn't know you know see he's cleverer than most people he's clever dance I got he's cleverer than sure he knows he doesn't wanna make a fool of himself we went to market let's okay Mississippi's claim is a game he's playing since that he's a master psychologist he is a master psychologist wherever he goes he said we must have a dialogue with the Muslims who believe it's the Pope when he went to Kenya he said that when he went to Nigeria he said that when he went to Turkey he said that nice into sending out they said now what is actually telling his people won't convert the Muslims but he doesn't use the word convert because if you use the word convert you're going to react because when the police come home with the dog collar you wanna chase him away because he was still the children but when he talks about dialogue you can't say no because Allah is telling us to have a dialogue with him Julio let's get our Father so in the job you can't say no but you'll come out second best because you're not trained for that you are not trained for that his mission is a trained for that so actually he's telling them go and convert these people they are already prepared to receive Christianity they only need a gentle push that's all so that's actually what he's telling so I want him out I said right your holiness am prepared to come and have a dad with you families along story it's a long story the guy he fizzled off no he doesn't mean dialogue what he's talking about telling his people don't convert they already prepare see they already believe that Jesus is the machine masaf possible they already believe in his miraculous birth they already believe that he is the Messiah they already believe that he gave life to the dead by God's permission and he was born blind and the lepers by transformation what more is required even a gentle push that's all so that's what he's telling these people it's a game he's playing right listen but I see the cue tonight is increasing the this because of the time I think we can only take two questions only because we have one of the ladies of something rather working Manickam brother you mentioned a book which you said is even more worse than Salman Rushdie's if we don't read books like these because we don't want to publicize them how do we know what is being printed about Islam and if we don't know what is being printed how can you fight against it thank you you see it's not everybody's job I don't know whether you bought the Satanic Verses by Russia debate why don't you what anti is a rhetoric question but how many of you have bought Satanic Verses please put up your hands how many of you got the Satanic Verses at all look in two hundred three hundred people to persons with the Satanic Verses do you expect them all to isotonic doses and read them support them funnies you will to support him was every extra book that you buy you supporting the guy do you know that you want to do that no this is for the experts the experts have a right Jamar by the way for shakes are on for a medida know whoever in the community company Siddiqui these are the people they must go out of the way to buy the book study the book and answer the book it is not necessary for every Tom Dick and Harry everybody divide the book diameter what you going to do with that book five hundred and seventy pages how many pounds it cost you what you're doing you you want to go buy that book you want to make that guy popular now so in other words I'm telling you this is what's going on I'm in the field I'm monitoring it for you a salute now for that let's do this don't start beginner noise that Reverend so-and-so Maury he wrote this book in which he says our levy didn't don't do that what you're doing you propagating the Shaitaan then people want to know anybody comes along with the book you want to buy because you have already spoke about it you want to do that I don't know see Satanic Verses I had a right to read and tell you what is there how to fight it cut valium Siddiqui he must buy the book read it and tell you how to fight it right but for each and every Muslim to buy the book you see you want to know what you want to know shit that's you want to go to shit yourself no this is the doctors job you know wanting to put a finger all over the place to find out what's wrong with you there's not my job and everybody's job leave it to the specialist okay I want to first start by making admission I'm going to pass a buck to you I'm going to pass one to you but I'd like a buck of my own as well right so if you would give me the opportunity I'd like to take up the often when they give a toolkit in charge okay I'll give you my name and address afters because really we all have a responsibility and you yourself since I was born I used to hear about well when I grew older one of the first things that bought me interest into Islam was some of your video cassettes and I came to listen to you now looking back now you have an position that I don't enjoy that none of these brothers enjoy you have a position of influence people listen to you and yes in Britain we should deal with the kaffir we should explain to them what's wrong we should show them the truth but also many Muslims come to listen to you and look to with expectation and although ourselves and myself as a Muslim four years ago I knew what is covered I knew him I knew his coffin but I did not recognize kufur that's something we must understand is a distinction what do I mean someone can be Pakistani and he can be cursive we know that but someone can be Pakistani and he carries cosa how unless vanuatu other described in the Quran in Nahas a human written wahida this your nation is one nation in Islamic international law forget UN in Islamic international law we are one nation not Pakistani not Malaysian not one Indonesia thus good sorry okay I've appeared just awful easy to shake the pleasure leg back to you like okay not even awesome definition a duplicate if I'm ready okay decision to follow the decision yes in my mind II I can't believe I can't believe it you know initially if I don't have a chance that I'll have a chance in future remember me into okay okay let's not tell you what the question is as a Muslim I want to remove the bunker when someone insult my mother I hurt when someone installed the prophet sallallaahu solemn I heard I want to remove the Mucca yes I can't go to Christian debate with you what yeah the question is how can i implement the hadoo on some Amish thing I can't do it myself the magic word comes again I need system to do this I in my hands are tied without the system this is something we must realize the first sister says there are discreet disagree with you about the angle and ye-ye-yes the first dental hygiene capstone project ideas online St. Joseph's College.

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